30 June 2010

Saya takut

Akhir-akhir ini saya takut kalau liat foto teman-teman saya yang sudah gendong anak atau bayi. Entah apa karena saya takut disuruh2 menikah, atau karena saya takut untuk mendapatkan tanggung jawab punya anak, atau karena saya takut saya ngga bisa jadi ibu yang baik.

Pokoknya, foto-foto keluarga muda bahagia sedang menjadi a serious nightmare buat saya.

Jauh-jauh dulu deh dari Facebook.

22 June 2010

Macaroni Schotel

Some Indonesian peeps are quite familiar with this dish: macaroni schotel. Some people said its kinda Dutch/European food that is popular in Indonesia.

To tell you the truth, Dutch people are not familiar with Macaronie Schotel. Neither are the Italians (my friend Tina, from Italy, will kill me if she found out that I made macaroni into somekind of pie or savoury cake or what we call 'schotel'). Schotel is a Dutch word for dish or platter. Thus it is not food. I reckon the name of this food is created because it is a mix of macaroni, milk, cheese, and ham, and put in a 'schotel'.

Apart from the name, the taste of this dish is excellent, delicious, mammamiaaa!

So, last weekend, I had my Sunday off (honestly, I skipped church, too, because I was so exhausted). Thus, I decided to ask my mom how to make a macaroni schotel. Why my mom?

My mom's family is known as the great chef. My grandma could cook very well; my uncle, too. My grandma, my uncle and my mom even had (and for my uncle's case, has) a little catering business. The recipe of macaroni schotel was actully from my grandma. My mom got it from her, and she's been making macaroni schotel ever since she got the recipe. Everyone loves my mom's macaroni schotel! Including me!

And because I wanted to inherit that magic recipe, too, I asked my mom to email the recipe to me. So, after encrypting the recipe (so now you will not able to trace or find the recipe :P), I made it.

And here it is!
It was verryyyy tasty! There was a slight taste missing, which was the taste of the ham. My mom normally used pork ham, but we wanted to go halal (I never cook pork stuff at home, hardly eat it, and also because the nearest store that sold ham on Sunday that was open, was an islamic store :) ). But, it was suppeeee tasty! And makannya teteeep pake sambal ABC

Enough is enough

And it's been enough!

I cannot believe I fell into the same holes, exact same holes, over and over and over again. And this time, I must say 'ENOUGH'!

Don't you sometimes have this kinda feeling? When you know something is really wrong, but you do it anyway? When you realise that certain thing cannot go on, but you just keep going on?

It's hard, isn't it!

I really hope this time I will be a very good girl, and say yes NO MORE!

18 June 2010

Love & Regret

Lately I have been encountering some issues relating love and regret - either my friends were going through this or watching it on movies or TV: you love someone, but it's too late; you love someone, but s/he is taken; you love someone, but s/he doesn't love you back; or the last, and the saddest one, you love someone, s/he loves you too, but both of you didn't know, until recently, when both of you are no longer available :(

These songs happened to be on my new MP3 playlist. Thus, I hope you don't mind to read this corny post :)

If I Knew Then - Lady Antebellum

You Know My Heart Is Reaching For You
But We Never Even Met
If I Knew Then, What I Know Now
I'd Fall In Love.

Cause Love Only Comes, Once In A While
And Knocks On Your Door
And Throws You A Smile
And Takes Every Breath,
Leaves Every Scar,
Speaks Through Your Soul and Sings To Your Heart
But If I Knew Then, What I Know Now
I'd Fall In Love.

Sometimes Love Just Aint Enough - Patti Smyth & Don Henley

But there's a danger in loving somebody too much,
and it's sad when you know it's your heart you can't trust.
There's a reason why people don't stay where they are.
Baby, sometimes, love just aint enough.

Percayalah - Ecoutez

percayalah kasih
cinta tak harus memiliki
walau kau dengannya
namun ku yakin hatimu untukku
percayalah kasih
cinta tak harus memiliki
walau kau coba lupakan aku
tapi ku kan slalu ada untukmu

Soulmate - Kahitna

Meskipun tak mungkin lagi
Tuk menjadi pasanganku
Namun ku yakini cinta
Kau kekasih hati

So, any broken heart or sad songs that you like the most?

Monogamy is passe! Yes or No?

On my way to the office this morning, an article on Spits, a free newspaper, caught my attention. Monogamy is passe is written on the title. Wooooot?

I paused for a moment, trying to rethink what 'passe' actually means. I typed the word 'passe' in my Dictionary.com app on my Blackberry; and it means 'out of date'. I started reading the article, which basically stated that people are now embracing the idea of having an open relationship: men and women can have other relations apart from their official relationship.

We maybe are familiar with the word polygamy; yet this kind of open relationship, they call it 'polyamory'.


Polyamory is the practice, desire, or acceptance of having more than one intimate relationship at a time with the knowledge and consent of everyone involved (Wikipedia)

While polygamy refers to multiple marriages, polyamory is often perceived as modern style of relationship, which is based on mutual trust, equal respect among partners, and I guess, fun, which allow multiple relationships (thus NOT multiple marriages).

Don't you think polyamory is just the nice word to legalise affair? doesn't it just mean allowing your partner (and yourself) to cheat? Imho, polyamory is just an excuse to sleep with other women, in case you are bored with yours (or with other men, in case your man is boring, getting fat, or too busy?). On Spits, it said that polyamory is not about sex; it is about love. Ah, yeah, you rite!

If polyamory is love, a proof of mutual trust and respect among partners, I guess I cannot love my partner that much. And I will not trust and respect my partner well enough due to my old-fashioned point of view on this open relationship idea. And if open relationship is the future, as stated on Spits, then let it be. But please do not make me to do so, because my kind of relationship is a close relationship.

Anyway, don't you think that having one partner is more than enough?? Can you imagine to have two or three partners that nag you about going home too late, about spending too much money, about not calling, about forgetting to leave the toilet seat up? Omg, it's too much, don't you think!?

So whatever choice you make, you should be aware of the consequences. You choose monogamy then you better stick with your partner from the moment you say 'I do' - for better, for worse. You choose for polyamory, you better 'marry' a partner that believed in the same thing and never hope that one day s/he would change to be monogamous.

The choice is yours.

10 June 2010

WSAD? (What Should Ariel Do?)

As a communication expert, we always need to be prepared for crisis communication or disaster management. If a company suffered a bad publication, or when bad things happened, like with BP’s oil spill or Toyota’s cars, the communication people need to work very hard to communicate the right message (while some other people work on to make things right) and to win the public favour again.

In theory, companies need to be prepared for crisis way in advance; however not many companies did that. I believe, Ariel had also never thought that such drama would happen, but yeah, here it is, and he has to face it!

So, here is my humble opinion regarding what he needs to do to clear the air:

Scenario 1: Launch a single/album

Celebrities, especially musicians, usually would create a drama or scandal to increase their popularity in order to promote the next movie, single, or album that would be launched. What Ariel could do is to write a song (or an album) as soon as possible and launch it! And theeen, people would think that all the tapes that leaked were “faked” to boost his popularity.

Scenario 2: Pay the 3 billions

As the rumour goes, Ariel was asked to pay 3 billions rupiahs in order to get this laptop (and harddisc) back. As much as I still want to see more videos, he could pay this ransom in order to stop the drama temporarily. YET, I am almost sure that the culprit has already copied the whole files. He would use these again as soon as he finished the 3 billions. Thus, be careful!

Scenario 3: Go to the police

As much as I believe that the tapes are original, I guess Indonesian people would be quite happy to hear that the tapes are actually faked and Ariel would sue whoever did and spread the tapes. He then would go to the police, report it, and bla bla bla. After some months of so called “investigation”, people would eventually forget about this drama. After all, Indonesians are quite familiar with the reputation that Indonesian polices have: the bad guys can never be captured (remember Eddy Tansil, Munir’s killer, and other corruption cases)and they procrastinate.

Scenario 4: Make an adult movie called “My 30 Something Girls” (don’t take this tip seriously)

It is silly, I know. But Ariel can say that the tapes were actually originated from the upcoming adult movie he is working on :P

Scenario 5: Create another drama

What makes headline on newspapers, magazine, infotainment, or television programs? Drama. The worse your drama, the more chance you have to be on the headline. Create another drama that would beat this one. For instance, go to a doctor, make the infotainment journalists follow you, and ask the doctor to fake a statement that you had serious illness or something. And the focus then will be you and your illness. People will feel sorry that you are very ill or you are dying, and shift the focus from those sex tapes.

Scenario 6: Be a gentleman! (this is serious)

My mom used to say that you will be held accountable for everything you do. So, be a man, admit what you have done, and apologise. Apologise to the people you have hurt, like the 30-something girls, your parents, your fans, and the public. Say in the end of your statement that you are sorry and this will never happen again. Also say that you are ready to go to any rehabilitation (if you actually suffered from sex-addiction). Best practise regarding this scenario: Tiger Woods.

Scenario 7: Hiring the best PR person he could ever find!

Hire the best PR person, pay the price, and just shut up, let that person handle this matter.

Scenario 8: Hire the A-Team

At least, this is what @newsplatter suggested :P

Scenario 9: Go to Timbuktu

If he realised that he screwed up so bad that there is nothing else he could do, just flee to Timbuktu and don’t even think to come back for this time being.

Good luck, Mr. Ariel

What have we learned from Ariel?

These last couple of days have been very interesting for Indonesia and Indonesian people, for Twittersphere and especially for the “victims” – Ariel, LM, CT and so-called “the other girls”.

I have to admit that I had fun reading some gossips regarding this scandal; I even watched the videos (yes, I am guilty!). I guess it is also the reason why Twittersphere has been dominated with topics surrounding the leaking of some of Ariel’s homemade videos.

People were surprised or shocked – some people wanted some more, some people despised it yet they enjoy talking about it. And, of course, there are these people who want to be more valued and respected, thus they try to make a scene out of it. My housemate said “oh come on, don’t make such a big drama out of this! It is just two people humping each other. Nothing wrong about it. Nothing weird about it. What’s different is some people have brain and others don’t.”

Apart from which sides you are in, the bottom-line is everybody enjoys every moment of it, like watching and following Indonesian soap (sinetron), asking ‘who’s next?’, ‘is it real?’, or ‘what will happen to Ariel-LM relationship?

So, what can we learn from this scandal? What is the morale of the story? I come up with several points that can probably be useful for you, too.

1. Never go out with the bastards!

I honestly believe that at least, one or two out of these 30 something girls that were taped in a scene with Mr. Ariel, they really liked him. They probably thought the he could be the one. But, come on, bastards can never be your ‘the one’!

2. Treat your file carefully

It appeared that Ariel’s laptop was stolen and all the “X files” tapes were saved in his hard disc. So yeah, people, lesson learned. Any dodgy, not-for-public-consumption files should be saved carefully. It would be really stupid to save the “X files” under ‘My Sex Tapes’ folder on the Desktop. If you had any “X Files” saved them in a very secure place, put password to protect, or save them on a CD or USB stick, and put it in a safety box.

Update: My friend added that it is very recommended to remember to encrypt your private data. If you have no clue what the heck 'encrypt' is, click here.

3. Never EVER make sex tapes

This is my personal opinion and personal choice. No, I would never ever make one! And I guess you should consider my opinion. It is too risky. We have seen many evidences where those kinda tapes leaked and went public. Too risky, peepz!

Any more lessons you have learned from this scandal? Share with us. But for Mr Ariel, I wish you all the luck. And, I will write some tips for you, sir, about how to handle this crisis.

6 June 2010

World Cup

Any World Cup or football fans in da house??

I am quite a fan of this kind of big football match. I hardly miss world cup, euro cup, UEFA cup, and other big games that always attract big audience.

And it's starting, NEXT WEEK! Yay!

Who are you for this year? Who do you think is going to win?

Although I am pretty sure that Holland wouldn't reach the final game, not even quarter-final, I guess; but I am for Holland.

Hup Holland Hup!

This poster above is awesome. To see more of these, from other teams, go to this link.