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Plastic surgery

I bet you have heard or read about the Miss Korea contestants look alike issue?

If you haven't, click here to read it

Agreeing to the Geek in Heels' post, I too have nothing against plastic surgery - if you have the need and/or the money. Many people who have undergone a plastic surgery either needed it or wanted it. The prior is often caused by accident or some parts of the body that becomes of disturbance as one gets older. The latter is caused by trend and public opinion. Whether you need it or want it, a strong financial support will be required.

I agree to the prior reason and despise the latter. I just cannot understand why someone needs to look like JLo or Angelina Jolie or even Barbie.

And the ugly truth is, you can't hide your plastic surgery forever. Ever heard the case about a woman being sued by her (ex)husband because she didn't mention about her plastic surgery and in result, their kids look really....oh well no kids are ugly, but in this case, they do…

Jack Carroll with his own comedy style

What can we learn from Jack Carroll?


You should watch this video, if you haven't. I was in tears watching this video.

 Not only was he funny, but he was very positive, despite his circumstances.

"Sometimes our weaknesses can be our strengths!"

How often do we say that and really mean it? Jack said it and did really mean it.

May this video remind us of the many things we should be grateful. And if we were in a deep trouble, may we dare to say "our weakness can be our strengths!"

What I learned from 7:14

In my previous post, I shared that I joined this movement called prayer 7:14. Well, actualy it ended a couple of weeks ago, but my works got the better of me.

Let me share briefly what Mr. S and I have learned during the 8-days of praying and (social media and watch-soccer) fasting.

Mr. S and I have never been a serious prayer. We prayed regularly - before our meals, before going to bed, and in the morning. But if you know what I mean, the prayer time is very regular. It is something we do - rituals - so we never had the longing or calling to pray.

This 7:14 movement has actually challenged us, or me personally, to really want to pray; and to learn to pray unselfishly.

I often prayed only for family, myself, my spouse, my work, my day, my health, and ask forgivenes for my sins. It's all about me.

This time, we prayed for a lot of things, not only for ourselves.

When we kicked off on Sunday, we felt like 14 minutes were very long. How could we pray in 14 minutes? So the first …

7:14 Prayer Movement

Praying and fasting for 8 days?

This is new to me.

All my life, I have told myself that I am not someone who has been given a gift to pray or fast. I am sure that I am more a doer than a prayer.

I'd go overseas to save the less fortunate people, I'd do anything to help people who are in trouble or in hunger. But sit down and stay at home and pray and fast, well, I always said "it's not for me!"

These previous weeks, my church, ICA, has been announcing that they'd take part of this 7:14 movement. When hearing it for the first time, I thought, never would I be able to do this. But I kept thinking about it. And the more interesting thing was my husband was also thinking of joining.

Fyi, he is even less of a prayer than I am. But thank goodness, we often remind each other. So when I don't feel like praying before going to bed, he'd wake me up and ask me to join in prayer. Or the other way around.

So, when I knew he was open for this idea of praying and …

Beauty Treats

Am I the last person in Indonesia, who found out about Beauty Treats??

I think I might be, because everybody seems to have been talking about it.

I just subscribe for 3 months subscription to get the beauty box.

If you haven't heard about this, well basically you subscribe for it, you get a beauty box evey month, which contains different samples, and that's it!

From the marketing point of view, this will be a great opportunity test products and get a feedback. Also, this is very good to get coverage: beauty bloggers will write about the favorite or least favorite products they find in the beauty box.

Right now, the list of products is not yet announced, so I thought, well why not subscribing for 3 months (here is where my Chinese way of thinking kicks in - by subscribing for 3 months, I save IDR 10,000 :P LOL). And then we'll see, if the products are those average products that I can get in the drugstore or supermarket, then I think I'll stop.

But if the products ap…