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Nothing against marriage or pregnancy, I am just celebrating the fact that I am still single (but no longer available, alas :P) and no extra baggages to look after.

Well, I should enjoy this state while I can by doing some travelling, pampering myself, going out more, and learning new things. Never would I stop doing those things, but I reckon when you have extra baggages, you will be more considerate.

Let me know if I am wrong :)

But let me enjoy my moment,... *I can hear myself singing "hallelujah!"*

My first three books! Yay!

I always wanted to write my own book.
While I am still struggling to get my first book done (yes, I have very limited time and sometimes uninspired :( ), I got to take part in 11 projects 11 days by

I sent 3 flash fictions and all 3 fictions are published in the 3 diffrent books, titled Menari (dance), Cemburu (jealousy), and Bimbang (doubt).

These are two of them

You can buy them via

I am so proud! And I am even more motivated to get my first book done. Please wish me luck!