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I Heart Amsterdam

This video is made in defence of Amsterdam.

To be honest with you, there is nothing to worry about being in Amsterdam. I have been here for 5 years and I enjoy it. I become even more a hard-working, dedicated student here, pursuing my career and shaping my future.

So, I would say, Holland is a country to be :)

source: Swordfish

Like Father, Like Son

This phrase is usually applied when the son did something bad, for instance, imitating what his dad usually does. This can also be said when a wife is terribly upset with her husband; and when she saw that their son didn't behave, she would say "you are just like your dad!" or in Indonesian way, people would say "hm, kayak sapa lagi kalo bukan kayak papanya!" (using a very cynical tone)

This time, I would say similar phrase towards Indonesia. Not that I love Indonesia (I do very much), but this news has made me think how the Indonesians learn to do such things.

In indonesia, many criminals such politicians or people working in the ministries, or rich criminals, would excuse themselves from the court by saying that they are ill. In result, the process will be postponed, and postponed, and postponed, until you would never hear about it anymore.

Apparently, in the Netherlands, the government or the court would be the one who releases "the criminals" with si…

On 3000 something words

2000 something words to go

I guess I better stop at 4000 something
and leave the last 1000 for conclusion and recommendations

My foot is aching
my right hand, too (too much mouse-clicking and writing)
my back hurt (maybe should eat blue M&Ms?)

3 weeks to go
and I am totally done with this Master degree

Fancy another degree, Nia?
or PhD?


Expect something like this or more...

I came across this video that made me laugh and cry at the same time; but, it gave me an inspiration to do at least something similar, or more,...

source: Viralblog

This video was about Jill and Kevin's wedding that had a slightly different walk down the aisle. They decided to dance instead.

So, any crazy ideas for our wedding, anyone?


thanks for Jill and Kevin for the inspiration. Congratulation for your awesome wedding :)

Are you a Digital Native?

Are you?

Pasti banyak yang belum tau apa itu Digital Natives?

The digital native is a person for whom digital technologies already existed when they were born, and hence has grown up with digital technology such as computers, the Internet, mobile phones, and MP3. They are now age 15 - 23 years old. Some people call this generation as Generation Z.

My research will focus on this particular target group and what kind of marketing strategy that my client, Nuffic, needs to consider.

I am quite sure that some of you, like me, are no longer in that age (unfortunately), yet you can still help me to pass on this interview questions to your cousins, little brothers or sisters, relatives, friends, students, colleagues' children or anyone that are still in that age range.

Tapi kalo kalian adalah the Digital Natives, please just click the link below, and answer some questions written there.

Here is the link:

Thank you in advance.

Please bantuin Oma yaa…

Wedding Songs

Without any means to give any clues about anything :P I came across these two songs that I have put in my wedding songs list. These two songs are those that I find very special. And I definitely want Bang Tepy to remember to play (or if he dared, to sing) on our wedding day.

Once again, this post has no means to give you a hint about anything.

This Jamie Foxx song is really powerful. I am still in tears after hundreds attempts to watch this without crying. Pay attention on the lyrics.

This Steven Curtis Chapman is not only portaryinga love of a spouse, but I believe it is also a song that God is singing to us every single day. That's why thing song is sooo special.

In case he forgot, you can always remind him :)


Oma uda dibohongin!

Oma diboongin ma negri Belanda.

Ini uda kesekian kalinya Oma dikerok bulan ini. Akibat angin yang sangat heboh gila, udara yang dingin, dan kesibukan yang cukup tinggi.
Apakah saat ini adalah musim dingin or gugur di Belanda?
Lagi musim panas, yet di Belanda ternyata ngga ada yang namanya musim panas

masak bulan Juli, yg notabene adalah musim panas-nya negeri Belanda, eh,.. ini masih dingin, berangin, dan hujan.


Emang keadaan fisik uda kayak nenek-nenek, sih ya

namanya juga Oma :P



The Proposal

"I forgot what it was like to have a family"
(Margareth Tate - The Proposal)

This quote struck me.
I asked myself, do i remember how it was to be part of a family?

I guess I barely do.

My mom doesn't even know, nor does she care, that her oldest daughter scored really good grades at school, that her daughter is paid very well in the place she is working now, that she is going to move out in 2 weeks that she needs some money to pay the bills.

I guess she isn't bothered to think of me.

My dad? Ah, he even forgot that his daughter's tuition fee was overdue. Having good grade at school? He won't give a shit!

Juara Kelas

Sapa dulu yang pernah juara kelas?

Seumur-umur, Oma cuma sekali masuk dalam 3 besar; dan itu pun keluarga besar bangganya minta ampun, seperti menang postcode lotterij (lotere) puluhan triliun.

Tapi sekarang uda ngga jaman juara kelas. Mulai dari jaman si Joan, adiknya Oma yang paling kecil, masuk sekolah, tidak ada namanya rangking, juara kelas. Adanya adalah gelar-gelar seperti student with good character, the most active student, etc.

Dan Oma sangat setuju dengan hal ini.

Sebuah artikel di Kompasiana menggelitik Oma untuk menulis artikel ini. Dan mengingatkan Oma kepada seorang tante yang so old-fashioned dan naif, menanyakan pada Joan, "wah, Joan pintar, pasti rangking ya di kelas? rangking berapa? juara kelas ya?"

Ah, tante, it's so last century, deh!

Finally, this quote is very true, Mr Abdi Dharma (penulis dari artikel Menjadi Juara Kelas Itu Tidak Penting)

"Ada lagi yang lebih penting daripada menjadi juara kelas, yaitu jika anak anda pintar dalam pelajaran agama d…

Spababy: What Does the Future Hold for Our Children?

Spababy - Stylish & Fun, invites all boys and girls for some serious pampering. A revolutionary new concept dedicated to people with little hands and feet (2 months - 15 years old). Uniquely designed areas guarantee hours of relaxation and stimulation for your child.

Source: Spababy

Oma really is worried of the new generation of Indonesia. I just checked my Facebook account and something intriguing appeared on the right column: Spababy - Become a fan.

Then I clicked and the whole Facebook page about a spa service for babies in Jakarta, Indonesia appeared in front of my face. It contains information about the Spa centre, and also photos of celebrities' kids: Donna Agnesia's, Tora Sudiro's, Ulfa Dwiyanti's, etc.

*ngelus dada*

They are babies, like below 5 or max. 7; and they are being overly pampered (overly because it is not what they suppose to get in that age)! They are being manicured, pedicured; they get a masker, facial, peeling, beauty massage, etc.

Imho, children t…

How patient are you?

Orang Jawa selalu bilang "alon-alon asal kelakon". The Bible mention that patience is one of the Fruits of Spirit. Yet, see what the world is feeding us, telling us how to behave and think.

If Samsung said: "Patience is knowing you're bored and doing nothing about it. Impatience is a virtue. Faster. Brighter". I would say "Patience is not a desperate waiting in doubt, but a hopeful waiting in confidence". (source: RBC)

I have found the beauty and pleasure in waiting. My life has been transformed to be more patient. Imho, waiting is not boring.

I just hope that this Samsung viral ad will not be taken seriously; and people would still find the beauty and pleasure in waiting.

Simposium International PPI Dunia 2009

Tak disangka, tak diduga, Oma bisa menjadi bagian dari Simposium Internatinal PPI Dunia 2009 di The Hague, Holland. Bukan hanya jadi peserta, tapi menjadi MC alias host dari acara ini.

It was great: meeting people from many different countries, meeting important people like Prof. Johanes Surya, Anies Baswedan, Prof Endang, Nasir Tamara, and many more. It was amazing!

Moreover, di acara ini, juga diresmikan adanya Ikatan Ilmuwan International Indonesia yang intinya adalah memberikan wadah bagi ilmuwan-ilmuwan Indonesia yang scattered all around the world; mendukung mereka dan mengajak mereka bersama-sama membangun bangsa Indonesia.

Ada deklarasi Ikatan Ilmuwan International Indonesia (I4) yang dibacakan oleh para 'proklamator' nya dan diakhiri dengan menyanyikan lagu Indonesia Raya. Indaaaaaaaaaaaaah banged. Kapan ya terkahir Oma nyanyi lagu Indonesia Raya?

Lalu kami menandatangani deklarasi tersebut. Wah, indah banget. Oma langsung membayangkan pelajaran sejarah, dimana para pemud…


Soulmate, percaya or gak percaya?

Dulu Oma ngga percaya, thinking it was just a lame excuse of finding another lover, or thinking it was just on the movie or fairytale.

Apa sekarang percaya?
Hm,.. masih ngga jelas. Maybe yes, maybe no.

Tadi di Radio For Fun denger lagu Kahitna yang Soulmate, cepet-cepet cari liriknya. Dan, liriknya memang benar-benar menohok hati.

Ketika engkau datang
Mengapa di saat ku tak mungkin menggapaimu

Meskipun tlah kau semaikan cinta
Di balik senyuman indah
Kau jadikan seakan nyata
Seolah kau belahan jiwa
Meskipun tak mungkin lagi
Tuk menjadi pasanganku
Namun kuyakini cinta
Kau kekasih hati

Terkadang begitu sukar untuk dimengerti
Semua ini kita terlambat

Pasti kalian masih inget tentang si Drummer itu. Memang sudah lama Oma tutup buku, tapi kadang Oma masih memikirkan dia. Kadang-kadang. (And seriously, uda lamaaaa ngga chatting. )

Sempat terlintas, is it possible that he is my soulmate but I just don't realise it. Or, have you ever read children book when in the end of a…