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Birthday Dinner 2010: Little V Restaurant

It's a little bit late to upload this post, but why not? :)

Last month, Stefy celebrated his birthday. And as a suprise (I love surprises!), I booked a table in a vietnamese restaurant in the Hague, Little V. Some friends have been mentioning this restaurant to us, but we just never had the time to try. And in fact, you need to reserve your table before coming. It's always busy!

So, there we were, for stefy's birthday dinner.

To start, we ordered nothing else than the famous vietnamese spring roll for appetizer! I used to have a vietnamese roommate, and she made a tasty spring roll. Hoping the spring roll would be as good as, I was very happy that it definitely tasted yummy! The dip made the taste even more yummy!

For main courses, we ordered something with white fish, stir-fry beef and veggies, and seafood curry. They all taste WONDERFUL! Love them so much! We also ordered fried rice (instead of only white rice), and it tasted just like Hongkong fried rice in Indonesia. Yum y…

Year 2011: Resolutions!

A new year should be started with a new resolution. It's kinda part of the deal, toch?

Thus, to honor that tradition, here are some of my new year resolution:

1. Start and finish reading the whole bible. This has ALWAYS been listed in my New Year resolution, but always ended up being wiped off. But, this year I will give it another try. And this year, this is my priority! :)

2. Seriously start to plan my wedding: to decide when to get married is the priority, which then will be followed with other details like venue, dresses, etc. And also to be wiser with saving money.

3. In relation to my second resolution, I need to plan my future job: what will I do when I go back to Indonesia. Will I be a teacher? Will I be a lecturer? Will I open my own business?

Resolution number 2 and 3 might be a bit confusing for you who haven't really met us in person. Stefy, my fiancee, and I are currently living in the Netherlands. He is going back to Indonesia, just before summer 2011, and my working …

Final thoughts in 2010

This post should have been posted before the end of the year 2010. But let me share my final thought of 2010, and wish you a very happy new year 2011.

The year of 2010 is about facing the reality and making choices

This midnight, looking back at the past 12 months I've been through, I questioned myself what I have done, what I have learned. I pondered on what good things happened - any luck or fails?

There have been tons of things happened to me. I started this year with a visit to Indonesia, meeting my friends and family, which had given me more clarity that I would go home to Indonesia at some point, soon. It was followed with my temporary project working at the embassy of Republic Indonesia, which was a definite eye-opener about the reality I would face in the future. Then the luck happened! Actually God happened. I was given the most precious gift: I got a proper, always-been-my-dream, job.

And these are the highlights of my 2010.

But the number of things I have learned are more th…