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Merry Christmas

Please let me know if you want to sponsor me :) Let's hope I don't catch any pneumonia! This flyer below is one made by church mates. So support all the Crossroads church heroes and raise some funds to help some orphanage in Uganda

Merry Christmas

May peace be with you!

Have a very merry christmas

The Dutch will say "fijne kerstdagen!"

or in my native language "Selamat Hari Natal"

This Can't Wait till Christmas Day

Nativity Story 2.0
via Dutch Cowboys

The Christmas greeting can wait.

See you in 4 days :)

it's official

I will be involved in long-distance relationship, again :(

Stefy will be going back for good in February 2011.

And my working contract is until September 2011, or even longer.

Ah well,.. c'est la vie

Tenchi: the new noodle bar in town!

Some weeks ago, Harbud and I were spotting a new restaurant announced on the local, free magazine. We said to each other "homemade noodle restaurant? Hm,... should be good! Shall we try?"

But at that time, when we walked passed it, it was still closed.

Two weeks ago, we gave it another try. And it was open!

With a slight of hesitation, Harbud, Stefy, Anthon, Lea, and I enter the restaurant. We were unsure, as the restaurant was rather empty. There was only one table occupied.

Feeling perplexed, we just ordered the 'standard' menu. I decided to order something soupy; and Stefy ordered something fried - so we could swap. Harbud, Anthon, and Lea ordered the set-menu: noodle soup (seafood or cha siu), beer (they ordered soft drink instead), and yaktori.

Stefy, too, ordered soft drink and I chose something warm to accompany my warm, soupy noodle. The 3 portions Yakitori were first to arrive (sorry, no picture. we were so hungry that we simply dived into it :P). They are very t…