19 August 2010

Love this quote

via @ihatequotes
I really like this quote. This is what's called self-confidence and believe that God has prepared the best one for you :)

So, for you who is still searching, yes you :) be patient. I am very sure he is just around the corner. He is coming to as soon as he can.

17 August 2010


Maybe I have told you before that I was busy writing my first book. It's a fiction, an Indonesian fiction, a love story :)

And It's almost done! I just need to finish up the last chapter(s). I will certainly finish it this weekend.

Are you interested to proof-read it before I send it to the publisher? Please leave a comment.

A friend tweeted "make sure that your book is so popular that it will be translated to English." LOL let's hope so.

Wish me luck

15 August 2010

Nostalgic Soap Opera Theme Songs

The previous post has brought me to finding other theme songs - soap opera theme songs.

Please bear with me, please. In case you will laugh at me and think that my blog post is worthless, please come back another day, when I post a more behave, mature post :)

Please guess which soap operas they are. Find the answer in the end of this post

Answers: White Snake Legend, To Liong To, Maria Mercedes, Abad 21, Tokyo Love Story and Ordinary People

Nostalgic Cartoon Theme Songs

I came across this video on Geeks are Sexy, which made me want to look for more nostalgic cartoon theme songs

Like this Candy - Candy,

Sailor Moon

Ksatria Baja Hitam

En my fave, Dash Yonkuro

So, what's your fave nostalgic cartoon?
Share with me! Maybe they were my fave, too

10 August 2010

Current Fave: Pots of Gold

Cos I don't wanna waste a lifetime chasing pots of gold
I don't wanna miss the good times standing in the cold
No i don't wanna be the one who lets you down
With you I couldn't bear to live without

5 August 2010

Friends or Nothing at All? - Part 2

And how is it now?

My recent friction with my so-called best friend
has made me realize that sometimes, we think that we are so close to someone yet the feeling is actually not mutual. As I often move around from one place to another, people that become close to me overtime will automatically receive a ‘Friend’ badge from me. But, the fact is that they are merely acquaintance; we just become close to me overtime – because of the situation and condition: thus, this is what I actually am for him.

One thing I learned from this experience is that mutuality. He apparently doesn’t invest as much effort as I do to the friendship.

So what should we do? What should I do in the future? I learn that if I want to really invest and build a new friendship, I need to ask these questions: Does this person invest as much effort as I do to the relationship? Will this person give as much time as I will to the relationship? And will this person accept you for better and for worse as much as I will? If they don’t, does it mean that when we can forget this person, hate and not befriend with this person anymore? No.

We can still be an acquaintance or just friends. We can go out together if we feel like it. We can plan to have a cooking night if we think it would be fun. But, if one of the parties decides not to hang out together anymore, none of the parties should feel guilty or feel sorry. We just move on and find another acquaintances or hang out friends to hang out with.

Another lesson learned is that best friends and family can make mistake. They might have done us wrong, have made us upset, but who doesn’t make mistake? We need to think through and see that they really didn’t mean to hurt us. They just made a mistake that might have hurt us. If you think they are truly your best friends or family, you must forgive and forget. Otherwise, yeah, you might end up just like me, losing a little family that you used to have.

It is pathetic really that because of one situation, you finally realized that someone that you thought was your best friend was actually no more than acquaintance, and the ones that you thought no longer meant anything in your life are still your very best friends and family after all.


I will end this post by sharing my final pyramid of friendship and a promise that I will try to reunite my ‘family’ members, trying to mend the broken relationship. I hope this time they’d see that I put as much effort as they have done.

The higher the pyramid, the smaller the shape is, which means the more difficult it is to keep and maintain it. Don’t lose it!

Read Previous Post: Friends or Nothing at All? - Part 1

4 August 2010

Inception: A Help for The Confused

Although I could quite get when I was watching Inception, I had to digest this infographic before I dared to share it on my blog.

So this is a first aid if you are still confused about Inception.

Doesn't help? Go watch it once again!

Still doesn't help? Ah well, maybe Shrek Forever After of Twilight Eclipse will be just the perfect choice for you :)

Reuse and Recycle

Love the idea so much! If I had these grain sacks or burlap, I will definitely give it a try. I think I will first make the accessories hanger (oh, you wouldn't know how my drawer look like now, full with my little accessories!) and the this cute vintage bag.

via Desire to Inspire

This is how bus (for Indonesia) should look like!

I hope Indonesian governements would read this and consider to buy this kind of buses from China. This would save Indonesian citizens from dying in the traffic jam. Speaking of traffic jam, I have to thank my parents that I was born and grew up in Surabaya, East Java, where traffic jam is not a major issue.

So, Mr. SBY, please please please, can you have some budget next year to buy this kind of buses? Please?

Watch the presentation (video) here

Family or Nothing At All ?- Part 1

Some of you may have wondered what happened with me a couple of days ago after reading my blog post about friendship. It was a temporary friction between me and this friend – which is now settled; however it continued being a friction between me and myself.

Reading Neysa’s post about the difference of Best Friend, Friend, Acquaintance (this is a direct translation of the word ‘Kenalan’), and ‘Someone I know or I have met’ made me think of the people in my life: who are they, who are they for me, and who am I for them.

I am blessed with the fact that I have met and known so many nice, crazy, and happy people in my life. They cheer me up when I am down. They help when I need it. They listen (or read) my rumble, my tweet or my blog posts. Some of them understand when I am in a terrible mood, especially when Ms. PMS visits me once a month.

However, the problem I had earlier this year and Neysa’s post, made me think about my relationship with them. I think of them as my friends, but do they think the same way, too?

Before reading Neysa’s post, I had made my own classification of people in my life:
  1. Family
  2. Best Friends
  3. Friends (including online friends)
  4. Hangout/Happy-happy Friends
  5. Someone I know or have met in the past

Let’s start from the bottom.

I have not yet travelled all around the world, but I have visited so many places that I met new people, made new friends, and managed to keep in touch with some of them. These people are categorized in ‘Someone I know or have met in the past’. With these people, I just added them as Friends on Facebook, if they are nice to chat with, I would add them as my contacts on my messengers, and that’s it! Everything between me and these people are purely basa-basi, chitchat, small talks, and nothing attached! Why? Because there is a small chance I will meet them again. If I ever meet them again, like maybe my friends from my elementary school, the things I’d say will be: “hey how are you?”, “what’s up?” “are you married? Have babies? Getting married?” “what’s your job?”.

Hangout or happy-happy friends
are people who I met at school, universities, church, or other institutions, and manage to keep both offline and online touch. We would sometimes go out for a drink, have dinner, watch movies, or chat and exchange comments on social media. Everything between me and these people is often dominated by small talks; however, since we may have shared something in common, like studying at the same university, or used to work at the same company/restaurant, we would discuss something related to issues we have in common. It could be school assignments, our ex-bosses who were funny, our ex-colleagues who would be getting married, etc. But, there is no commitment attached. I would not put any emotional attachment to this relationship.

Friends are people who have stuck with me for numbers of years. They are not only happy-happy friends, but they also those who will listen to my stories, my sadness, my happiness, my success stories, my bad days. They are those with whom I can spend hours to chitchat or to chat online, just to talk about nothing. These friends can be relied to and turned to when I need them (or when they need me) – but, here is the catch, not 100%. There are ‘friends’, who suddenly wouldn’t call you or hang out with you anymore when she has a new boyfriend, or when they go to study abroad, suddenly no more chat, no more phone calls, nothing! There was time when I was so disappointed with these ‘friends’, saying “I thought you were my friend”. Actually, yes, they are! They are just friend. Hence they cannot be 100% reliable. If they don’t have time for you, they don’t have time for you!

Then, we go to a higher level: best friends. When you say best (something), it can only be one, right? The best movie, the best restaurant, the best wine, and the best friend. However, for me, there can be more than one best friend. I guess, my reasoning that I have travelled and temporarily stayed in several countries and places, makes me find new best friends every time I visit a place. Being a citizen of the world and having several best friends, you just know that these best friends are always there for you; and you for them. I have this best friend. We met when we were in junior high (it’s like 14 years ago), but we are still best friends. Sometimes, we didn’t contact each other for a while – no emails, no phone calls, no sms – but suddenly, when we met, we could just still talk for ages. Another thing about being there, when I f-up, and I called her to tell my f-stories, she just listened. She didn’t judge, but she would tell me when she thought I was stupid. She was just honest. These are the people that I will remember when I pray, I will remember when I heard or read something about the place they are at (like with my best friends in Aceh), and I will cry for and spend time for. One difference between best friends and family is secret. There are few secrets that I don’t dare to admit to my best friends, just because I don’t feel secure to tell them. But when the time is right, I’d tell them everything.

And family, yes, if I can be bluntly honest with you, and you with me, and we could still love each other no matter what, that’s family. The best friends who are not only spiritually but also physically present, and who will love you no matter what – no excuses, no buts, no requirements – are family. I used to have my little family, but I guess I screwed it up a bit.

Continue to Family or Nothing At All? - Part 2 (soon, very soon)

3 August 2010

Cheeseburger Chill Smoothie - Anyone?

Who says you can only mix fruit to produce a smoothie. Let me introduce to you Cheeseburger Chill Smoothig.

This is a really smart attempt! Love it (I mean, I love the campaign, not the smoothie, eeuwww!)

via Laughing Squid

1 August 2010

My fave, well-thought music video

It's been a while that I found music video that I like, which has interesting concept and the song is good.

In Indonesia, for instance, most music video is now made abroad, just because it will look way cooler! Yet, the concept, is zero!

I just found two nice video: one from Europe and one from my home country, Indonesia.

So, what do you think?