25 September 2011

Taste of Amsterdam: we tasted a lot!

Most of my previous weekends have been occupied with trying out some recipes and experimenting with new ingredients, but this weekend, we went to taste some at the Taste of Amsterdam.

This four days event was basically about trying out food and learning how to make new, interesting food. We came on the last day, which appeared to be the most beautiful day of the week. The sun was shining and the temperature was perfect! So, you can imagine how packed it was.

We went around trying wine, beer, cognac, limoncello, cocktails (oh wait, it was only me that did that :P), and of course, we tried lots of food. If I still can remember (I might forget things not because the intake of the alcohol, but because the many sorts of food we could taste),

we tasted the tastiest tomato,

raw seafood mixed with red onion and lime (peruvian food),

the yummiest spare ribs,

english pie (my nostalgic snack),

biologic cookies (that cost 1 euro per cookie, yes, you read it correctly!), vegetarian sandiwich spread, margaritha pizza with truffle oil, colombian coffee, many sorts of olive oil (just knew this, loved it but the price is killing!), the tastiest bread on earth (seriously, and we bought one, which cost 6 euro per small bread :( expensive!), chai tea, chocolate mousse,... and many more.

So, this weekend has been very successfull, but too bad we couldnt join any cooking workshop, due to the crowd. Next time, for sure!

How was your weekend?

If you are curious about the biologic cookies, you should check their website Katie's Cookies. I reckon it is an interesting gift for any occassions, or just for you to nibble :)

And the English pie?? there's definitely a second purchase!! Love it! Wanna check them, go to Pieman.

23 September 2011

My things

I know I have been disappeared for quite a while. No, no, I am not going anywhere. I am just busy (classic!). I have been occupied with these main things, of which some are really shallow, hedon stuff.

Yeah, that's a disgrace, I know. But well, without my fiancee being around, and me suffering long distance relationship AGAIN, I should learn to entertain myself, no?

So, these following things are main activities now

1. Drie dwaze dagen game

This is an online game created for the promotion of the biggest and craziest shopping sales at the famous, dutch department store, de bijenkorf (comparable to Sogo, in Indonesia).

Yes, yes, it is shallow, but well, I have never been a game player, but it's kinda fun and addictive. The rule is very simple. You need to fight to be on the first person on this virtual queue :P

2. Masterchef Australia and cooking and baking :)

Am a huge fan of masterchef australia (especially a big fan of Poh from season 1), and also into cooking and baking lately.

Weekend has always been the time to experiment with the new recipe or perform some adventurous attempts with some leftovers. I enjoy it! I am currently planning cooking vacation with my colleague and in fact, this weekend, my housemate and I are going to a cooking workshop. Cool, ey?

3. Bikram

Have I ever told you I am so into Bikram Yoga now? Yes, I am very into yoga now. I am preaching bikram to my friends and relatives, sharing my positive experience (though it was reallllyy tough in the beginning) with bikram. At least twice a week, you would find me in bikram studio.

4. and mostly work.

It started as my escape to forget my loneliness at home, but I am into work now, especially with a challenging, new manager of mine. I am mostly at work, also when I am at home, sometimes. But not on the weekend.

Do you know that my company is sponsoring McLaren Formula 1? Yay! I'm so proud! :)

So, my life is interesting, or what?!

8 September 2011

Wrong Worship

the best part is "I surrender some,..."

This video made me laugh, yes, but it also made me ponder that we, church, do sing this kinda songs in our heart and mind. I do, sometime.

6 September 2011

Moves like Jagger: the best covers so far

I always want to move every time I hear this song, especially when listening to these covers.

Any Indonesians covered this song yet?