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Tribute to MJ - So Long, Mr Jackson

Last nite, I came back home from Shopping Night Festival in the Hague - very tired. As always, I logged in to my Twitter, Facebook, and my other social media sites; just to check out what's happening in the world.

Then @perezhilton tweeted that 'Michael Jackshon has passed away." Wow, what a shock! It was around 00:00 GMT +1. But, funnily, CNN, BBC or Reuters hadn't confirmed about the news. Some said he was just hospitalised. A few minutes after that, some again said that he was in coma. But, the rumour in twittersphere remained: MJ died.

Until this morning, it was confirmed: he's gone now.

It is indeed sad, very sad.
I am not a big fan of MJ, but I can't deny that he is indeed the King of Pop. He has put a mark in history about his existence on earth: Jackson 5, black or white, man in the mirror, and my mom's favorite song: Heal the world.

This song below was sung in rememberance of him. I loveeee this version. Bravo!

But, now, the question is, who's gonna…


It's been a while that I have really shared my story in this blog. Feel ashamed that I haven't taken care of it very well.

Another cliche excuse: work and school

But if you ask how my life has been, I would say it's been great. Great doesn't mean I ain't have any problems or circumstances that make me cry or angry; but problems have made me a better person (like the wise man always says).

As some of you may remember, that money has always been my issue. I don't know why God hasn't taken away this thorn from my life. Anyway, this has been the very 'interesting' problem; also now. But, thank God and to Bang Tepy (also my friends) that I now can handle it differently. I can surrender to God (cos He gives and takes away, rite?) and accept help from Bang Tepy and some friends (I used to refuse helps, even from Bang Tepy).

No, it's not yet over, the thorn is still there; but now I can smile and think positively when my bank account shows one digit number …

Ikan Asin

Hm... kapan ya terakhir makan Ikan Asin?

Yum tadi malam di Amsterdam, masak bareng Ardy dan Nita, kami makan nasi beras merah, ikan asin, ikan makarel goreng, sambal terasi, ayam goreng, dan ditutup dengan ronde, homemade.

Yum yum yum :P

Besok ke bazar indonesia, so makan enak lagee :D hehehhehe

Tak terasa

Sudah mulai thesis
padahal banyak tugas yg belum kelar

dan 2 bulan lagi lulus

tapi masih bingung, bis lulus mo ngapain?
stay di belanda?
back to Indonesia?
what would I be doing for work?
commdev, PR, social media, or what?

atau nikah? :P


Tomorrow is my first coaching session for my thesis
with the most demanding, yet challenging teacher I have ever had, Amanda Coady
yet scary :P

wish me luck

Wanna be #2

Runner up of Britain's Got Talent 2009, SuBo is more popular than Diversity, the winner
Runner up of American Idol, Adam Lambert is more sensational and for the second time the Trend in Twitter, compare to the winner, Kris Allen.

I think the trend is now: don't be number one, be number two!

Apparently similar phenomenon are occuring in Indonesia: Manohara, "the victim" of sexual abuse by a prince from Malaysia; and Prita, "the victim" of the emergence of online media in Indonesia. They both are now superstars both in the online world or in offline world in Indonesia.

ABBA should rewrite the song from "the Winner takes it all" to "the loser takes it all" :)

Prita Bebas

Tangerang (ANTARA News) - Prita Mulyasari (32) terharu setelah bebas dari tahanan Lembaga Pemasyarakatan (LP) Wanita Tangerang, Banten, dan berencana berkumpul dengan keluarga.

Setelah berbagai pihak mendesak, termasuk Wapres Jusuf Kalla dan Capres Megawati Soekarnoputri, akhirnya Prita dibebaskan secara bersyarat dengan status tahanan kota.

Sumber: Antara

Gosh, tahanan kota? Unbelievable. But okay, in the mean time I am glad that she is released.

Imho, Indonesian government has to justify what has happened and explain what will happen in the future, because I believe street journalists will scream for help if the freedom of speech in Indonesia equals get arrested when you post online complaints.

Prita, welcome home

Omni hospital, shame on you! did you hear that? shame... on... you...

The Power of Digital Media Vs The Power of the Powerful

People say everybody now is the media
people have more power over companies and organisations compare to 10 - 20 years ago.
But, apparently it is yet not true in Indonesia.
The powerful still wins.

Before I head to bed, I checked my Google reader, and found out that Ndoro, famous Indonesian blogger has just updated his blog. Thus, I thought, why not read his light, interesting post.

It was not light at all. The article he wrote has made me shocked to death: a house-wife complained and was sent to jail.

The story started when this woman, named Prita Mulyasari got very ill and went to Omni International Hospital in Tangerang, Indonesia. Yet, she was mistreated. She didn't get the treatment she supposed to get and she was treated badly by both the staff and the doctors. It happened last year, in 2008. Because she had felt very disappointed about the service of this hospital, she shared her experience through e-mail and also sent her complaint to one of digital media in Indonesia,

Liputan Tong Tong Fair 2009

Tong Tong Fair aka Pasar Malam Besar adalah acara fair tahunan yang selalu diselenggarakan di Malieveld, the Hague. Pasar Malam Besar dulunya adalah kumpulan stand-stand Indonesia yang memamerkan kebudayaan dan keunikan Indonesia: mulai dari stand baju-baju batik, kerajinan tangan, sampai, yang tidak pernah terlewatkan, stand makanan Indonesia.

Tahun ini nama Pasar Malam Besar diubah menjadi Tong Tong Fair. Tong Tong adalah Event Organiser Pasar Malam Besar. Menurut kabar burung yang beredar, Tong Tong berpikir akan lebih menguntungkan kalo Fair ini tidak hanya diperuntungkkan untuk stand-stand dari Indonesia; tapi dari seluruh Asia. Alhasil, tahun ini nama Pasar Malam Besar berganti menjadi Tong Tong Fair dan memang benar, kita bisa melihat stand-stand dari negri Cina, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, Surinam, dan of course Indonesia.

Tong Tong Fair berlangsung selama 10 hari, mulai dari 21 Mei - 1 Juni 2009 dan bertempat di sebuah lapangan besar bernama Malieveld. Biaya masuk k…

Post your Secret

I went to church this morning by bike. Wonderful!
Wonderful weather and wonderful excercise
*except Bang Tepy grumbled a bit because of the weather - welcome to Holland, darling*

At church, we watched this presentation of pictures taken from PostSecret.

Going home, I check the website, and now am loving the idea of it.

I am so gonna by the book.

Anyway, even though there are some 'secrets' that are related with my life, this one speaks strongly to me. it kinda asked me how far I have pursue my dream.

Also thank to Elv, now I am reflecting and thinking what I have achieved in this 24 years, 6 months.