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Merry Christmas

Please let me know if you want to sponsor me :) Let's hope I don't catch any pneumonia! This flyer below is one made by church mates. So support all the Crossroads church heroes and raise some funds to help some orphanage in Uganda

Merry Christmas

May peace be with you!

Have a very merry christmas

The Dutch will say "fijne kerstdagen!"

or in my native language "Selamat Hari Natal"

This Can't Wait till Christmas Day

Nativity Story 2.0
via Dutch Cowboys

The Christmas greeting can wait.

See you in 4 days :)

it's official

I will be involved in long-distance relationship, again :(

Stefy will be going back for good in February 2011.

And my working contract is until September 2011, or even longer.

Ah well,.. c'est la vie

Tenchi: the new noodle bar in town!

Some weeks ago, Harbud and I were spotting a new restaurant announced on the local, free magazine. We said to each other "homemade noodle restaurant? Hm,... should be good! Shall we try?"

But at that time, when we walked passed it, it was still closed.

Two weeks ago, we gave it another try. And it was open!

With a slight of hesitation, Harbud, Stefy, Anthon, Lea, and I enter the restaurant. We were unsure, as the restaurant was rather empty. There was only one table occupied.

Feeling perplexed, we just ordered the 'standard' menu. I decided to order something soupy; and Stefy ordered something fried - so we could swap. Harbud, Anthon, and Lea ordered the set-menu: noodle soup (seafood or cha siu), beer (they ordered soft drink instead), and yaktori.

Stefy, too, ordered soft drink and I chose something warm to accompany my warm, soupy noodle. The 3 portions Yakitori were first to arrive (sorry, no picture. we were so hungry that we simply dived into it :P). They are very t…

English High Tea in the Netherlands

Last Sunday, I finally enjoyed a High Tea again, after 6 years!!

The last time I went for high tea was when I was still living in Exeter, United Kingdom. There was this one Tea House called Roger's Tea House. The high tea there was amazing!

But this time, my choice went fro a British Lunchroom in the Hague, called Scallywags Lunchroom.

A good friend of mine has recommended this lunchroom. I actually has walked past this lunchroom quite often, but I never had the guts to try (some Dutch restaurants or café are not that special! They serve 'standard' Dutch food, like toasted sandwich (tosti), sandwich, panini, salad, (dutch apple) cakes, and coffee). But because of recommendation, and because of good ratings in , I decided to choose this place to meet up with my friends.

According to, you have to reserve some days in advance if you want to have lunch/high tea in this place. So I did! And I am sooo glad I did reserve. because when we entered, there was no seat lef…

Falling apart

I am probably too tired, or just not in the right mood, but I really see the world falling apart - in the sense of honesty, friendship, and especially relationship.

I have seen many couples being in a not-so-honest relationship - either the male is fooling around or the female got married because of no-choice reason or because of 'the situation'.

I have seen many couple falling apart in the course of the years, because of so many (probably man-made) reasons, like 'we are no longer clicked', work, career, other lovers, and many more.

I have seen friends stabbed their friends in the back, not being honest to them, and befriending because of situation and condition. If that condition doesn't suit him anymore, he will stop the friendship and say 'enough is enough'.

I have seen a lot, many things recently!

And I really wish I hadn't seen, heard, or experienced any of the above. But I have, I did.

and I now doubt the essence of relationship, friendship, human l…

Dining with the Stars: Seinpost (the Hague)

My hesitation to update this blog has finally come to an end. We have to thank that has organised this event called Dining with the Stars.

Dining with the Stars is a week event that is going on in the whole Netherlands. This event offers an 'affordable' price to eat out at any michelin star restaurants in the Netherlands.
For Dinner = 50 Euro (5-course meal)

For Lunch = 40 Euro (4-course meal)

Without further discussion, my housemate, my boyfriend and I signed up for this event. We reserved the seat 3 days in advance. And guess what, it was almost fully-booked in all restaurants in the province of south-holland! We actually wanted to eat out on the weekend, or at least thursday evening, but no hope! Thank the gods of delicious food, we could score 3 seats on Monday evening in Seinpost, the Hague.

We arrived on time at the restaurant, nicely dressed, because we thought, you wouldn't be allowed to enter if you weare jeans and t-shirt. So, there we were, handsome and pre…

Wash Instruction

Update: October

Wow, it's been a while!

Since I started my real job in the Netherlands, I hardly have time for my writing 'career': neglecting my blog, hardly blog-walking (only blog-walk to search for recipes), and most importantly, neglecting my first book.

But enough complaining, I really enjoy my job. I love it so much I am scared I'd hate to go back to Indonesia. He,..

Only God knows when I'd go back to Indonesia for good, but for this time being, I'd be here in Holland until next year October 2011.

Oh well, it's just a quick update. I will provide you with more updates and interesting posts, SOON.

For now, let me enjoy my weekend

The first Twitter Wedding

Wedding 2.0

Related news:

Once upon a time before the computer

via TNW

Semi-Hiatus: Updates

Hi readers,

Sorry I have to disappoint you with this not-the-real update post. I have been really busy at the office. No, it's not just an excuse, but it is the real, serious busy.

Okay, let me give you a sneek peak what I've been busy with:

1. Office: Intranet migration, social media strategy, and my NEW working contract. So yes, I will be staying in Holland for another year. Surprise, surprise :)
2. Children Ministry: I am now a Sunday school teacher. So, once a month, I prepare a teaching for my 4 -5 years class.
3. Social life: I just started a new hobby: Bikram Yoga. I do it every Saturday. And, I feel great! There will be some more new activities coming up. What's that? Hehehe, secret, secret. Wait for the update :)
4. Book? My ultimate excuse: almost finished! Next week, I will have vacation for 2 weeks. I will seriously finish my first book - even starting a new one. Wish me luck.
5. Passionate about food? Even more! My trip to Italy has brought back my passion about food…

I (still) Think of You

pic from here

@howtogeek - Weather

via Twaggies

Great Mind

Love this quote

via @ihatequotes
I really like this quote. This is what's called self-confidence and believe that God has prepared the best one for you :)

So, for you who is still searching, yes you :) be patient. I am very sure he is just around the corner. He is coming to as soon as he can.


Maybe I have told you before that I was busy writing my first book. It's a fiction, an Indonesian fiction, a love story :)

And It's almost done! I just need to finish up the last chapter(s). I will certainly finish it this weekend.

Are you interested to proof-read it before I send it to the publisher? Please leave a comment.

A friend tweeted "make sure that your book is so popular that it will be translated to English." LOL let's hope so.

Wish me luck

Nostalgic Soap Opera Theme Songs

The previous post has brought me to finding other theme songs - soap opera theme songs.

Please bear with me, please. In case you will laugh at me and think that my blog post is worthless, please come back another day, when I post a more behave, mature post :)

Please guess which soap operas they are. Find the answer in the end of this post

Answers: White Snake Legend, To Liong To, Maria Mercedes, Abad 21, Tokyo Love Story and Ordinary People

Friends or Nothing at All? - Part 2

And how is it now?

My recent friction with my so-called best friend has made me realize that sometimes, we think that we are so close to someone yet the feeling is actually not mutual. As I often move around from one place to another, people that become close to me overtime will automatically receive a ‘Friend’ badge from me. But, the fact is that they are merely acquaintance; we just become close to me overtime – because of the situation and condition: thus, this is what I actually am for him.

One thing I learned from this experience is that mutuality. He apparently doesn’t invest as much effort as I do to the friendship.

So what should we do? What should I do in the future? I learn that if I want to really invest and build a new friendship, I need to ask these questions: Does this person invest as much effort as I do to the relationship? Will this person give as much time as I will to the relationship? And will this person accept you for better and for worse as much as I will? If they …

Inception: A Help for The Confused

Although I could quite get when I was watching Inception, I had to digest this infographic before I dared to share it on my blog.

So this is a first aid if you are still confused about Inception.

Doesn't help? Go watch it once again!

Still doesn't help? Ah well, maybe Shrek Forever After of Twilight Eclipse will be just the perfect choice for you :)

Reuse and Recycle

Love the idea so much! If I had these grain sacks or burlap, I will definitely give it a try. I think I will first make the accessories hanger (oh, you wouldn't know how my drawer look like now, full with my little accessories!) and the this cute vintage bag.

via Desire to Inspire

This is how bus (for Indonesia) should look like!

I hope Indonesian governements would read this and consider to buy this kind of buses from China. This would save Indonesian citizens from dying in the traffic jam. Speaking of traffic jam, I have to thank my parents that I was born and grew up in Surabaya, East Java, where traffic jam is not a major issue.

So, Mr. SBY, please please please, can you have some budget next year to buy this kind of buses? Please?

Watch the presentation (video) here

Family or Nothing At All ?- Part 1

Some of you may have wondered what happened with me a couple of days ago after reading my blog post about friendship. It was a temporary friction between me and this friend – which is now settled; however it continued being a friction between me and myself.

Reading Neysa’s post about the difference of Best Friend, Friend, Acquaintance (this is a direct translation of the word ‘Kenalan’), and ‘Someone I know or I have met’ made me think of the people in my life: who are they, who are they for me, and who am I for them.

I am blessed with the fact that I have met and known so many nice, crazy, and happy people in my life. They cheer me up when I am down. They help when I need it. They listen (or read) my rumble, my tweet or my blog posts. Some of them understand when I am in a terrible mood, especially when Ms. PMS visits me once a month.

However, the problem I had earlier this year and Neysa’s post, made me think about my relationship with them. I think of them as my friends, but do they t…

My fave, well-thought music video

It's been a while that I found music video that I like, which has interesting concept and the song is good.

In Indonesia, for instance, most music video is now made abroad, just because it will look way cooler! Yet, the concept, is zero!

I just found two nice video: one from Europe and one from my home country, Indonesia.

So, what do you think?

I Will Fear Nothing!

"Give me one hundred men who fear nothing but sin and desire nothing but God, and I care not whether they be clergyman or laymen, they alone will shake the gates of Hell and set up the kingdom of Heaven upon the earth.”

-John Wesley

Morgan Freeman

Let It Out

Found this article while I was having my quality time, studying about (digital) marketing trend. Yet, this video, which was discussed in the article, conveyed another meaning to me.

That people just want to be listened to.

Some people really long for attention, someone they can talk with, someone that want to listen to their same, old, boring stories (or maybe new stories, but sappy and again, boring).

They just need someone. A friend, if I can conclude.

In this coming weeks, let's find these people in our surroundings. Maybe they are our parents, our siblings, our classmates, our housemates, colleagues, neighbours, our grandparents that you haven't talked for a while.

They need to let it out.

Heaven or Hell

Nez, it is even more hillarious that I read this blog this afternoon. I hope this post will be also an inspiration for you.

A man, his horse and his dog were traveling down a road. When they were passing by a gigantic tree, a bolt of lightning struck and they all fell dead on the spot.
But the man did not realize that he had already left this world, so he went on walking with his two animals; sometimes the dead take time to understand their new condition…

The journey was very long, uphill, the sun was strong and they were covered in sweat and very thirsty. They were desperately in need of water. At a bend in the road they spotted a magnificent gateway, all in marble, which led to a square paved with blocks of gold and with a fountain in the center that spouted forth crystalline water.
The traveler went up to the man guarding the gate.
“Good morning. What is this beautiful place?”
“This is heaven.”
“How good to have reached heaven, we’re ever so thirsty.”
“You can come in and drink all you wan…

My Coffee, My Character

It says that coffee can tell something about your character. Among the choices, I chose these two: black coffee and Espresso.

Kopi hitam menggambarkan pribadi yang ambisius, fokus, pekerja keras, dan senantiasa "diburu-buru" target yang ia tetapkan sendiri. Bicara asmara, peminum kopi hitam adalah tipe pragmatis sehingga butuh usaha ekstra keras untuk memunculkan sisi romantis mereka.

Espresso menunjukkan tipe individu yang suka memimpin atau sosok yang selalu perlu kekuatan untuk memompa rasa percaya dirinya. Mereka adalah pekerja keras yang tak lantas menyerah hanya karena pernah gagal. Dalam urusan percintaan, mereka adalah orang yang berpengalaman, selalu menarik di mata lawan jenis, tapi kesetiaannya agak diragukan.

I pretty much agree with the good ones; but, that I might not always be faithful? Come one! :P

Kompas Female

Dillbert: The Statue

What the World Eats

This post is so amazing that I might want to buy the book.

The two contrast images are these:

Germany: The Melander family of Bargteheide

Expenditure on food for one week: 375.39 Euros or $500.07
Favorite foods: fried potatoes with onions, bacon and herring, fried noodles with eggs and cheese, pizza, vanilla pudding

Chad: The Aboubakar family of Breidjing Camp

Expenditure on food for one week: 685 CFA francs, or $1.23
Favorite foods: soup with fresh sheep meat

What do you eat today? I guess no matter what you eat, delicious or not, cheap or expensive, homemade or fast food; we should be thankful.

Via Amusing Planet

Love is

via Bluquote

A letter just for you

Dear my friend,

I thought that you were my friend – apparently I was wrong.

It is really annoying when someone ignored you and pretended that you don’t exist. I would only do that when that particular person is super annoying that I can no longer stand and talk to.

And you treat me exactly like this.

I thought we were friends, because friends wouldn’t do this. Friends would talk things and try to find the way out, but apparently I was wrong.

Does friendship exist? Because it seems that I started to lose some so-called friends lately.

Ah well, friend. I thought you were my real friend, but apparently I was such a fool. These 8 years definitely mean nothing to you, rite?

I guess the only thing that still exists now is a friend with benefit: when someone, whom you call a ‘friend’ is no longer beneficial for you, when that ‘friend’ is no longer your partner in crime, no longer share the same principles or belief, no longer ‘the friend that you used to know’, then you kick him or her out.


I Wanna (Could) be her

If being a singer is this easy, I could be a very famous Indonesian singer. This is a new single of Alyssa Soebandono: Cerita Cinta Kita

Let's take a good look.
Her voice? Mine might be slightly better
Her look? Mine is about the same, if not a little less (or better?) :P
Her body? Maybe hers is thinner, but I could work out, rite?

See, I would be able to launch a single, too. What I need is just a crappy, very Indonesian-mainstream music, very highly commercial producer, very good video clip maker, and be on thet music programs, like Dahsyat or Dering.

And I'll be famous!

So guys, wait for my new single :)

How 3-D Works

Encouraging Song

Hard time.

Who doesn't have it?

Everybody is or has been going through hard time in his life. Whether it is simply an exam, the thesis that has to be submitted very soon, a work deadline; or some other 'harder' hard time like financial issue, love problem, or family issue.

There are some sayings that have always been a big encouragement for me:
1. What doen't kill you makes you stronger
2. Everything happens for a reason.
3. Let go and let God.
4. (And this one in Bahasa Indonesia: Click here)
5. There is always an end of every sorrow.

All these sayings are an ecouragement to move forward, to learn some lessons from it, to let the more powerful One to help, and to remember that the hard time will not last forever.

If you are in the middle of a hard time, I hope these sayings can be too an encouragement for you.

This song below was sung last Sunday during service. I hope this song can be a soundtrack for you, Dita.

the Modern Life

The Closest Thing To Crazy

I have heard this song a thousand time. I guess I heard this song in the UK for the first time, when I was working as a waitress, 6 years ago? But, I have never understood the real meaning of this song. I thought this song was about living a wild life as a twentier, like Jamie Cullum's Twenty Something. Yet, this song apparently has a deeper meaning.

And I just discovered it last week, during North Sea Jazz 2010.

How can I think I'm standing strong,
Yet feel the air beneath my feet?
How can happiness feel so wrong?
How can misery feel so sweet?
How can you let me watch you sleep,
Then break my dreams the way you do?
How can I have got in so deep?
Why did I fall in love with you?

This is the closest thing to crazy I have ever been
Feeling twenty-two, acting seventeen,
This is the nearest thing to crazy I have ever known,
I was never crazy on my own…
And now I know that there's a link between the two,
Being close to craziness and being close to you.

How can you make me fall apart
Then break …

Third Culture Student: Identity Crisis

This year is my 8th year being abroad, and finally I suffer from this identity crisis. This is something that I have kinda expected to happen.

Third Culture kid actually refers to those who, as children, have spent some of their growing up years in a foreign country, and who don't have a sense of belonging to the passport country. But, I feel that I can relate to this term, too.

From my (almost) 26 years living in this earth, I have spent 8 years in a foreign country: Holland. To make things more complicated, I am Chinese by ethnic; but my passport says I am Indonesian. I speak Bahasa Indonesia, English and Dutch (in fluency order), and understand a tiny bit of Chinese.

These facts make me a Third-Cultur Student (just because my initial purpose of stay abroad was to study).

I realised that I suffer from identity crisis two days ago, just when Holland lost the world cup game against Spain.

When the world cup started, I initially didn't have particular team that I liked. I just went …

Eight Lessons from Sex and the City

This is the mistake that I could (not can) kinda relate to :P

Kesalahan 3: Pencandu seru-seruan
Setelah hubungan putus-sambung dengan Mr. Big di musim ke-3, Carrie akhirnya mendapati dirinya dalam hubungan yang baik dengan Aidan yang memperlakukannya dengan sangat baik. Namun, ia masih tertarik dengan upaya tarik-ulur dari Mr. Big. Meski Mr. Big sudah menikah dan Carrie sudah memiliki pasangan, mereka berselingkuh dari pasangan masing-masing.

Diagnosis: Ada beberapa orang yang disebut dengan pencandu "seru", ujar Orboch. Meski sebaik apa pun hubungannya dengan pasangannya, mereka akan selalu merasa tertarik dengan sesuatu yang tak seharusnya ia miliki, karena itu memberinya aliran adrenalin.

Perbaiki: Carrie secara terus menerus menempatkan diri sebagai korban pasif. Ia seharusnya mengambil tanggung jawab dari tindakannya dan melakukan sesuatu untuk menghentikannya. Menurut Orbuch, akan selalu ada godaan dan kerlingan dari para mantan, dan tergantung pada Anda bagaimana menghada…

Jip en Janneke or,...

Is anyone familiar with this Jip en Janneke book?

This is a Dutch children book that is very familiar among Dutch children, from generation to generation. These characters are so simple, so does the story. I also like it (although I like Pluk! better).

Accidentally, when I was blog walking, I came across this blog, which hasn't been updated in a while, with a blog post about an Indonesian version of Jip en Janneke: Tono dan Tini.


This is actually another proof that the Dutch has (had) quite significant influence to Indonesian culture.

Can I still buy this Toni dan Tini book? Hm,... dimana ya?

Holland in World Cup 2010 Final

Hup Holland Hup!

I just finished watching the match between Holland and Uruguay. And, as you may have read or also have seen, Holland won with 3 - 2. Sweeet! It means Holland has secured a place in Final match, against, only God knows who (to be honest, I hope it is Spain!).

Speaking of Holland, it is definitely a great achievement for de Oranje to be in the Final match. The last time they were on World Cup Final was in 1978, the era of Johan Kruiff (of which I so love the quote: "elke nadeel komt met een voordeel"). Holland lost against Argentina, the host. Four years before 1978, Holland was again in the Final, this time against its current potential enemy, Germany - and lost!

So, being in the Final is a BIG deal for Holland and the Dutch. All people in Holland are cheering for de Oranje. The expats, immigrants, international students, and even Limburg people, who usually feel not-that-Dutch, are all supporting de Oranje.

What's it gonna be? We'll see! But at this mome…

Work Productivity During World Cup

Sales Productivity Software -

Should You Get the New....?

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