27 October 2011

I'm the 4,815,122,350th person

There are now more than 7 billion people in the world with the expectation of almost 10 billion by 2050.

And according to the BBC world, i am the 4,815,122,350th person.

You know what amazes me? That I still matters in this world. At least I know I do matter for my family, my close friends, and for my work (otherwise they would have fired me by now :P). And I know that I matter in God's eyes.

That also amazes me, that I am the 4 billionth something person in this world, yet I still matter and yet God still knows me by name.

Online Checkout - In Real Life

If online shopping happens in real life, I won't be happy

12 October 2011

Blackberry blackout panick attack!

"Blackberry didn't work!!"

Although I always said that I would NEVER be dependant on this smart phone, I panicked a bit when my Blackberry didn't work on Monday. First, because my main communication tool to maintain the long distance relationship is indeed Blackberry. Second because I am always scared when my phone died (after the prior experience of Blackberry crash when I was in Indonesia for holiday).

But apparently it is not me, it is Blackberry. They have this problem with the server because of data server switch (or something similar). The problem started in Europe, spread to Middle East and Africa, and I heard today Brazil, India and possible US are also affected.

So yeah, Blackberry #fails!

But the funny thing is to see how we have become so attached, so addicted to this modern device. In the past, we could have been simply happy with the postcards and post mails. And what even funnier is, true story, I totally forgot that there is another feature on your phone, apart from the internet, social media and (blackberry) messengers. It's called SMS! Haven't used it in a while :P

This below is a funny comment I encountered on Blackberry Facebook page:

To all those affected by the BlackBerry blackout: they suggest you use the call function that came with your BB handset. Apparently, when you "call", you can actually hear an audible voice on the other end. How cool is that!?

A lady on the news earlier mentioned something about a thing called an "SMS". Apparently that is another way of communication, however I'll have to Google and get back to you all on that.

For my Indonesian readers who have problems with delay and no signal, I would say "lucky you! it is nearly 3 days that we don't have Blackberry service at all!"

and for Blackberry, go fix it, dudes!