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On semi-hiatus

because I am in INDONESIA!!!

Yay, yay, yay!! holidaaayy *dancing*

so, yes, peepz, I am now in Surabaya for a short holiday in Indonesia. I arrived last Friday. Stefy's brother picked us up. No one knew about our arrival, expect our brothers. Some friends also knew because of the appointment that we had to make to meet them.

But, yeah, it was a fun arrival! Everybody is so happy, especially Stefy's parents, because they are now so incredibly proud of their son that has graduated as Master of Imagineering.

About me?

I am OKAY, apart from my broken heart because my job application did not go further than the first interview. I applied for Marketing and Recruitment Officer at this university. Ah well, I will move one. I will try to apply more and more. Hidup Job Hunting!!!!

Another story about me is I suffer from food poisoning :P It is my 4th day in Indonesia and I have already eaten food from the street yesterday. heheheh,.. yeah,.. my own mistake. I should have been able to contr…

Joan's Story Book

As sisters, my little sister (age 10) and I share one similar passion: writing. The difference is she started really young - and my mom discovered her passion and encourged her. Me? I started quite young, too, but noone knew because I usually wrote in the back of books or in a piece of paper, and threw it away afterwards.

Sooo, as my mom encouraged my sister, she made a compilation of her writing. Do check it out. Read this *pointing down* Yap! that's it!

Any comments are welcome. Or, if you know any publisher interested in her writing, let me know. My mom told me that she is now writing a book.

Gosh, what did I do at the age of 10? Playing Barbie? Wow, my sister is awesome!

So do enjoy, and my apology that it's in Bahasa Indonesia.

Joan's Story Book

Merry (Almost) Christmas

It's good to be in the month of December. I love December! Sinterklaas, birthdays, Christmas, and soon New Year!

Food, food, and food!

Presents, presents and more presents!


So, to start this month, I present to you this cute/awesome video from Jesse Barrera and friends.

Merry (almost) Christmas