15 December 2009

On semi-hiatus

because I am in INDONESIA!!!

Yay, yay, yay!! holidaaayy *dancing*

so, yes, peepz, I am now in Surabaya for a short holiday in Indonesia. I arrived last Friday. Stefy's brother picked us up. No one knew about our arrival, expect our brothers. Some friends also knew because of the appointment that we had to make to meet them.

But, yeah, it was a fun arrival! Everybody is so happy, especially Stefy's parents, because they are now so incredibly proud of their son that has graduated as Master of Imagineering.

About me?

I am OKAY, apart from my broken heart because my job application did not go further than the first interview. I applied for Marketing and Recruitment Officer at this university. Ah well, I will move one. I will try to apply more and more. Hidup Job Hunting!!!!

Another story about me is I suffer from food poisoning :P It is my 4th day in Indonesia and I have already eaten food from the street yesterday. heheheh,.. yeah,.. my own mistake. I should have been able to control myself better. Ah well, next time better.

Soooo..... with this post, I will announce my semi-hiatus status. I will not update my blog as often as I normally do.

If you want to catch up with me, here below is my agenda in Indonesia:
19-24 December: Bali
26 - 31 December : Central Java (Salatiga, Solo, and Jogjakarta)
8 - 10 January: Jakarta
and I will just be in Surabaya for the rest of the holiday.

Happy holiday people. And if I failed to update my blog before christmas, MERRY CHRISTMAS

1 December 2009

Joan's Story Book

As sisters, my little sister (age 10) and I share one similar passion: writing. The difference is she started really young - and my mom discovered her passion and encourged her. Me? I started quite young, too, but noone knew because I usually wrote in the back of books or in a piece of paper, and threw it away afterwards.

Sooo, as my mom encouraged my sister, she made a compilation of her writing. Do check it out. Read this *pointing down* Yap! that's it!

Any comments are welcome. Or, if you know any publisher interested in her writing, let me know. My mom told me that she is now writing a book.

Gosh, what did I do at the age of 10? Playing Barbie? Wow, my sister is awesome!

So do enjoy, and my apology that it's in Bahasa Indonesia.

Joan's Story Book

Merry (Almost) Christmas

It's good to be in the month of December. I love December! Sinterklaas, birthdays, Christmas, and soon New Year!

Food, food, and food!

Presents, presents and more presents!


So, to start this month, I present to you this cute/awesome video from Jesse Barrera and friends.

Merry (almost) Christmas

30 November 2009


This morning (Holland time) I received a shocking tweet from a friend of mine in Jakarta. She tweeted saying that there was a woman comitted suicide at Grand Indonesia mall, Jakarta. Some tweetpics were spread. It was quite shocking.

Sigh,... why are there still people committing suicide these days?

Anyway, these short sentences are quoted from the Jakarta Globe:

A young woman died instantly after falling from the fifth floor at the luxury Grand Indonesia mall on Monday afternoon in what was believed to be a suicide. The woman’s body landed on an escalator railing on the ground floor.

Be safe, people. Don't do anything stupid you'd regret

26 November 2009

Universities and HBO

Are you planning to study abroad? Is Holland or the Netherlands one of your options? Then you should know the difference between Universities and HBO.

This is my 6th year living in Holland. I came here in 2002 to study Bachelor of Communication at the INHolland University in Diemen (a city near Amsterdam), which is a HBO. At that time, coming from Indonesia, I was not aware of the difference between HBO and the normal universities. I was only informed that HBO was an institution that would provide more practical knowledge to the students. If you study at HBO, you would know how to work in the real world. Instead, if you study at the universities, you would learn a lot more academic knowledge. Thus, if you study at the universities, you have the intention to pursue PhD or to be a professor in an university.

With that information, I (with some influence from my Mom) had decided to study at INHolland University. In the end of my first year, some rumours were spread among us saying that in the end of our study, we would receive the title Bachelor of Communication, instead of Bachelor of Arts. I was in my 18 when I heard that. I didn’t really care about any title. I said to myself “as long as I graduate with good grades, I would be more than happy!”

Yet, some people were furious. There were a few people that withdrew from INHolland and signed up to other proper universities.

This case has repeated itself. Recently, Saxion university of applied sciences (which is an HBO) students were upset because the university promised them Master of Arts title for the Master course in health care and social work. In the end, Saxion had to repay the whole tuition fee to the 16 students that joined that program. Read the articles here (it's in Dutch, sorry).

So, what’s the matter with title? What’s actually the difference between HBO and Universities?

Okay, let me explain to you. HBO is the short version of Hoger Beroepsonderwijs (or hogeschool). In English, you can translate it to ‘high school’, which is not exactly correct. The right translation is University of Applied Science.

HBO is at the same level as universities; however, HBO is providing applied sciences to the students. Universities teach a lot more academic knowledge to the students – thus more theoretical.

There are some titles that can only be announced by universities, such as Master of Arts, Bachelor of Arts, Master of Sciences, etc. The titles I received for my education are Bachelor of Communication and Master of International Communication Management.

Is HBO has lower quality than University?

In my humble opinion, not just because I graduated from HBO, I would say that HBO is NOT less credible than University. The first education I pursued was of course chosen because of some influence from my Mom. Yet, the second time I chose to study at the Hague University of Applied Sciences was my personal choice.

I experienced a lot of benefits during my study. I learned so many new thing, not only from the theories (books), but also through exchange of information with other students and the teachers. In the class, we were given so many case studies that we had to solve. We acted like the real consultants, PR managers, or journalists – just to learn how these positions really worked in the real world.

In result, I have never had any difficulties working in any companies or NGO. I can easily relate the theories to the reality. In HBO, you indeed learn less theories at school, but it would be your obligatory to self-study – like reading academic books at home or googling about interesting topics.

Do HBO graduates have good future? Will it be easy for us to look for a job or will we be discriminated?

I have never found any difficulties to find a job because of my HBO diploma – also not in Indonesia. In Holland, people see HBO diploma as valuable as University diploma. However, there are indeed a few companies that do not recruit HBO graduates. It is not because HBO graduates less valuable, but it is due to the standard set (related to accreditation) by the Headquarter in the US. The companies that do not recruit HBO are for instance Google and P&G. Yet, Unilever, Phillips, Adidas, and IBM do recruit HBO students. I have friends working in these companies.

Can I do master and/or PhD after I graduate from HBO?

Yes. In Holland (and some other European countries like Finland), there is Master of Applied Sciences. This is not academic master from the University, but it is from HBO. If you specifically want to study Master course in a university after finishing your bachelor degree in a HBO, you will be most likely asked to do a pre-master (like in Erasmus University). Yet, there could be some exceptions, especially if you have appropriate working experiences (3-5 years).

About PhD, I cannot speak for all PhD programmes, because it will be judged case by case. I heard there are some possibilities for HBO graduates to directly pursue doctorate/PhD. Yet, the interesting thing that I heard was there will be soon PhD/doctorate programmes for HBO graduates. If there is Master of Applied Sciences, why not PhD in Applied Sciences?!

So, I hope this brief sharing is useful for you.

I wish you all the best. If confused, do not hesitate to contact me.

25 November 2009

Slap Bet

Who doesn't like How I Met Your Mother?

I guess most people like this TV series. If you don't, please do not decide anything until you pass the second season. The first few episodes in the first season is indeed not very appealing, rather boring, I would say.

So, if you like How I Met Your Mother? (HIMYM), you must know 'Slap Bet'. Have you watched Slapgiving 2? Hahahahha, LOL. Last night, I really laughed a lot watching this episode with Stefy and Herdian, our housemate.

And, look what I found!

You can embed this in your web or Facebook. Too bad none for Blogspot.

Speaking of blogspot, did you hear that some ISP in Indonesia banned Blogspot? Blogspot was not accessible for a few days in Indonesia. It was caused by a comic about particular religion that was rather offensive. Thus, the ministry of communication and information gave a decree to ban that particular blog. Yet, it happened that all .blogspot sites were banned.

Hopefully, it is over now.

So, When will the final Slap Bet happend? :)

18 November 2009

Rambling about nothing (or maybe about something)

Today I felt so ill that I called the office and asked to have a day off. Gosh, my head was spinning. My body is aching. I don't know what to blame: the weather, my low antibody, or poor intake of food.

Instead of moaning, I guess I will write some aimless post that maybe can cheer both of us up: you happy to know my stories and me happy to can write something. Deal?

Okay, where to start?

Let's start with my current situation. No, not the ill, weak condition I am in now; but the current job hunting situation. Like Dita, I am too now searching for a job. I am currently doing an internship at Nuffic, but I will soon be gone. The project will be finished and so will my contract.

Job opening websites like LinkedIn, Undutchable, Monsterboards, and also Twitter have been my regular destination when I am online (especially to Twitter :P). I also visited the (so-called) biggest Job Fair in Holland, which turned out to be smaller that it'd always been, with much less exhibitors (definitely less than what they advertised. Sigh,...)

Althooough, it was such a miracle for me that I happened to meet the right people at the right time. I had some nice conversations with the exhibitors, we exchanged business cards with my CV :) and, now fingers crossed!

Yet, I will soon have little holiday in December. I guess (hopefully), I deserve it. After 1.5 years working very hard - to survive the sleepless nights, the tons of books I have to read, and very less social activities that I could attend to - I graduated! Thus, if you don't see me around at social media between December - January, you know I am not being kidnapped by fake secret agent (oops, the effect after watching Shooter last night) :P

Hm,.. what else do you wanna know? Marriage? hahahahha,.. no no no no, it's still faaaar from being prepared. Don't trust any other third parties that pretend to know something about our plan to get married. No, no, no, it's still very raw. However, I have been doing some research about when to get married, where, the cost, and of course, the most crucial aspects for me: photography, songs (band), gown, and make-up.

I really don't know what to share anymore, so I will end my ramble with my story and little snapshot of watching Rihanna live on Nokia.com last Monday. I have to say, it ain't that good. It was faaaaaaaaaaar from being personal. We had to wait quite some time before the show started (it was planned at 9 PM CET, but it started aroun 9.10, without any warning or earlier notification).

Jamie Cullum had done similar thing some weeks ago. And I have to applaude mr Jamie Cullum for that. It was intimate, he talked to the 'audiences', and even chatted with the 'audiences'. He played the songs that were requested by the 'audiences'. Ah, in short, it was cool!

Anyway, in the end of the day, social media is about intimacy, a personalised conversation with your customer. Hahaha, now the social media expert is talking!!

Here is a snapshot of Rihanna live on Nokia.

16 November 2009

When I'm 64

When I get older losing my hair,
Many years from now.
Will you still be sending me a valentine
Birthday greetings bottle of wine.

All of Beatles fans must know this song by heart. Not as much as I love this song, I hesitate to think of what I would be when I'm 64. Never have I ever felt afraid growing old, yet don't you ever ask yourself how you would be when you are 60+?

Would I be very dependant? Would I be a whinning, old grandma that your grandkids hate? Would I be useless or paralyzed? Would I be a fat, weak old lady? In fact, would I still be loved?

Would I still know and feel love?

This improper thought had been creeping to the surface due to the facts that my boyfriends' family (mostly the female ones) are getting old but still look fabulous: slim figure, shinny appearances, and fit! You must have seend Sex and the City right? You can see some similarities in my relative-in-laws. The pressure definitely exists!

Some years ago, when I met my boyfriend's relative for the first time, the first question she asked me NOT what kind of work I do, or what are my hobbies; she asked this exact following question: how much do you weigh? I was speechless for some split seconds. When I got my courage back, the question I asked was this: which weight? body weight?

Some days ago, this question was again thrown to my face; this time by my mother-in-law to be.


I wouldn't worry too much if my boyfriend was different. My boyfriend is also very concern with his weight, body, and physical beauty. Not that he is a metrosexual (I would have left him a looong time ago if he was a metrosexual kinda man :p), yet, he lives healthily and dress properly. While some women might be crying to have this kinda man, I would say that I feel quite worried.

I am worried that one day I would not be pretty enough that I could make him proud of me. I am worried that one day I gain some kilos that would make him quite embarassed to stand next to me. I am afraid that one day I have some disabilities that could make him feel frustrated (if you live in the Netherlands, you should watch the trailer of "komt een vrouw bij de Dokter". This might give you some ideas about what I feel). The bottomline, I am afraid that one day he wouldn't love me enough that I would feel unloved.

I hope you would tell me that my thought are so very unreasonable that I should stop thinking about them; and start thinking about something else - like job hunting :P

10 November 2009

Magic Mascara

Ooops, almost forgot to share the "magic" that Dita has shared with me.

So I asked her the other day about the best mascara, cos I have used several brands, yet I had never been satisfied with one brand. My eyelashes are so soft and short thus I needed a mascara that can lengthen them and make them look pretty.

Dita - now I announce her as my fashion advisor - adviced me to use mascara from Maybelline. Thank God it was on special price at Kruidvat! Thus, I, with Stefy's help to choose whether I had to buy the 3x, 5x or 7x type, bought the 5x mascara from Maybelline.

And, it works verryyy well! I love it! My eyelashes are soo pretty now :)

Thanks dita!

In case you are also searching for a mascara, here is my mascara now:

Friendship forever

Friendship [frend-ship]: the state of being a friend [dictionary]

This word might seem meaningless for us 5 – 10 years ago. It was merely nice word that we put in the end of our e-mail or in our classmate’s memory book: Friendship forever. Yet, what does this word mean to us right now? How much time do we invest in building our friendship? Or how much time do we have to even think of friendship?

Last week at church, we were taught about having healthy relationship with friends. And I realised that I haven’t done anything to my friendships with any of my friends.

Based on the sermon, there are four sorts of friends: acquaintances, casual friends, close friends, and intimate friends.

And I notice that most of my friendship (levels) I have been downgraded: from intimate to close, from intimate to casual, and even worse, from intimate to acquaintances. These happened because first, distance (because I have moved from one place to another), and of course, quarrels or problems.

I feel embarrassed about this, also sad at the same time. The prior reason is quite acceptable (although with the technology that we nowadays have, it is no longer a good excuse), yet if the latter reason downgrades the level of my friendship, I guess there is something wrong about it.

And it is most likely my mistake.

I often runaway from problems. Also, if I have any quarrels with my friends, I will most likely put the biggest smile on my face, and “let it go” (which, in my dictionary, means bottle it up). These actions have big impact in my relationship: I lost my intimate friends because of this.

The sermon last week has made me realise that I should make peace with myself and try to settle this friendship issue, which includes: make peace with friends I have had problems with, reconnect with old classmates or friends (chatting, sending e-mail, or calling), and let go (as the real letting go action) tiny issues that had come between me and my friends and befriend with them again.

This resolution will be taken into my New Year resolution. Speaking of New Year, it is like 7-8 weeks before the new year begins. WOW!

6 November 2009

Berlayar bersama Perahu Kertas

Berkat pertolongan seorang teman yang sedang berlibur ke Indonesia, Oma berhasil mendapatkan sebuah buku Perahu Kertas-nya Dewi Lestari yang kalau tidak salah, diluncurkan versi cetaknya pada tanggal 29 Agustus 2009.

Setelah beberapa saat menanti untuk dibaca – setelah lembaran skripsi yang harus dituntaskan, berjam-jam waktu yang dihabiskan untuk mempersiapkan defence, dan langsung dilanjutkan dengan berminggu-minggu persiapan sebuah acara education fair di Bangkok, Thailand - akhrinya Perahu Kertas berhasil dituntaskan dalam one shot, di dalam pesawat KLM Bangkok – Amsterdam, 2 November 2009.

Walaupun berbagai media sudah memberi bocoran bahwa buku Perahu Kertas ini tidak ‘seberat’ buku-buku Dee yang sebelumnya, Oma masih saja memiliki rasa ‘takut’ pada saat membaca halaman pertama. Namun, perasaan itu segera sirna seketika Oma mengenal sosok Kugy. Apalagi setelah membaca bahwa sosok Keenan lebih tampan daripada Therrius di komik Candy-Candy. Langsung Oma hanyut dalam fantasi-fantasi yang tercipta.

Untuk gaya penulisan, alur cerita, dan tokoh, Oma tidak perlu memberikan komentar lagi. Dee sangat berhasil menghidupkan tiap-tiap tokohnya. Setiap tokohnya memiliki karakter yang begitu kuat, yang membuat mereka benar-benar ‘hidup’. Alur cerita, sangat smooth, walau awalnya Oma ragu dengan penggunaan 4 lokasi yang berbeda, namun perbedaan lokasi itu tidak terasa menganggu sama sekali!

Dan untuk hal tulis menulis, 99,99% sempurna. Yang 0,01% adalah beberapa spelling mistake dalam penulisan kata-kata dalam bahasa belanda. Kaas broodje, bruine bonensoep (pemenggalan kata-nya), dan “kan niet vergeten” (semuanya di halaman 3). Lalu, penggunaan ‘vent’ untuk panggilan anak laki-laki, nampakanya tidak umum digunakan. Setau Oma, kata-kata ‘liefje’ atau ‘schatje’ lebih banyak digunakan.

Despite the obvious, buat Oma, Perahu Kertas adalah cerita tentang sebuah khayalan yang hidup dalam tubuh seorang yang dewasa. Khayalan, in this case, terbagi menjadi 2: yang sudah pasti fiktif –doesn’t exist dan yang doesn’t exist yet, but it could happen.

Oma rasa itulah hidup. Kita sering berhenti mengejar impian kita karena bagi kita impian = khayalan = doesn’t exist. Kita berpikir impian itu tidak mungkin menjadi nyata – entah karena kita berpikiran demikian, atau karena orang lain yang membuat kita berpikiran demikian. Namun, seperti sosok Kugy dan Keenan, mereka berusaha menghidupkan khayalan itu. Mungkin kita tidak harus berperan sebagai Agen Neptunus, namun kita seharusnya mengejar moment itu, mengejar impian itu. Seperti yang dulu pernah kita tuliskan di album teman-teman kita saat masih duduk di bangku SD: kejarlah cita-citamu setinggi langit!

Finally, buku ini memberikan sebuah jawaban atas sebuah tanda tanya besar yang selama ini mengikuti. Cinta itu tidak memilih: cinta itu tahu. This quote is taken from page 430 – my favorite part (I even highlighted it):)

“saya belajar dari kisah hidup seseorang. Hati tidak pernah memilih. Hati dipilih. Jadi, kalu Keenan bilang, Keenan telah memilih saya, selamanya Keenan tidak akan pernah tulus mencintai saya. Karena hati tidak perlu memilih. Ia selalu tahu ke mana harus berlabuh.”

Thank Dee, you has made me realise that my heart had casted its anchor a long time ago. I no longer need to choose, because my heart knows.

5 November 2009


Some of you might still recall this song. I was jumping off of my chair when this song was played at Radio Kosmonita (online radio). This song reminds me of a lot of things, especially my time in Meulaboh, Aceh.

Audy's songs were usually played in the morning, to accompany us getting ready for work or having breakfast. Kak Rina, my housemate, loved Audy so much.

For you who are in need of nostalgic moment or melancholic company for this rainy weather in Holland, please enjoy this song.

Sekat hati, tak menahan jua
Lelah aku pada setiaku
Mengapa kau datang, memberiku cinta
Oh inikah indah mendua
Haruskah, kuhempas

Jangan kau tanya, kan cinta untukmu,
disini yang ada dirimu
Adakah benarnya, janji diatas ingkar,
disana yang ada ragu

Oh inikah indah mendua
Pergi saja pergi, bawa jauh cintamu
Kutahu ini tak adil untukmu
Sesalkan, adanya

Bukankah kita mengerti,
dan kita sadari janji, ‘kan hindari cinta

4 November 2009

I'm back

Back from Bangkok
this is the first day at work, with heavy migraine and sleepy-head.

I guess these can be categorised under JETLAG - my first jetlag.

Okay, if I manage, I will upload some pictures on my Facebook and of course, some here.

1 November 2009

Last few days in Bangkok

I should have mentioned earlier that I would go to Bangkok, Thailand for European Higher Education Fair Bangkok 2009 in Royal Paragon Hall. But, the combination of work and life has made me forget to update you all.

So, here I am now, spending my last day at the fair. Not as busy as yesterday, but I feel good today.

Tomorrow, I will fly back to Holland (to continue my mundane yet exciting life) and will look forward to December: Sinterklaas, my birthday, stefy's birthday and Christmas.

So, how's your life? Update me :)

23 October 2009

Spying on Jamie Cullum

Lately I have been becoming Jamie Cullum's biggest fan.

I always like his music and performance. I fell in love with his stage performance when I watched his concert for the first time, at Java Jazz Festival 2007. He was just insanely awesome. He got the soul, got the fun, and also the charm.

And last week was already my third time going to his concert - and the BEST. I was invited to his exclusive new album (the pursuit) presentation in Westerunie, Amsterdam (invited = for FREE :P). It was intimate, (again) crazy, and interactive, especially for me, who stood really at the front (he even touched my hand, aaarrrghh,...!) :P

Just now, I watched his concert for the forth time: ONLINE concert. So, Jamie Cullum invited his fans (or Twitter followers) to watch him live at Ustream.tv. Good job, Jamie (and his management!). I don't know how many artists have done this before, but it is really an innovation.

Jamie, realllly looking forward to coming to your next concert, either in Europe or Indonesia.

Here is my favorite song from his album

and during his 'album presentation', he sang this song (hence, i love this soooo much)

20 October 2009

Suddenly, I remembered this song

I don’t have the heart to hurt you
It’s the last I want to do
But I don’t have the heart to love you
Not the way you want me to

I remember loving this song when I was in junior high. Gosh, what did I know about love back the? LOL

6 October 2009

Don't judge too quickly :)

A little something for cheering up your week :)

The Law of Sowing and Reaping

I do not believe in Karma, yet I do believe in the law of sowing and reaping.

As a matter of fact, I believe to treat people the way I would like to be treated. I reckon it's my motto of life.

How about you?

Have a good week and be good :)

4 October 2009

If I Had My Life to Live Over

by Erma Bombeck
(Written after she found out she was dying from cancer*)

I would have gone to bed when I was sick instead of pretending the earth would go into a holding pattern if I weren’t there for the day.

I would have burned the pink candle sculpted like a rose before it melted in storage.

I would have talked less and listened more.

I would have invited friends over to dinner even if the carpet was stained, or the sofa faded.

I would have eaten the popcorn in the “good” living room and worried much less about the dirt when someone wanted to light a fire in the fireplace.

I would have taken the time to listen to my grandfather ramble about his youth.

I would never have insisted the car windows be rolled up on a summer day because my hair had just been teased and sprayed.

I would have sat on the lawn with my children and not worried about grass stains.

I would have cried and laughed less while watching television, and more while watching life.

I would never have bought anything just because it was practical, wouldn’t show soil, or was guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Instead of wishing away nine months of pregnancy, I’d have cherished every moment and realized that the wonderment growing inside me was the only chance in life to assist God in a miracle.

When my kids kissed me impetuously, I would never have said, “Later. Now go get washed up for dinner.”

There would have been more “I love you’s.” More “I’m sorry’s.”

But mostly, given another shot at life, I would seize every minute… look at it and really see it… live it… and never give it back.

Stop sweating the small stuff. Don’t worry about who doesn’t like you, who has more, or who’s doing what.

Instead, let’s cherish the relationships we have with those who DO love us.

Let’s think about what God HAS blessed us with.

And what we are doing each day to promote ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally, as well as spiritually.

Life is too short to let it pass you by.

We only have one shot at this and then it’s gone.

p.s. I got this piece at church during today's sermon. I hope you are blessed by this piece.

30 September 2009

Camera Japan

I went to Camera Japan - a film festival held in Rotterdam (last week) and Amsterdam (this week) - last week in Lantaren Venster (Rotterdam).

It is such an experience that I would not forger. It really reminded me of my childhood.

In the beginning, when we entered the venue, we were really surprised. We thought that the venue would be much bigger. Yet it was just a small, cozy theater. When we entered, we saw lots of Nintendo devices - old and new - being displayed.

Amazingly, there was thing giant nintendo controller. Wow!!

With that controller, we could play THE old Mario Bros Nintendo. Still remember that? Mushrooms, ducks, poing,.. poing,... :P

After playing the nintendo, we ran to the Sushi counter, as soon as it opened. I tell you the truth, it was the best ever!

Next to the sushi counter, there was a Sake counter, where numerous types of Sake were being displayed. We could taste the Sake: first we had to choose from the list, which Sake we would like to tast, and then we paid 2 Euro for a small glass of Sake to taste.

Before we took off, of course, we took some pictures :P
Really Indonesian culture! :P

Yet I hope our last picture looks a bit Japanese :P

Wanna come Camera Japan Amsterdam this week? Check on www.camerajapan.nl

Have fun!!!

19 September 2009

Welcoming my new addiction

1. Project Runway
2. America's Next Top Model Cycle 13
3. Benelux Next Top Model
4. So You Think You Can Dance - Benelux
5. Gossip Girl Season 3
6. One Tree Hill Season 7
7. (Coming Soon) How I Met Your Mother Season 5
8. MELROSE PLACE (welcome back to my life :P)

Wow, at least these would keep me occupied in the evening for the next few months. I guess, American Idol is also coming soon. Can't wait to see Posh Spice and Ellen DeGeneres sitting on the judging panel.

My other addictions:
1. Coffee (as always)
2. Decorating my (not-so-new-anymore) house
3. Italian bread shop in front of my office (really gooood for lunch)
4. Celestial Tea
5. Indonesian books (I have Perahu Kertas and Negeri van Oranje that are waiting to be read)
6. Twitter

I reallly enjoy my days now. Bye bye school, I see you soon, I guess? :P


This weekend is the first weekend that I no longer think of my school stuff. Awkward!!

How's your weekend?

17 September 2009

My Master Graduation Speech

I am so blessed that I was chosen to represent the MICM class of 2008 to give a speech on the graduation ceremony, on the 15th of September 2009.

Here it is:

Ladies and Gentlemen, Distinguished Guests, Friends, Family and members of the Faculty, Good Afternoon.

This morning when I was going through my speech, my boyfriend said that I should read my speech like Obama. I don't think I can, because it is my first time to give a speech in front on this big audience.

It was actually a couple of weeks ago that Ms Maggie O'Neill asked me to represent the MICM Students class of 2008 to say a few words about our experience of studying here at the Hague University. Without a moment's hesitation I said yes straightaway. Even though at that time I had not yet found out the result of my communication advice report; neither had I done my presentation.

Interestingly, Maggie didn't accept my answer; she wanted me to think about it for another day or two. Maybe, it was another way of telling me "are you really sure that you are going to graduate? how confident are you about your report?"

It worked, tho, Maggie! After the meeting with you, I went to recheck my report; and I then immediately prepared my presentation.
I believe you can relate to what I have just shared with you. Reports, assignments, and presentations. These three things have become parts of our life in this one year. The pressure to get things done. The rush to meet the deadlines. Waking up early in the morning to go to school, in spite of the weather. Also the crazy atmosphere when the deadline was approaching. At least, this was what I witnessed when I was still living in that red building.

However, these are not the only things that I will remember about MICM. Here, I also witnessed happiness, fun, and joy in this year. Although class A, B and C barely spent time together, we all had fun! In class A, for instance, we were invited by our dearest friend, here, Florence to visit her house and enjoy her delicious African dishes. I heard from some friends in class B, that they also had a good time in Texel, where the Indonesians unexpectedly had to cycle for miles and miles. But I heard it was great fun!

The most remarkable moment for some people, and especially for me, was the Heineken experience. It was when all the boundaries collided. It felt like all the stress, exhaustion, and tiredness after several sleepless nights were gone and were replaced by laughter, fun, and craziness.

And finally we are here today, graduating!

If only I could describe in words what we feel and experience today. This is definitely one remarkable period in our lives that will always be remembered.

I always believe that nothing worth having comes easy. And it is true. This piece of paper does not come easy. The combination of hard work, determination, and dedication that we have invested can make us confident to stand here today and graduate together.


Ladies and gentlemen, as you may have seen in this room, we are students from many races and nationalities. Most of us that are sitting here today are international students. We have come all the way to Holland to pursue this diploma that we are holding right now. And, if I can be honest with you, in this school we do not only gain knowledge and learn new skills; we have also found a new family, especially for those of us that have come from other countries. We are here like brothers and sisters.

Last week after the presentation, I overheard what Froukje was saying to Reynaldo. She was offering to help him, and said “please tell me what I can do for you. Let me know. Okay?” It’s just a short, yet powerful statement that made me think that our relationship in this school has grown, from classmates or schoolmates, to family.


Dear fellow MICM friends class 2008, this is our moment of affirmation......
In this year we have learned so many communication theories and how they can bring benefits to our “clients”. We have written thousands of words of reports. The presentation is now a piece of cake for us. So what’s next?
Yes, this is our moment of affirmation. I believe graduation is not an end, it is a beginning. It is a beginning of our new journey. It is the beginning for us where we pursue our dream and make it come true. And if you don’t have any dreams yet, this is the time for us to dream, to dream the impossible dream.

Therefore I would like to congratulate and thank you all for a wonderful year. Thank you for all the support, friendship, and happiness that we have shared. I wish you all the best. Our parents, spouses, siblings, and all our loved ones that are either witnessing our graduation today or have merely heard the good news of our graduation must be very happy and proud of what we have achieved.

To our friends, boy- or girlfriends, families, spouses, and siblings. There is no words that could express how thankful we are that we have you in our lives. Thank you for your support, encouragement, prayer and understanding in this last year.


On behalf of the MICM students class 2008, I would like to thank all the clients that have supported us throughout this year. Thank you very much. I personally would like to say thank you to my supervisors and colleagues from Nuffic that have guided me throughout this year, and who have given of their time to be here. Thank you very much.

And finally,
on behalf of the MICM students class 2008, I would like to thank all the teachers and staff of MICM the Hague University. Thank you for what you have done for us: for your time, energy, patience, sleepless nights – and other sacrifices that you had to make in order to make us stand proudly and graduate today. Our deepest apologies for the things we have said or done that were not very nice and that upset you. We are sorry if despite our maturity and age, we were sometime just naughty students.
Once again, thank you very much for everything.
I also wish to say thank you to all of the teachers and staff of MICM, who have made this day possible for all of us.

I would like to close this, by reading my favorite quote from Emmerson: To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.

Thus, believe in yourself and pursue your dream.

Thank you.

15 September 2009


I have graduated!!!

So, let me introduce the new me: Nathania Limanto BComm, MComm

Thanks God

13 September 2009

The Road to Cologne

It was my second visit to Cologne. If the first was to visit the Christmas market, this time to visit a friend.

If I should give a title to this trip, I would write this: a relaxing and adventurous trip that gave me some lessons to learn.

I remember what JD said in the Seasone Finale of Scrubs: "Things rarely go exactly the way you want them to. I always build them up so much in my head they can’t possibly live up to my expectations, and I just end up disappointed."

And that was what I learned.

I learned that everything does not always turn out the way you expected them to be. Sometimes things fail or unexpected things happen. And we have to stay positive and try to be happy with it.

We have to be flexible. If things turn out differently, we need to adjust and respond accordingly. Not get mad and all stressed out.

Despite a little unexpected thing that happened during the weekend, we had fun. We did a little bit of culinary experience, took lots of pictures, and relaxed. Herdian also broke a record of driving 177km/hour. Coolio

So, what's the next destination?

11 September 2009

My Sister's Keeper

Berkat anjuran ibu Dita, Oma malam ini akan nonton Sister's Keeper. Semoga bagus, soalnya Oma honestly kurang suka ma Cameron Diaz. Tapi, tenang, dit, I have prepared some tissues, in case I would be crying :D

After my attempt untuk 'nyindir' orang dengan posting Stalker 2.0, nampaknya orang itu belum juga minta maaf. ya udah lah, capek :P seharusnya bisa langsung face-to-face, tapi pernah ngga sih kita sebel ama orang tapi kita males banget untuk arguing ama orang itu?

Yes, I'm now in that exact position.

Speaking of which, I need to counsel a few things with you. Have you ever been in a position where you hate your good friend's girlfriend, and also you hate your boyfriend's good friend. With the first case, would you no longer acknowledge him as your good friend just because his girlfriend is so freaking annoying? or would you just befriend with him and avoiding his girlfriend (or even worse, pretending the she does not exist)? If you throw a party, would you or would you not invite this good friend - knowing that he would bring his annoying girlfriend?

With the latter case, would you make your boyfriend choose between you and his female good friend? and if after 2 years your boy friend has not yet made up his mind, would you leave your boyfriend just because his female good friend is harmful and a backstabber?

Tricky, tricky, tricky.

So, any input, comments or, opinoin are very welcome :)

Anyway, happy weekend

10 September 2009

Happy Face

This picture was taken by mbak Rahma Saiyed, a journalist from ANTARA, who is also a student in the Hague university. It was taken while I was waiting for the grade.

A curious-yet-very-happy-and-relieved face

and a proud fiancee standing next to me :)

9 September 2009

Stalker 2.0

If you have ever asked me about my thesis (or other school-related report), or if you have read my other blog, you would know what Web 2.0 mean or things that are followed with "2.0" mean.

If you don't, I will tell you very quickly. It is the interactivity that is now enabled in several websites. The example of this technology is Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

In the beginning of my study, I was so excited to learn and discover things about this issue. I joined a lot of social network sites just to experiment how things work. Yet, I now feel that it is getting very annoying.

For instance on Facebook, you will see a lot of unnecessary updates that are none of your business, nor funny, nor interesting. Like shairng that you have just farted, or asking people opiníon's about which food to eat, which activity he should do first. Gosh, it is beyond my expectation.

The comments are sometimes funny. I like when I post something and people leave nice, interesting, and humourous comments. It makes me laugh.

However, what I find so irritated these days are the way people react after reading an updated status, especially on Facebook (cos not many friends have Twitter account). When I posted something, they were freaking out. They buzzed me on YM, asking how I have been, what happened with me, and some sent me texts.

Okay, maybe it's fine. It proves that they care about me, right? But, publishing a nice quote from a film on Facebook? or tweeting a melancholic lyric from a favorite song? and they freaked out and asked hundreds questions about my life? I guess it's exaggerating. Isn't it?

What I found reaaally annoying is when people read something, either on my status or on my blog, and they were curious about my life, yet too coward to bluntly ask me - too coward to leave a comment or reply my tweet. Instead, they talk behind my back, they ask my boyfriend about our love life, and gossip about it.

These people are annoying. Why don't you ask yourself? If you don't dare to do that, then why are you even bothered to "reconfirm" this with someone else?

Yes, Web 2.0 has made us become a stalker. I am a stalker, too. I follow people on Twitter. I want to know how their lives are. I want to know their holiday pictures. But, if everything is so public right now, why don't you make your comment public, too? why should you be so afraid that you talk behind one's back or ask other people about it?

And I will follow the theory of social media/Web 2.0, to initiate interactivity. Thus, when you ask something, I would love to answer that.

Morale of the story: We are living in a transparent world. Eventually, your news will soon be discovered (whether you want it or not) - when you gossip someone, it will soon be discovered - and the person you gossip about will not be very happy.

Thus, I guess someone owes me an apology :)


In less than 1 year, I have finished my master education in the Hague university. It's not been very easy. There were tears and laughters; happiness and disappointment. Yet, I am very happy that I am now standing towards the end of the journey.

The final assignment to produce such communication advice report, I thought it would be easy. Yet, it turned out to be another challenge that I had to go through. And I have finished this challenge. Thank God!

I would not be writing this post right now if I didn't have such an amazing boyfriend, friends, housemates, and families that have stood behind me and supported me. I thank you all for that.

For the final task to present the result of my communication advice report, I was taught a very remarkable lesson that I will not forget; in fact, I will share with you all.

You have to believe in yourself. During the preparation week of my presentation, I was scared to death - so scared that I might lose my appetite (which was a good thing actually :P), couldn't sleep well. I also dreamt about my killer-yet-very-nice supervsior every now and then. Everytime I re-read my paper, especially the one that was marked, I felt anxious, nausea.

However, yesterday, before I went to school for my presentation, I thought "I have done so many presentations. I often become the Master of Ceremony in various events where I had to stand in front of hunderds, sometimes thousands of people. So, what should I be afraid of now?" Thus, I walked to school with confidence, thinking that I can do it!

And yes, I could.

Once again, thank you all.

p.s. I just realised that I could use this post as my speech for the graduation :P hehehhe what do you think?

5 September 2009


Tuesday it is
I am trying my best to produce such a good presentation that would impress the panel, especially my supervisor - the beloved Amanda Coady

Wish me luck, peepz

If anyone has tips for doing presentation, please comment on this post


17 August 2009

Oh, My Thesis

Finally, I finished it.

It is just a quick update about the status of my thesis. I have submitted it, and waiting for the green light from my dearest, killer supervisor, Ms Coady.

All students would be informed about the status of their thesis next week. Thus, please please please, wish me luck, and pray for me if you would.

During the second week of September, I would have my "judgement day" (quoting from Hariadi :P) or the normal term is defence. I would present my thesis and defend my findings.

And if everything goes right, I will graduate on the 15th of September.

Pleaseeee pray for me.

Another update, I have started my internship with Nuffic as project assistant for their EU-Asia Higher Education Project Bangkok 2009.

And, I have a new house! :)

Pictures coming soon.

That's all, folks!

12 August 2009


Almost done

Next week is the deadline, and now i just need to polish the final bits.

Anyone interested to proof-read it?

Fyi, the topic is marketing strategy for the digital natives.

Pray for me would you? quite nervous about it, ESPECIALLY because I have a killer-yet-very-sweet supervisor

3 August 2009

Pengharum Indonesia: Sandhy Sondoro

Never heard about this man before, but he is a-ma-zing!!
He joined a New Wave singing competition in Latvia.

Really, Indonesia has the best people scattered all around the world

Update: He even won in East Europe singing Indonesian song (read more)

Pengharum Indonesia: #indonesiaunite

Dalam rangka menyambut HUT RI yang ke-64, Oma akan menyajikan content-content yang berhubungan dengan Indonesia. Especially, because this month will be a very special one, because #indonesiaunite movement is getting more serious (see #indonesiaunite Facebook group).

Di Indonesia, tanggal 16 Agustus nanti bakal ada konser non-profit, thus for the performers also unpaid, yang dimotori @BarryLikumahuwa en @pandji. Di Belanda, hari ini (3 Agustus) bakal ada bincang-bincang dengan Pak Wimar Witoelar tentang apa yang mahasiswa indonesia di luar negeri, di Belanda pada khususnya, bisa lakukan untuk kemajuan Bangsa Indonesia.

So, support #indonesiaunite, kalo kata @pandji, jangan hanya "kibarkan" bendera merah putih di Twittermu atau di Facebookmu, tapi kibarkanlah juga di depan rumahmu, di kantormu, dimanapun supaya orang bisa liat semangat kebangsaan dan nasionalisme-mu!

Anyway, if you want to know the update of Wimar Witoelar talk show today, you can follow me @omania

2 August 2009


these last 1000 words are nowhere to be found

meanwhile, I have upgraded my "relationship" with the He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named:
we tweet!
*did i surprise you?* :P

back back back to my thesis

30 July 2009

I Heart Amsterdam

This video is made in defence of Amsterdam.

To be honest with you, there is nothing to worry about being in Amsterdam. I have been here for 5 years and I enjoy it. I become even more a hard-working, dedicated student here, pursuing my career and shaping my future.

So, I would say, Holland is a country to be :)

source: Swordfish

29 July 2009

Like Father, Like Son

This phrase is usually applied when the son did something bad, for instance, imitating what his dad usually does. This can also be said when a wife is terribly upset with her husband; and when she saw that their son didn't behave, she would say "you are just like your dad!" or in Indonesian way, people would say "hm, kayak sapa lagi kalo bukan kayak papanya!" (using a very cynical tone)

This time, I would say similar phrase towards Indonesia. Not that I love Indonesia (I do very much), but this news has made me think how the Indonesians learn to do such things.

In indonesia, many criminals such politicians or people working in the ministries, or rich criminals, would excuse themselves from the court by saying that they are ill. In result, the process will be postponed, and postponed, and postponed, until you would never hear about it anymore.

Apparently, in the Netherlands, the government or the court would be the one who releases "the criminals" with similar excuse: illness. The most common "illness' that can make a criminal walks freely again is mental illness - just like what occurred to this woman, who gave false message or threat to IKEA Amsterdam.

I don't say that one cannot be ill, or the woman mentioned above was lying. No, but it is so easy to release someone or to stop certain investigation when some kind of illness involved.

Another sad thing, some people use this 'illness' as a buzz to create another drama, with the hope that in the end the world will support them and mock the government or the court.

Ah, well

28 July 2009

On 3000 something words

2000 something words to go

I guess I better stop at 4000 something
and leave the last 1000 for conclusion and recommendations

My foot is aching
my right hand, too (too much mouse-clicking and writing)
my back hurt (maybe should eat blue M&Ms?)

3 weeks to go
and I am totally done with this Master degree

Fancy another degree, Nia?
or PhD?


27 July 2009

Nicest Thing

I wish that we could give it a go, see if we could be something

i will forget you not
yet, no more I can give you


Expect something like this or more...

I came across this video that made me laugh and cry at the same time; but, it gave me an inspiration to do at least something similar, or more,...

source: Viralblog

This video was about Jill and Kevin's wedding that had a slightly different walk down the aisle. They decided to dance instead.

So, any crazy ideas for our wedding, anyone?


thanks for Jill and Kevin for the inspiration. Congratulation for your awesome wedding :)

21 July 2009

Are you a Digital Native?

Are you?

Pasti banyak yang belum tau apa itu Digital Natives?

The digital native is a person for whom digital technologies already existed when they were born, and hence has grown up with digital technology such as computers, the Internet, mobile phones, and MP3. They are now age 15 - 23 years old. Some people call this generation as Generation Z.

My research will focus on this particular target group and what kind of marketing strategy that my client, Nuffic, needs to consider.

I am quite sure that some of you, like me, are no longer in that age (unfortunately), yet you can still help me to pass on this interview questions to your cousins, little brothers or sisters, relatives, friends, students, colleagues' children or anyone that are still in that age range.

Tapi kalo kalian adalah the Digital Natives, please just click the link below, and answer some questions written there.

Here is the link: http://www.thesistools.com/?qid=87266&ln=eng

Thank you in advance.

Please bantuin Oma yaaa :)

Wedding Songs

Without any means to give any clues about anything :P I came across these two songs that I have put in my wedding songs list. These two songs are those that I find very special. And I definitely want Bang Tepy to remember to play (or if he dared, to sing) on our wedding day.

Once again, this post has no means to give you a hint about anything.

This Jamie Foxx song is really powerful. I am still in tears after hundreds attempts to watch this without crying. Pay attention on the lyrics.

This Steven Curtis Chapman is not only portaryinga love of a spouse, but I believe it is also a song that God is singing to us every single day. That's why thing song is sooo special.

In case he forgot, you can always remind him :)

18 July 2009


Oma uda dibohongin!

Oma diboongin ma negri Belanda.

Ini uda kesekian kalinya Oma dikerok bulan ini. Akibat angin yang sangat heboh gila, udara yang dingin, dan kesibukan yang cukup tinggi.
Apakah saat ini adalah musim dingin or gugur di Belanda?
Lagi musim panas, yet di Belanda ternyata ngga ada yang namanya musim panas

masak bulan Juli, yg notabene adalah musim panas-nya negeri Belanda, eh,.. ini masih dingin, berangin, dan hujan.


Emang keadaan fisik uda kayak nenek-nenek, sih ya

namanya juga Oma :P



16 July 2009

The Proposal

"I forgot what it was like to have a family"
(Margareth Tate - The Proposal)

This quote struck me.
I asked myself, do i remember how it was to be part of a family?

I guess I barely do.

My mom doesn't even know, nor does she care, that her oldest daughter scored really good grades at school, that her daughter is paid very well in the place she is working now, that she is going to move out in 2 weeks that she needs some money to pay the bills.

I guess she isn't bothered to think of me.

My dad? Ah, he even forgot that his daughter's tuition fee was overdue. Having good grade at school? He won't give a shit!

Juara Kelas

Sapa dulu yang pernah juara kelas?

Seumur-umur, Oma cuma sekali masuk dalam 3 besar; dan itu pun keluarga besar bangganya minta ampun, seperti menang postcode lotterij (lotere) puluhan triliun.

Tapi sekarang uda ngga jaman juara kelas. Mulai dari jaman si Joan, adiknya Oma yang paling kecil, masuk sekolah, tidak ada namanya rangking, juara kelas. Adanya adalah gelar-gelar seperti student with good character, the most active student, etc.

Dan Oma sangat setuju dengan hal ini.

Sebuah artikel di Kompasiana menggelitik Oma untuk menulis artikel ini. Dan mengingatkan Oma kepada seorang tante yang so old-fashioned dan naif, menanyakan pada Joan, "wah, Joan pintar, pasti rangking ya di kelas? rangking berapa? juara kelas ya?"

Ah, tante, it's so last century, deh!

Finally, this quote is very true, Mr Abdi Dharma (penulis dari artikel Menjadi Juara Kelas Itu Tidak Penting)

"Ada lagi yang lebih penting daripada menjadi juara kelas, yaitu jika anak anda pintar dalam pelajaran agama dan budi pekerti, dan kemudian anak anda menjadi anak saleh saat ini juga. Bukankah itu lebih penting daripada menjadi juara kelas yang sering kali hanya menjadi kebanggan kosong ? Khususnya jika hal itu dipaksakan oleh orang tua."

15 July 2009

Spababy: What Does the Future Hold for Our Children?

Spababy - Stylish & Fun, invites all boys and girls for some serious pampering. A revolutionary new concept dedicated to people with little hands and feet (2 months - 15 years old). Uniquely designed areas guarantee hours of relaxation and stimulation for your child.


Oma really is worried of the new generation of Indonesia. I just checked my Facebook account and something intriguing appeared on the right column: Spababy - Become a fan.

Then I clicked and the whole Facebook page about a spa service for babies in Jakarta, Indonesia appeared in front of my face. It contains information about the Spa centre, and also photos of celebrities' kids: Donna Agnesia's, Tora Sudiro's, Ulfa Dwiyanti's, etc.

*ngelus dada*

They are babies, like below 5 or max. 7; and they are being overly pampered (overly because it is not what they suppose to get in that age)! They are being manicured, pedicured; they get a masker, facial, peeling, beauty massage, etc.

Imho, children that age should play in a mud, throw earth to each other, play hide-and-seek, hiding behind a dirty tree, climbing a tree, building sand castle, playing 'masak-masakan' with flowers, leaves, leftover rice, etc. They would play whatever! But, definitely not going to the beauty salon for kids and being extremely pampered and treated like their socialista-mums or dads.

*ngelus dada, tarik nafas, dan mulai berpikir jernih*

Ah well, if those rich people have the money, why shouldn't they go? As long as they remember that children will get dirty, and should get dirty. They should remember that children should play in the free, outside world, with animals, dirts, other friends - being free! They should remember that another, real-healhier-outdoor playing area exists, thus not only supermalls, travelling abroad to Disneyland or Movie world, and those expansive gadgets can be entertaining for kids.

I hope the new generation of Indonesia would still remember how to play petak umpet, cublak-cublak suweng, gobak sodor, dolip-dolipan, benteng-bentengan, lompat tali, and other traditional, outdoor games.

I hope.

How patient are you?

Orang Jawa selalu bilang "alon-alon asal kelakon". The Bible mention that patience is one of the Fruits of Spirit. Yet, see what the world is feeding us, telling us how to behave and think.

If Samsung said: "Patience is knowing you're bored and doing nothing about it. Impatience is a virtue. Faster. Brighter". I would say "Patience is not a desperate waiting in doubt, but a hopeful waiting in confidence". (source: RBC)

I have found the beauty and pleasure in waiting. My life has been transformed to be more patient. Imho, waiting is not boring.

I just hope that this Samsung viral ad will not be taken seriously; and people would still find the beauty and pleasure in waiting.

5 July 2009

Simposium International PPI Dunia 2009

Tak disangka, tak diduga, Oma bisa menjadi bagian dari Simposium Internatinal PPI Dunia 2009 di The Hague, Holland. Bukan hanya jadi peserta, tapi menjadi MC alias host dari acara ini.

It was great: meeting people from many different countries, meeting important people like Prof. Johanes Surya, Anies Baswedan, Prof Endang, Nasir Tamara, and many more. It was amazing!

Moreover, di acara ini, juga diresmikan adanya Ikatan Ilmuwan International Indonesia yang intinya adalah memberikan wadah bagi ilmuwan-ilmuwan Indonesia yang scattered all around the world; mendukung mereka dan mengajak mereka bersama-sama membangun bangsa Indonesia.

Ada deklarasi Ikatan Ilmuwan International Indonesia (I4) yang dibacakan oleh para 'proklamator' nya dan diakhiri dengan menyanyikan lagu Indonesia Raya. Indaaaaaaaaaaaaah banged. Kapan ya terkahir Oma nyanyi lagu Indonesia Raya?

Lalu kami menandatangani deklarasi tersebut. Wah, indah banget. Oma langsung membayangkan pelajaran sejarah, dimana para pemuda menandatangani Sumpah Pemuda atau deklarasi lainnya; atau para pemuda yang berhasil mempengaruhi Ir. Soekarno untuk memproklamasikan kemerdekaan. Langsung, Oma membayangkan nama Oma tercantum di buku pelajaran sejarah dalam waktu 10 tahun lagi.

Big applause for this event. Denger2nya taun depan bakal diadakan Simposium lanjutan di Rusia. Hopefully, Oma bakan diundang lagi :)

So, kita tunggu sepak terjang I4 ini! Oma is very excited.

Aniwe, ternyata beritanya dah ada lho, di Rakyat Merdeka.

4 July 2009


Soulmate, percaya or gak percaya?

Dulu Oma ngga percaya, thinking it was just a lame excuse of finding another lover, or thinking it was just on the movie or fairytale.

Apa sekarang percaya?
Hm,.. masih ngga jelas. Maybe yes, maybe no.

Tadi di Radio For Fun denger lagu Kahitna yang Soulmate, cepet-cepet cari liriknya. Dan, liriknya memang benar-benar menohok hati.

Ketika engkau datang
Mengapa di saat ku tak mungkin menggapaimu

Meskipun tlah kau semaikan cinta
Di balik senyuman indah
Kau jadikan seakan nyata
Seolah kau belahan jiwa
Meskipun tak mungkin lagi
Tuk menjadi pasanganku
Namun kuyakini cinta
Kau kekasih hati

Terkadang begitu sukar untuk dimengerti
Semua ini kita terlambat

Pasti kalian masih inget tentang si Drummer itu. Memang sudah lama Oma tutup buku, tapi kadang Oma masih memikirkan dia. Kadang-kadang. (And seriously, uda lamaaaa ngga chatting. )

Sempat terlintas, is it possible that he is my soulmate but I just don't realise it. Or, have you ever read children book when in the end of a page there are two options: go to meet the wicked witch to help you to go home or walk a little further and try to find the nice angle's crib? Could he be the 'second option'?

Setiap kali pemikiran seperti itu muncul, Oma in the end berkesimpulan, whomever he should or could be in my life, I have made my choice. And, I am just gonna be the biggest fan of his. Period.
Anyway, I just signed up to his band's fansclub. Just to prove (to myself and to the world) that I am just a fan.

1 July 2009

A romantic condom Ad

When love needs distance

Applause for this ad (Sagami Condom)
I have never seen an ad for a condom that is not vulgar or sexual.


source: Swordfishmedia

26 June 2009

Tribute to MJ - So Long, Mr Jackson

Last nite, I came back home from Shopping Night Festival in the Hague - very tired. As always, I logged in to my Twitter, Facebook, and my other social media sites; just to check out what's happening in the world.

Then @perezhilton tweeted that 'Michael Jackshon has passed away." Wow, what a shock! It was around 00:00 GMT +1. But, funnily, CNN, BBC or Reuters hadn't confirmed about the news. Some said he was just hospitalised. A few minutes after that, some again said that he was in coma. But, the rumour in twittersphere remained: MJ died.

Until this morning, it was confirmed: he's gone now.

It is indeed sad, very sad.
I am not a big fan of MJ, but I can't deny that he is indeed the King of Pop. He has put a mark in history about his existence on earth: Jackson 5, black or white, man in the mirror, and my mom's favorite song: Heal the world.

This song below was sung in rememberance of him. I loveeee this version. Bravo!

But, now, the question is, who's gonna replace his position? I haven't found one yet.

MJ, rest in peace.

We will definitely miss you.


Have heard about this before, but seeing it on YouTube is different

p.s. the written story is titled '807'


It's been a while that I have really shared my story in this blog. Feel ashamed that I haven't taken care of it very well.

Another cliche excuse: work and school

But if you ask how my life has been, I would say it's been great. Great doesn't mean I ain't have any problems or circumstances that make me cry or angry; but problems have made me a better person (like the wise man always says).

As some of you may remember, that money has always been my issue. I don't know why God hasn't taken away this thorn from my life. Anyway, this has been the very 'interesting' problem; also now. But, thank God and to Bang Tepy (also my friends) that I now can handle it differently. I can surrender to God (cos He gives and takes away, rite?) and accept help from Bang Tepy and some friends (I used to refuse helps, even from Bang Tepy).

No, it's not yet over, the thorn is still there; but now I can smile and think positively when my bank account shows one digit number only.

Apart from that, my life has been blessed with so many great things. This time I am no longer separated from Bang Tepy. We often cook together (almost everyday, I suppose) cos we live very close to each other. I now have a jogging partner (who has been unfaithful for once in a while :P). In short, he makes my life happier.

School stuff has made me suffered for a while (it is still now); but soon I will have my thesis done and will do my defence. In september I will be Nathania Limanto B Comm, MICM. I have been quite good in this school: no resits, averagely good grade, and moving to the right direction to finishing my thesis. I pray that my thesis would be as satisfying for me as it is for Nuffic - my client for this thesis.

Another update is I am going to stay working at Nuffic HQ for another 4 months, helping them organising a massive education event, supported by European Commission, in November, in Thailand. Yay, I'm going to Thailand!

Still related to work stuff, my friends and I are now developing a travelling and culinary forum: deliopedia.com. We have a very big dream about this site. Please do visit, participate, and if you have any ideas, comments or thoughts, please contact me or leave your msg on Deliopedia.com

Final update, I am looking for a house to move in together with Herdian and Bang Tepy. There is one that we are now thinking about, talking about and praying for; hopefully it would be it. but if you know any house that we can rent, please let me know :)

So, that's all folks!

Have a nice (summer) time or holiday.

25 June 2009

Emosi Jiwa

Waduh, serasa balik ke masa lalu,..
Masih inget ngga kalo ini soundtrack nya Catatan si Boy
jadi inget si Emon LOL

19 June 2009

Ikan Asin

Hm... kapan ya terakhir makan Ikan Asin?

Yum tadi malam di Amsterdam, masak bareng Ardy dan Nita, kami makan nasi beras merah, ikan asin, ikan makarel goreng, sambal terasi, ayam goreng, dan ditutup dengan ronde, homemade.

Yum yum yum :P

Besok ke bazar indonesia, so makan enak lagee :D hehehhehe

12 June 2009

Cadeautje voor Ulm

Especially for u, ulm


from This is Swordfish

Samsung: the Magic Box

Ni orang kreatip banged, makannya apa ya?
nice video

I wish my study room is like this

it reminds me that my deadline is approaching

Tak terasa

Sudah mulai thesis
padahal banyak tugas yg belum kelar

dan 2 bulan lagi lulus

tapi masih bingung, bis lulus mo ngapain?
stay di belanda?
back to Indonesia?
what would I be doing for work?
commdev, PR, social media, or what?

atau nikah? :P

11 June 2009


Tomorrow is my first coaching session for my thesis
with the most demanding, yet challenging teacher I have ever had, Amanda Coady
yet scary :P

wish me luck

10 June 2009

Wanna be #2

Runner up of Britain's Got Talent 2009, SuBo is more popular than Diversity, the winner
Runner up of American Idol, Adam Lambert is more sensational and for the second time the Trend in Twitter, compare to the winner, Kris Allen.

I think the trend is now: don't be number one, be number two!

Apparently similar phenomenon are occuring in Indonesia: Manohara, "the victim" of sexual abuse by a prince from Malaysia; and Prita, "the victim" of the emergence of online media in Indonesia. They both are now superstars both in the online world or in offline world in Indonesia.

ABBA should rewrite the song from "the Winner takes it all" to "the loser takes it all" :)

7 June 2009

If my boyfriend were a YouTube star

Imagine if your boyfriend were a YouTube star

If mine were, I'd like someone like this

he's got the look
the body
the groove
the music
and most importantly, the voice


anyway, his name is Gabe Bondoc
he is Filippino :)

3 June 2009

Prita Bebas

Tangerang (ANTARA News) - Prita Mulyasari (32) terharu setelah bebas dari tahanan Lembaga Pemasyarakatan (LP) Wanita Tangerang, Banten, dan berencana berkumpul dengan keluarga.

Setelah berbagai pihak mendesak, termasuk Wapres Jusuf Kalla dan Capres Megawati Soekarnoputri, akhirnya Prita dibebaskan secara bersyarat dengan status tahanan kota.

Sumber: Antara

Gosh, tahanan kota? Unbelievable. But okay, in the mean time I am glad that she is released.

Imho, Indonesian government has to justify what has happened and explain what will happen in the future, because I believe street journalists will scream for help if the freedom of speech in Indonesia equals get arrested when you post online complaints.

Prita, welcome home

Omni hospital, shame on you! did you hear that? shame... on... you...

The Power of Digital Media Vs The Power of the Powerful

People say everybody now is the media
people have more power over companies and organisations compare to 10 - 20 years ago.
But, apparently it is yet not true in Indonesia.
The powerful still wins.

Before I head to bed, I checked my Google reader, and found out that Ndoro, famous Indonesian blogger has just updated his blog. Thus, I thought, why not read his light, interesting post.

It was not light at all. The article he wrote has made me shocked to death: a house-wife complained and was sent to jail.

The story started when this woman, named Prita Mulyasari got very ill and went to Omni International Hospital in Tangerang, Indonesia. Yet, she was mistreated. She didn't get the treatment she supposed to get and she was treated badly by both the staff and the doctors. It happened last year, in 2008. Because she had felt very disappointed about the service of this hospital, she shared her experience through e-mail and also sent her complaint to one of digital media in Indonesia, detik.com. In result, her complaint appeared on some blogs and forums in Indonesia. Then, Omni hospital discovered.

Prita was accused to allegedly circulate online defamatory statements against Omni. This case was brought to the court because Prita was accused to break the Act of Information Technology section 27 number 11 year 2008 about spreading false information using digital media. She lost. Since 13 May 2009, she had to leave her two little children, Khairan Ananta Nugroho and Ranarya Puandida Nugroho, and her husband, and stay in jail until the court finalise the case and decide her sentence.

It is such a tragedy, also a shame to the street journalists, media, and other digital citizens ini Indonesia, because Prita Mulyasari is not a terrorist; neither is she a corruptor or a criminal. She was just not satisfied with the service she received from the hospital; hence she sent e-mails to warn some of her friends and other people, which then ended up in some forums and blogs. I would have done the same if I were here, just because it is about your health. If it were food or quality of clothese that we are talking about, it would be so much different. Health is everything. If a doctor mistreats a patient, it is a matter of life and death.

As an Indonesian, I am really ashamed. It should not happen. It must not happen again. And we have to speak up to save Prita from being sentenced to suffer in ugly, Indonesian jail.

Please retweet, forward, or share this information to your friends, followers, or whoever. You can join this Facebook cause, too.

Here are some articles from Indonesian media:

Koran Tempo

The Jakarta Post

2 June 2009

Liputan Tong Tong Fair 2009

Tong Tong Fair aka Pasar Malam Besar adalah acara fair tahunan yang selalu diselenggarakan di Malieveld, the Hague. Pasar Malam Besar dulunya adalah kumpulan stand-stand Indonesia yang memamerkan kebudayaan dan keunikan Indonesia: mulai dari stand baju-baju batik, kerajinan tangan, sampai, yang tidak pernah terlewatkan, stand makanan Indonesia.

Tahun ini nama Pasar Malam Besar diubah menjadi Tong Tong Fair. Tong Tong adalah Event Organiser Pasar Malam Besar. Menurut kabar burung yang beredar, Tong Tong berpikir akan lebih menguntungkan kalo Fair ini tidak hanya diperuntungkkan untuk stand-stand dari Indonesia; tapi dari seluruh Asia. Alhasil, tahun ini nama Pasar Malam Besar berganti menjadi Tong Tong Fair dan memang benar, kita bisa melihat stand-stand dari negri Cina, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, Surinam, dan of course Indonesia.

Tong Tong Fair berlangsung selama 10 hari, mulai dari 21 Mei - 1 Juni 2009 dan bertempat di sebuah lapangan besar bernama Malieveld. Biaya masuk ke Tong Tong Fair sungguh sangat mengejutkan: umum 11,50 Euro (weekend 14,50 Euro) dan student 9 Euro. Remember 1 Euro = +/- 14 ribu rupiah. Dan biaya ini hanya untuk masuk, tidak ada yang namanya dapat nasi kotak atau free drink. Untunglah Oma bisa dapet tiket gratis, karena malam sebelumnya Oma abis ngejob MC di Indonesian embassy. Kalo ngga, bisa jadi ngga ada liputan ini :P

Antrian masuk cukup terorganised. Dengan 3-4 kassa untuk membeli tiket masuk, bisa dengan kontan atau pake ATM, pengunjung dengan cepat bisa masuk dan menikmati suasana eksotik di Tong Tong Fair. Begitu masuk, kita bisa melihat peta untuk menunjukkan dimana letak ini-itu. Bagian pertama dari Tong Tong Fair dipenuhi dengan stand-stand yang menjual patung-patung, kerjinan tangan, ada juga tanaman-tanaman, dan berbagai macam stand dari seluruh Asia. Kita bisa melihat penjual batik, asseccories seperti kalung, gelang, jam tangan cina yang murah-meriah, toko DVD dan CD, dan ada beberapa stand makanan kecil seperti lumpia, risoles, dll, yang menurut Oma kurang menarik, tapi whatever, orang juga banyak yang beli. Lumayan, menurut mereka, jalan-jalan sambil ngemil.

Lokasi ini bernama Grand Pasar, mungkin karena lokasinya yang sangat luas dan juga tempat 'pusat' dari Tong Tong Fair. Di tengah-tengah Grand Pasar, ada panggung megah dimana ada atraksi-atraksi seperti dance, music, dan band-band tempo doeloe, like Blue Diamonds (ada yang tau ngga? :P). Beberapa tahun yang lalu, karena namanya Pasar Malam Besar, artis-artis yang datang kebanyakan artis Indonesia. Dulu pernah ada Alm. Broery, Glenn Fredly, Andre Hehanusa, dan tahun lalu Dewi Yull. Yet, tahun ini, artis dari seluruh Asia bisa berpartisipasi. Kalau tidak salah, tahun ini Harvey Malaiholo yang mewakili Indonesia untuk menyanyi di Tong Tong Fair.

Karena banyak sekali tempat yang harus dikunjungi, Oma dan Herdiann (dan Opa juga ikut :P) mengunjungi 2 tempat: Indonesian Village and Eetwijk (Warung Makan). Di Indonesia Village, ya ini lah tempatnya orang-orang Indonesia. Mau tau yang dijual di sini? Lengkap kap kap kap! Mulai dari kerupuk, abon, keripik paru, ulekan, cobek, obat-obatan kayak Komik, Antangin, Tolak Angin, Balsam, Koyo, layang-layang, wayang, batik, patung-patung, asseccories, dan masiiih banyak lagi deh! Untuk urusan harga, ya kalo dikurs ke Rupiah, emang mahal. Misalnya sekotak Antangin bisa 4 Euro, cobek dan ulekan 10 Euro, kerupuk 2-3 Euro. Tapi, kalau dilihat dari nilai Euro, menurut Oma cukup affordable. Tapi Oma ngga beli apa-apa deh, maklum, student :)

Setelah berkelana di Indonesian Village (dan foto-foto pastinya :P), kami menyiapkan perut untuk menuju ke Eetwijk, hurray! Begitu masuk, kami langsung mencium aroma pisang goreng. I guess it's the most famous Indonesian snack in Holland. Dan, suasana Eetwijk membuat Oma ingat pujasera di Indonesia, atau G Walk, di Surabaya. *jadi kangen* Kalau di Grand Pasar banyak sekali stand-stand dari negara lain, di Eetwijk, stand-stand dimonopoli oleh orang-orang Indonesia. Hanya ada 1-2 stand dari luar Indonesia: (if I am not mistaken) Thailand and Belanda. Oke, Oma akan coba sebutkan makanan apa aja yang ada di sana: Martabak, Sate, kue-kue basah, snack seperti lumpia sampek kroket, restoran padang, Toke 'Oen' Semarang, Kambing Guling, Pisang Goreng dan gorengan lainnya (kayak tempe goreng), penjual Es (mulai Es kopyor sampek Es Tape), dan masiiiih buanyak lagi.

Oma dkk akhirnya ended up makan di Sari Sunda. Kenapa? karena Opa lagi ngidam Kambing Guling, dan karena banyak anak Indonesia yang kerja di sini (I'm proud of you guys!) - fotonya bisa dilihat, anak-anak Indonesia yang berkostum hijau. Sementara Opa pesan Kambing Guling, Herdiann pesan Mie Baso Malang, dan Oma pesan Urapan yang disajikan lengkap dengan ikan makarel (yang dimasak seperti ikan tongkol kalo di Indo). Apapun makanannya, minumnya Teh Botol Sosro! :) Setelah kenyang, kami menyempatkan berjalan-jalan lagi untuk mencegah terjadinya perut buncit :P dan menonton atraksi musik. Ngga tau deh siapa itu, tapi musiknya mayan asyik buat goyang.

Sambil menonton musik, Oma melihat ke sekeliling. Berpikir, ada sesuatu yang salah dengan ini. Setelah beberapa saat, Oma mulai mengerti apa yang salah. Di Belanda, setiap tahunnya orang-orang Belanda, dan bahkan dari luar Belanda, datang berbondong-bondong memadati Tong Tong Fair. Oma melihat orang-orang bule keluar membawa berkantong-kantong belanjaan, entah itu baju batik, patung khas Indonesia, atau makanan khas Indonesia. Ribuan orang memadat pangguung di Grand Indonesia dan kilatan blitz menghiasi langit-langit tatkala tarian Indonesia disajikan. Mengapa ini tidak terjadi di Indonesia? Mengapa orang Eropa begitu mencintai dan menghargai budaya Indonesia, sedangkan orang Indonesia lebih suka membeli baju branded (yang kadang dibuat di Indonesia) atau menolak makan makanan Indonesia dan memilih untuk pergi ke salah satu fast food chain di ibukota.

Ah, semoga orang Indonesia semakin sadar akan kekayaan dan keindahan budaya Indonesia, dan semakin mencintainya.

Dan akhirnya, waktu menunjukkan hampir pukul 11 malam. Kami pun pulang sambil masih mengelus-elus perut yang kekenyangan :P Eh, di dekat pintu keluar ada stand 'Waroeng Koppi'. Lucu.

So, inilah akhir perjalanan kami. Very fun. Hopefully next year there would be better and more interesting things happening at Tong Tong Fair, or should it go back to Pasar Malam Besar?

Salam Tong Tong

For more pictures and possible Herdian would upload his story too, go to Deliopedia