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Oh, My Thesis

Finally, I finished it.

It is just a quick update about the status of my thesis. I have submitted it, and waiting for the green light from my dearest, killer supervisor, Ms Coady.

All students would be informed about the status of their thesis next week. Thus, please please please, wish me luck, and pray for me if you would.

During the second week of September, I would have my "judgement day" (quoting from Hariadi :P) or the normal term is defence. I would present my thesis and defend my findings.

And if everything goes right, I will graduate on the 15th of September.

Pleaseeee pray for me.

Another update, I have started my internship with Nuffic as project assistant for their EU-Asia Higher Education Project Bangkok 2009.

And, I have a new house! :)

Pictures coming soon.

That's all, folks!


Almost done

Next week is the deadline, and now i just need to polish the final bits.

Anyone interested to proof-read it?

Fyi, the topic is marketing strategy for the digital natives.

Pray for me would you? quite nervous about it, ESPECIALLY because I have a killer-yet-very-sweet supervisor

Pengharum Indonesia: Sandhy Sondoro

Never heard about this man before, but he is a-ma-zing!!
He joined a New Wave singing competition in Latvia.

Really, Indonesia has the best people scattered all around the world

Update: He even won in East Europe singing Indonesian song (read more)

Pengharum Indonesia: #indonesiaunite

Dalam rangka menyambut HUT RI yang ke-64, Oma akan menyajikan content-content yang berhubungan dengan Indonesia. Especially, because this month will be a very special one, because #indonesiaunite movement is getting more serious (see #indonesiaunite Facebook group).

Di Indonesia, tanggal 16 Agustus nanti bakal ada konser non-profit, thus for the performers also unpaid, yang dimotori @BarryLikumahuwa en @pandji. Di Belanda, hari ini (3 Agustus) bakal ada bincang-bincang dengan Pak Wimar Witoelar tentang apa yang mahasiswa indonesia di luar negeri, di Belanda pada khususnya, bisa lakukan untuk kemajuan Bangsa Indonesia.

So, support #indonesiaunite, kalo kata @pandji, jangan hanya "kibarkan" bendera merah putih di Twittermu atau di Facebookmu, tapi kibarkanlah juga di depan rumahmu, di kantormu, dimanapun supaya orang bisa liat semangat kebangsaan dan nasionalisme-mu!

Anyway, if you want to know the update of Wimar Witoelar talk show today, you can follow me @omania


these last 1000 words are nowhere to be found

meanwhile, I have upgraded my "relationship" with the He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named:
we tweet!
*did i surprise you?* :P

back back back to my thesis