27 September 2010

11 September 2010

Semi-Hiatus: Updates

Hi readers,

Sorry I have to disappoint you with this not-the-real update post. I have been really busy at the office. No, it's not just an excuse, but it is the real, serious busy.

Okay, let me give you a sneek peak what I've been busy with:

1. Office: Intranet migration, social media strategy, and my NEW working contract. So yes, I will be staying in Holland for another year. Surprise, surprise :)
2. Children Ministry: I am now a Sunday school teacher. So, once a month, I prepare a teaching for my 4 -5 years class.
3. Social life: I just started a new hobby: Bikram Yoga. I do it every Saturday. And, I feel great! There will be some more new activities coming up. What's that? Hehehe, secret, secret. Wait for the update :)
4. Book? My ultimate excuse: almost finished! Next week, I will have vacation for 2 weeks. I will seriously finish my first book - even starting a new one. Wish me luck.
5. Passionate about food? Even more! My trip to Italy has brought back my passion about food. Since the trip to Milan, I've started baking and cooking 'difficult' food. Harboed, my cooking partner, and I have been making Nasi Ayam Hainan, Tahu Isi, Sup Kimlo, Arsik, the real Risotto, the original recipe Spaghetti Carbonara, and American Choco Chip Cookies, and many more!

So, wait for my next update.

xoxo :p