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This morning (Holland time) I received a shocking tweet from a friend of mine in Jakarta. She tweeted saying that there was a woman comitted suicide at Grand Indonesia mall, Jakarta. Some tweetpics were spread. It was quite shocking.

Sigh,... why are there still people committing suicide these days?

Anyway, these short sentences are quoted from the Jakarta Globe:

A young woman died instantly after falling from the fifth floor at the luxury Grand Indonesia mall on Monday afternoon in what was believed to be a suicide. The woman’s body landed on an escalator railing on the ground floor.

Be safe, people. Don't do anything stupid you'd regret

Universities and HBO

Are you planning to study abroad? Is Holland or the Netherlands one of your options? Then you should know the difference between Universities and HBO.

This is my 6th year living in Holland. I came here in 2002 to study Bachelor of Communication at the INHolland University in Diemen (a city near Amsterdam), which is a HBO. At that time, coming from Indonesia, I was not aware of the difference between HBO and the normal universities. I was only informed that HBO was an institution that would provide more practical knowledge to the students. If you study at HBO, you would know how to work in the real world. Instead, if you study at the universities, you would learn a lot more academic knowledge. Thus, if you study at the universities, you have the intention to pursue PhD or to be a professor in an university.

With that information, I (with some influence from my Mom) had decided to study at INHolland University. In the end of my first year, some rumours were spread among us saying that in…

Slap Bet

Who doesn't like How I Met Your Mother?

I guess most people like this TV series. If you don't, please do not decide anything until you pass the second season. The first few episodes in the first season is indeed not very appealing, rather boring, I would say.

So, if you like How I Met Your Mother? (HIMYM), you must know 'Slap Bet'. Have you watched Slapgiving 2? Hahahahha, LOL. Last night, I really laughed a lot watching this episode with Stefy and Herdian, our housemate.

And, look what I found!

You can embed this in your web or Facebook. Too bad none for Blogspot.

Speaking of blogspot, did you hear that some ISP in Indonesia banned Blogspot? Blogspot was not accessible for a few days in Indonesia. It was caused by a comic about particular religion that was rather offensive. Thus, the ministry of communication and information gave a decree to ban that particular blog. Yet, it happened that all .blogspot sites were banned.

Hopefully, it is over now.


Rambling about nothing (or maybe about something)

Today I felt so ill that I called the office and asked to have a day off. Gosh, my head was spinning. My body is aching. I don't know what to blame: the weather, my low antibody, or poor intake of food.

Instead of moaning, I guess I will write some aimless post that maybe can cheer both of us up: you happy to know my stories and me happy to can write something. Deal?

Okay, where to start?

Let's start with my current situation. No, not the ill, weak condition I am in now; but the current job hunting situation. Like Dita, I am too now searching for a job. I am currently doing an internship at Nuffic, but I will soon be gone. The project will be finished and so will my contract.

Job opening websites like LinkedIn, Undutchable, Monsterboards, and also Twitter have been my regular destination when I am online (especially to Twitter :P). I also visited the (so-called) biggest Job Fair in Holland, which turned out to be smaller that it'd always been, with much less exhibitors (defini…

When I'm 64

When I get older losing my hair,
Many years from now.
Will you still be sending me a valentine
Birthday greetings bottle of wine.

All of Beatles fans must know this song by heart. Not as much as I love this song, I hesitate to think of what I would be when I'm 64. Never have I ever felt afraid growing old, yet don't you ever ask yourself how you would be when you are 60+?

Would I be very dependant? Would I be a whinning, old grandma that your grandkids hate? Would I be useless or paralyzed? Would I be a fat, weak old lady? In fact, would I still be loved?

Would I still know and feel love?

This improper thought had been creeping to the surface due to the facts that my boyfriends' family (mostly the female ones) are getting old but still look fabulous: slim figure, shinny appearances, and fit! You must have seend Sex and the City right? You can see some similarities in my relative-in-laws. The pressure definitely exists!

Some years ago, when I met my boyfriend's relative for the…

Magic Mascara

Ooops, almost forgot to share the "magic" that Dita has shared with me.

So I asked her the other day about the best mascara, cos I have used several brands, yet I had never been satisfied with one brand. My eyelashes are so soft and short thus I needed a mascara that can lengthen them and make them look pretty.

Dita - now I announce her as my fashion advisor - adviced me to use mascara from Maybelline. Thank God it was on special price at Kruidvat! Thus, I, with Stefy's help to choose whether I had to buy the 3x, 5x or 7x type, bought the 5x mascara from Maybelline.

And, it works verryyy well! I love it! My eyelashes are soo pretty now :)

Thanks dita!

In case you are also searching for a mascara, here is my mascara now:

Friendship forever

Friendship [frend-ship]: the state of being a friend[dictionary]

This word might seem meaningless for us 5 – 10 years ago. It was merely nice word that we put in the end of our e-mail or in our classmate’s memory book: Friendship forever. Yet, what does this word mean to us right now? How much time do we invest in building our friendship? Or how much time do we have to even think of friendship?

Last week at church, we were taught about having healthy relationship with friends. And I realised that I haven’t done anything to my friendships with any of my friends.

Based on the sermon, there are four sorts of friends: acquaintances, casual friends, close friends, and intimate friends.

And I notice that most of my friendship (levels) I have been downgraded: from intimate to close, from intimate to casual, and even worse, from intimate to acquaintances. These happened because first, distance (because I have moved from one place to another), and of course, quarrels or problems.

I feel embarrasse…

Berlayar bersama Perahu Kertas

Berkat pertolongan seorang teman yang sedang berlibur ke Indonesia, Oma berhasil mendapatkan sebuah buku Perahu Kertas-nya Dewi Lestari yang kalau tidak salah, diluncurkan versi cetaknya pada tanggal 29 Agustus 2009.

Setelah beberapa saat menanti untuk dibaca – setelah lembaran skripsi yang harus dituntaskan, berjam-jam waktu yang dihabiskan untuk mempersiapkan defence, dan langsung dilanjutkan dengan berminggu-minggu persiapan sebuah acara education fair di Bangkok, Thailand - akhrinya Perahu Kertas berhasil dituntaskan dalam one shot, di dalam pesawat KLM Bangkok – Amsterdam, 2 November 2009.

Walaupun berbagai media sudah memberi bocoran bahwa buku Perahu Kertas ini tidak ‘seberat’ buku-buku Dee yang sebelumnya, Oma masih saja memiliki rasa ‘takut’ pada saat membaca halaman pertama. Namun, perasaan itu segera sirna seketika Oma mengenal sosok Kugy. Apalagi setelah membaca bahwa sosok Keenan lebih tampan daripada Therrius di komik Candy-Candy. Langsung Oma hanyut dalam fantasi-fantasi …


Some of you might still recall this song. I was jumping off of my chair when this song was played at Radio Kosmonita (online radio). This song reminds me of a lot of things, especially my time in Meulaboh, Aceh.

Audy's songs were usually played in the morning, to accompany us getting ready for work or having breakfast. Kak Rina, my housemate, loved Audy so much.

For you who are in need of nostalgic moment or melancholic company for this rainy weather in Holland, please enjoy this song.

Sekat hati, tak menahan jua
Lelah aku pada setiaku
Mengapa kau datang, memberiku cinta
Oh inikah indah mendua
Haruskah, kuhempas

Jangan kau tanya, kan cinta untukmu,
disini yang ada dirimu
Adakah benarnya, janji diatas ingkar,
disana yang ada ragu

Oh inikah indah mendua
Pergi saja pergi, bawa jauh cintamu
Kutahu ini tak adil untukmu
Sesalkan, adanya

Bukankah kita mengerti,
dan kita sadari janji, ‘kan hindari cinta

I'm back

Back from Bangkok
this is the first day at work, with heavy migraine and sleepy-head.

I guess these can be categorised under JETLAG - my first jetlag.

Okay, if I manage, I will upload some pictures on my Facebook and of course, some here.

Last few days in Bangkok

I should have mentioned earlier that I would go to Bangkok, Thailand for European Higher Education Fair Bangkok 2009 in Royal Paragon Hall. But, the combination of work and life has made me forget to update you all.

So, here I am now, spending my last day at the fair. Not as busy as yesterday, but I feel good today.

Tomorrow, I will fly back to Holland (to continue my mundane yet exciting life) and will look forward to December: Sinterklaas, my birthday, stefy's birthday and Christmas.

So, how's your life? Update me :)