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The Bright Side

Always look at the bright side of life - Monty Phyton
This song has been sung during the Olympics closing ceremony last year; and this has been my cheer up song ever since.
Thus, referring to my earlier blog about how I was not happy with the way we got married, well, I tried to look back and to see the bright side of that circumstance.
So if I could share a few things, which might be helpful to you, who are in the middle of preparing a wedding, here they are:
1.Wedding dress I was really happy with my wedding dress. I love the designer, Fifi Firianty, which was very helpful and very professional, and of course her work is stunning. From the first time I met her, I knew there was a click. So, if you look for a designer, who has a European style, please do consider her.  But just some tips, make sure you ask to have you dress fitted one day before the wedding. I had it measure 3 days before the wedding, but in the last 3 days, I ate almost nothing. So this dress was a little bit loose i…