28 May 2009

Belanda Yang Aneh

It's been a very strange season in Holland. This morning I read @mymodjo tweet about how Holland varied from sunny morning to cloudy, rainy, again sunny, and back to cloudy afternoon.

In fact, some people became really ill because of this strange weather (raise your hand if you are one of the victim! :P) *oma angkat tangan*

The stranger thing is this: Dutch people can be easily deceived by the sun (or the fact that a new season has taken place). If it is sunny, although it is still cold as a fridge, the Dutchies would wear their slippers, t-shirt, skirt, and sunglasses. Or even worse, like yesterday, the fact that this is almost June, which is already Spring and almost Summer, they wore shorts and t-shirt, even though the weather was like crap - cold and raining.

I could recall that two months ago, when it was just the beginning of spring, it was 10 - 13 degree. People wore their jacket or rain coat. They still wore boots or at least proper shoes to protect their feet against cold wind. And, last week, it was 13 degree, indeed very sunny, and peopole were wearing spaghetti top, skirt, summer dress, t-shirt, shorts, and of course, sun glasses.

It made me think, did they not realise the temperature or did they actually feel warm?

A couple of weeks ago, I, on attempt to be very Dutch, was tricked by the sun, too. I woke up, seeing that the sun was shining so bright. I wore my skirt and t-shirt, and brought my cardigan (in case of cold wind, I thought). I stepped out from my house, and,.... it was really really cold, still.

And 3 weeks ago, I was even crazier by going to the beach wearing summer clothing in the middle of only 15 degree spring weather. The result: almost 3 weeks serious flu.

Thus, from now on, if it is cold, it's cold. No pretending, no being trendy by just wearing lighter clothing.

26 May 2009


Culture research passed
thank's God!

anyway, have you guys ever felt that you have talked too much although you actually didn't want to?
i have had that feeling recently
should shut my mouth up really

25 May 2009

Britain's Got Talent

Yesterday was the first semi final show, of which Susan Boyle and Diversity were through to the Final - yipee

I'm curious about tonight, also the final show. I like Aidan Davis to win, but I do also love Diversity. And, the wisdom of crowd might voluntarily vote for Susan Boyle. Almost forgot, I also found Shaheen very cute, and his voice,..*imagining him doing a duet with Joss Stone*

Anyway, this is diversity that Bang Tepy and I love so much

So, who's it gonna be?

23 May 2009

Patronus Charm

Although I don't particularly like Harry Potter, except watching the first and second Harry Potter the movie; I found the idea of Patronus Charm to fight against Dementors very brilliant. For Harry Potter lover, there is no need to explain; yet for those who only know Harry Potter by name, here are some explanations coming from Harry Potter Wiki.

"Dementors are among the foulest creatures that walk this earth. They infest the darkest, filthiest places, they glory in decay and despair, they drain peace, hope, and happiness out of the air around them... Get too near a Dementor and every good feeling, every happy memory will be sucked out of you."

"A Patronus is a kind of positive force, and for the wizard who can conjure one, it works something like a shield, with the Dementor feeding on it, rather than him. In order for it to work, you need to think of a memory. Not just any memory, a very happy memory, a very powerful memory… Allow it to fill you up…lose yourself in it…then speak the incantation ‘Expecto Patronum’."

Thus, to protect you from Dementors, you have to practice the Patronus Charm by thinking of a good memory - all good things in your life that can make you happy. I had the idea of writing this from Bulan and Indonesian famous writer, Raditya. Reading their blogs has made me think of happy memory I have that I could use to dispell 'Patronus' in my life, like stress, bad day, weird course manager, lots of assignments, bad result, or bad news from home.

1. The time when I was in Meulaboh, Aceh, Indonesia

2. Biking on the beach, and I almost fell off, at Suak Ribe beach, Meulaboh, Aceh.

3. Sitting at Suak Ribe beach on Saturday and Sunday afternoon, waiting for the sunset, and doing nothing but relaxing and chitchatting with some friends.

4. Watching Java Jazz 2007 with my boyfriend

5. The Diemerkade moments: nights of craziness at Dieka, cooking time, sleeping in a room without a door, chocolate fondue, and many many more
6. Ngemil kacang pedes sambil minum es sirop en belajar pas masa-masa SMU di Indo dulu.
7. Beach - thinking of deep blue sea, white sand and palm trees always make my day.
8. SCRUBS the tv series - it always cheers me up, especially when I can share the jokes with herdian.
9. Three days rule joke from How I Met Your Mother. I know this involves Jesus and as a christian I mustn't joke about Him, but,... this joke is totally clever. I always always laugh when I think of this joke.
10. Disneyland. The idea of it, remembering the time when I was in Disneyland Hong Kong, these all made me smile.
11. Goo Goo Dolls - Iris
12. Kris Allen's smile
13. A very nice cup of real coffee: Acehnese coffee, Van Nelle coffee, Kapal Api coffee or Starbucks coffee
14. Enjoying cloudy day in Indonesia, after rainy day, thus I can smell the nice smell of rain, whilst enjoying a cuppa tea and fried banana or fried casava. Yummy!
15. A portion of warm rice with fried salted fish, chili, and crackers (Nasi hangat plus ikan asin goreng kering, sambal bawang yang super pedas, dinikmati dengan kerupuk pasar yang harganya seratusan).
16. Exeter, United Kingdom, especially the Quay side, especially Roger's Tea House. I would do anything to go back to that place again.
17. The drummer (altho I now am no longer sure to keep him as part of my happy memory; should have erased him totally).
18. My little sister, Joan
19. Project Pop songs
20. Finally, this finaly memory always works perfectly to cheer me up: when I flew back to Indonesia in 2004 and surprised Bang Tepy, which then resulted in we going back together ^^

It's pretty surprising how many good memories I have. Didn't expect to come up with 20 things.

I guess from now on I should have less bad days :P

Facebook haram?

Setelah menulis posting sebelumnya, Oma jadi inget omongan Mas Yon, temen sekelas Oma.

Ada satu temen sekelas Oma yang pernah bilang kalo Facebook tuh haram (waaayy before ada rumor fatwa haram ini), so dia ga mau punya Facebook (which she now has one).

Dan si Mas Yon ini bilang
"ah, aneh-aneh aja. emang Facebook mengandung minyak babi?"


Facebook in Indonesia

Have you heard about the possibility of banning Facebook in Indonesia?

Although it shouldn't surprise me, I was quite shocked when the news of banning Facebook in Indonesia went online. Indonesia is very well-known for banning unnecessary things, such as PDA (public display affection) or possibly smoking. And now Facebook. How could it surprise me?

Facebook is everywhere, even my parents now are using Facebook every now and then. Thus, banning Facebooks in nonsence. Not only it is absurd, but it is really hard to control. With the spread of IPhone and BlackBerry, Facebook is accessed continuously.

To go deeper to this case, one of the reasones Facebook would be possible banned is because many people use it to flirt with other people. Ah,...

If this rumour is true, I guess banning Facebook wouldn't be enough. How about banning the whole internet coming to Indonesia? *sighing*

Reading some other resources about this case, I came to conclusion that actually Muslim leaders in Indonesia will not ban Facebook. They allow the use of it, but,... but,... without any flirting involved.

*deep sigh*
isn't it personal issue? it goes back to every single person, who is using Facebook.

As a person who also cares about education, I totally agree that Facebook has to be used positively: networking, for business purpose, finding long lost friends, catching up with friends living in other parts of the world, or relaxing (like I would normally use it for).

What could teachers and education experts do to assure this? anything but banning Facebook, of course! Maybe giving training or consultation, or talking about it in class. Parents also could get involved in it.

So, never even think of banning Facebook.

22 May 2009

Beyond My Limit

Blind man cannot lead another blind man. Indeed.
This theory also applies to education: how could you teach me about communication management, if you don't have a good communication management?

I am utterly disappointed with the way I have been treated lately at my university, the Hague University, Holland. It is towards the end of the course of Master of International Communication Management. Both students and lecturers are busy prepaing the thesis, or what we call here Communication Advice module.

The new course manager was very nice to let the students pick the first and second supervisors they want to have for guiding them for the Communication Advice module. I picked my favorite teachers: Amanda and Suzan.

After some confusing information and emails about the Communication Advice module coming from the course manager, we finally got the supervisor line up last week. Too bad, I didn't get the supervisor that I asked for.

Disappointed, indeed, but I tried to be open for this new supervisor. I went to see the course manager to ask his opinion and reasons why I was put under this new supervisor. The first thing he said was blaming me for complaining about the supervisor line up.

Not only that, he said that he had tried his best to cater all the needs of the students, thus I should be happy with what I am having. Since it was not my point, I tried to explain that I didn't want to complain; I merely wanted to ask why and who this supervisor is (coz I have never worked with him before).

But he didn't give me a chance to speak and always cut my sentence. After some attempts to talk to him, I gave up. I walked out from his office furiously. Not because I wasn't granted what I requested, but because he didn't want to listen to me at all! (apparently I am not the first person being treated this way :( )

Today, the NEW lecture line up came up. He said the previous one was not final and this one is the better version with him trying to make everybody happy. "Now, I am sure you are happy with these results." He wrote.

And again, he left me with disappointment. This time even worse: my name was not on the list.

Even worse, he said that information and emails that he had sent around previously were not valid; and we supposed to throw them away and replace with the 'new' information he attached in the new email.

I begin to worry with the course I am doing right now. Is he credible? Is this course reliable? Will I graduate? Will I have the right supervisor that fits with my topic, not the supervisor that he suddenly assigned for me just because he had forgotten me (or maybe he hated me)?

I guess I have to wait for his reaction today.

I am not even sure whom I have to rely on this time. Everything seems so wobbly and unsure.

Any suggestion for me?

Update 22 May 2009, 21:00 PM (GMT +1)

After waiting for quite a while, my course manager replied an resolved the problem. He said that he got my name mixed up with another student that has similar name. Honestly, I don't buy his excuse, but,.. whatever; it's resolved. I hope he's learned from his lesson. And I hope that I don't have to meet him again, to avoid any more problems.

21 May 2009

The Ending

(may contain spoilers)

As the rumor goes, these two television series have come to an end. Too bad, because they are series that can make me laugh, scream, and cry (a little) at the same time. Gossip Girl, especially, makes me envy all the pretty clothing line. Oh actually, Brooke Davis in One Tree Hill also wears pretty clothes. And One Tree Hill is very good because of the soundtracks. I would definitely by the soundtracks from all seasons.

Thus, I watched these two series in two days, yesterday and this morning. And after finishing One Tree Hill this morning, I had an idea to compare the two endings. Gossip Girl is (or now was) on the second season. For the TV series lover, I am sure you know what and how it is to be on the second season. Everything is still pretty new, stories just started to build up, characters are maturing, thus in short, everything is still baby. Hence Gossip Girl is in its finale episode. I was perplexed, but anyway, despite the drama that Gossip Girl has created so far, the finale was such a rush.

I was really disappointed with how things put to an end. Okay, C and B are together. N would go backpacking with V. S is indeed pretty irrelevant in this finale. Sorry to say, but didn’t she suppose to be with D? Despite who is together with whom, I am disappointed with the pace of the story, which made me wonder why they rushed it to an end.

One Tree Hill is different. It is on the 6th season. Nah, you know what it means. I quite like the storyline of this series. Although there were some exaggeration in the middle, the WTF moments or episodes, and sometimes too dramatic; I like how things have been. And I love the ending. Yes, everything was suddenly so good in the end, but it was not a rush. Yes, you suddenly saw Whitey and Karen again, but they were there for a reason. It was like we could see that it would be ended the way it is now. As always, the ending is always too good to be true, but it is more realistic.

Farewell my beloved series, GG and OTH. I hope I could find series that are as good as you are, or possibly better.

Or if it were just rumours that you were finished, please come back :)

I should have written about Scrubs, making a comparison about the ending, but I realised that Scrubs is incomparable. It's the series that I would die to buy all the DVDs from season 1 - 8 and enjoy it until my last dying breath :P

And of course, if I wrote about Scrubs and compare it with GG and OTH, Dr Cox would mock me. Right herdian? :P

20 May 2009

Liburan lagi

Bulan April - Juni adalah bulan penuh dengan hari libur di Belanda. Senangnya.
Besok libur lagi, mpe Jumat.
So, sleeping time again, since my flu has not yet gone for good.
of course, I am still writing my specialisation research paper about online reputation management. I hope that many people are and will be filling in my survey.

About today
I just came back from Indonesian embassy in The Hague. Tadi bis nge-MC di acara Indonesian Tourism Business Dialogue yang dihadiri oleh Bapak Dirjen Pariwisata, Bapak Ambassador, dan beberapa tokoh penting seperti walikota dan ibu gubernur Bandar Lampung dan West Sumatera.

It was fun.
I could meet some important people and did some networking.
also with some media people, like from TV One, Media Indonesia
It's good.

About this morning
I just came to conclusion that he, my bad habit, has been highly avoiding me
kenapa ya?
tapi bagus lah, kalo emang it would help me to forget and let go :P

About tomorrow
enaknya ngapain ya selain tidur?
pengen bikin ote-ote, but anyone has the recipe?

*off to watch one tree hill and gossip girl*

bad habit: hilang tanpamu

You're my bad habit
I'm trying not to love you like I do
(but it's no use you know there's no use you know there's no use)
You're my bad habit... no somehow I don't wanna be rid of you
(but it's no use you know there's no use)

Joss Stone

ni lagu terbarunya si mister drummer itu

bad habit :(


sampe kapan?

kuis: kenapa judulnya hilang tanpamu?

jawaban oma yang ke-GR-an: he can't live without oma :P

18 May 2009


finally I finished my questionnaire

here it is: click here

this survey is dedicated to all students who are currently studying in Holland. Don't worry, this survey won't take up your time; it needs max. 8-10 minutes.

It is about online reputation management of education in Holland. This survery is part of a research, which will contribute to Nuffic.

please help me to pass this around to your friends, retweet this, or put it in your facebook wall.

I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks :)


I am at work again
after a week being idle at home, sleeping, eating and reading books, I am back to (almost) normal.

today is finalising my questionnaire
*thanks to dita*

ntar kalo dah kelar bantuin oma ya :)

so wish me luck, folks

p.s. semalem mimpi bapak drummer itu lagi. pusing oma, uda lamaaaa ngga contact, eh masih aja bisa2nya muncul di mimpi. tapi mimpinya indicated bahwa we both have to let go - good sign ^^

12 May 2009

Scrubs Finale: Finally

I'm gonna miss you, Scrubs.
Yes, especially you JD, Turk, Elliot, Dr Cox, Dr Kelso, Carla, Ted, Janitor

11 May 2009

Disabled + story about my weekend

it is me now

it's been two days that i have been like this.

Ini dia kronologinya:

Jumat (8 May 2009)

I woke up quite late just because I didn't need to work or go to school; but I had an appointment with my Dutch friend in Rotterdam. Her son was going to celebrate his 3rd birthday, thus She and I planned to bake some cakes for the birthday party (on Saturday).

I woke up, feeling realllyy weak and dizzy; but then for me a promise is a promise. I pushed myself to wake up and get ready (altho very slow) and sent myself to Rotterdam.

The weather was,.. hm,.. okay, I supposed, but I forgot my scarf (to protect me from the wind, not merely fashion tho). By the time I arrived at her place, the rain was pouring like crazy..

To cut the long story short, in the middle of our baking cake session, she admitted that she forgot to buy some ingredients. Then, I volunteered to buy them in the store nearby, just because she had 2 kids (one almost 3 years old - the bday boy - and a daughter who is not yet 1 year old) and other 2 kids that she had to babysit for a couple hours (one girl of 5 and a baby of half year old). Thus, what could I say? I went and bought some ingredients in the middle of miserable weather.

In the evening, by the time I got home, I was really sure that the next day I would be ill.

Sabtu (9 May 2009)

But No,... I am not!

I woke up feeling healthy as ever. Then, I thought to myself "ah, you are a healthy, strong woman."

I did some cleaning , some shopping and spent the whole day inside: doing some reading and watching 2 movies and 2 TV series (America's Next Top Model and One Tree Hill).

Nothing special really, despite I was really lazy in cooking thus I consumed instant food.

Minggu (10 May 2009)

"Ouch, my throat hurts!"

I didn't expect it coming at all, because the day before, I didn't eat nasty, crispy food nor I spent a long time outside. Altho my throat hurt, my body was pretty much okay.

I promised Herdian to go to a picnic (which turned out to be a visit to KFC and to the beach) and to go to Tina's flat to check out the flat (we were planing on renting an apartment together with Herdian and Bang Tepy).

In the end of the afternoon, I felt awful - yes, totally awful!

I went home, cleaned up myself, had some vitamin and medicine, and went to bed straight away.

That's the story behind my ilness. Not sure whether it is tiredness, Dutch's wind, stress, nasty food, or missing my boyfriend who went to Groningen for Football competition, but yes, I am really disabled right now.

Hopefully I can recover soon. It is so not a good moment to be ill!

9 May 2009

Did you know?

Some people said that Google will fade because of the Real-time search trend

Check this video

I bet you could see the world differently now

In case you wanna know more about it [click here]

6 May 2009


I just finished Amanda Coady's integrated marketing communication plan for Unilever Health Centre.
It's been hours!
*is it my fault because I had been blogging, twittering, and facebooking this whole holiday?* :P

Tomorrow's class is about Service Marketing
Pas youtube-ing (I wonder whether this would be a verb), I found this video I had seen before.
Why on earth it was tagged 'services marketing'?

But funny tho

Mati Saja!

Ini lho yang bikin Oma ngomel-ngomel
tapi still can't have enough
yeah, a little too not over you

p.s. which is also cocok ma judul lagunya! mati saja - berlaku untuk perasaan ini, berlaku untuk orang itu (not literally seh), berlaku untuk pikiran-pikiran busuk mengenai orang cute itu :P

5 May 2009

You selfish, handosme, little thing!

Sudah 3 hari ini, aku berpikir-pikir
menanyakan pada diriku berulang-ulang: am i stupid?

Kupandangi fotomu di FB, asking: do i like you?
Why do i like you, if I do?

Lagi-lagi jawabannya, no, thank you, i don't love you

So, i am stupid, then.
because i am still following you online wherever you are
Frikin' silly me.

no, no, no, i dunot love you
neither do i care about you.

no, no, no, no

never ever would you ask how i am
neither do you know what my favorite color, my favorite music, the book i am reading, things i am having trouble with
neither would you care if my best friend's husband passed away

then, why would i still think about you?

gosh, you,.. selfish, handsome, little, cute thing!
self-centred, adorable #$?!*%#

i am still a little too not over you.

fewh,.. why?

3 May 2009

3 Days Rule

I need some cheering up

Thus, I decided to drop my assignment and watch HIMYM. And my goodness, it was hillarious!! It was really worth watching.

Here is my favorite part, which I know, as a Christian, it is not really ethical to put this up, but I can't help it! It's so funny!

You can continue to watch this episode at my favorite website sidereel.com


What does a 'goodbye' mean?

Is it an expression to show that you will meet that person again sometimes? or is it to show how a wonderful time you just had with that person?

Either way, there is nothing painful or hard about saying goodbye, then. But why is it always so hard, or painful, or sad to say goodbye to someone, especially when it is forever goodbye?

Another concern that came to my mind is why we have to say goodbye when we least expect it. Sometime we are not prepared to say goodbye, or we just simply don't want to say goodbye; but we still have to say goodbye.

goodbye = good + bye
thus, there must be something good about it, right?

Thus, the last question, if it is supposed to be good, why cannot we have it figured out easily? Why do we first have to cry and to be puzzled by the goodbye, and one day, just maybe, we will discover the meaning of it?

I guess I must say goodbye, even I don't want it now.

Goodbye, Bang.

2 May 2009

Gagal maning en Queen's Day

Hari ini rencana mo jogging
Eh,.. gara-gara semalem nonton pilem Chaos, jadinya bangun telat

hari ini enaknya ngapain ya?

Oh ya, these are some of my Queen's day pictures
How was your Queen's day?
I had fun, despite the drama I found out the next day

1 May 2009


Ajak chat
Ajak chat

Kalo ajak chat, nanti garing
nanti bingung ngomong apa
Kalo nggak
Kalo nggak

I miss you now

Ajak chat nggak ya?

Casper The Movie

Not sure you'd still remember this film.
I fell in love with Devon Sawa at tha time. He was my first love
And this movie was part of my childhood.
For me, this was true love; this is how two people falling in love supposed to be or do.

Watch the best part of this movie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7cW5YlHaeQ