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Once upon a time before the computer

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Semi-Hiatus: Updates

Hi readers,

Sorry I have to disappoint you with this not-the-real update post. I have been really busy at the office. No, it's not just an excuse, but it is the real, serious busy.

Okay, let me give you a sneek peak what I've been busy with:

1. Office: Intranet migration, social media strategy, and my NEW working contract. So yes, I will be staying in Holland for another year. Surprise, surprise :)
2. Children Ministry: I am now a Sunday school teacher. So, once a month, I prepare a teaching for my 4 -5 years class.
3. Social life: I just started a new hobby: Bikram Yoga. I do it every Saturday. And, I feel great! There will be some more new activities coming up. What's that? Hehehe, secret, secret. Wait for the update :)
4. Book? My ultimate excuse: almost finished! Next week, I will have vacation for 2 weeks. I will seriously finish my first book - even starting a new one. Wish me luck.
5. Passionate about food? Even more! My trip to Italy has brought back my passion about food…