24 August 2011

Never trust Carrie Bradshaw

I am not particularly a big fan of SATC (sex and the city), but well, as a female creature, I have watched some of the episodes (especially the last season) and both of the movies :) Yup, guilty!

But reading the article by Thought Catalogue has made me realise how bad this series has lied to all women in the world. You can read the 5 Lies Carrie Bradshaw told me and decide yourself whether you have been deceived, too.

As for me, number two is the biggest lie. Darn!

2. You can thrive financially in the city just by writing a column a week about your life

Perhaps the most unrealistic aspect of the show was Carrie’s lax work schedule. Homegirl only had to write one column a week in a crappy newspaper and still managed to make rent, buy designer clothing, and eat out at fabulous restaurants. No wonder she had to whore herself out to Mr. Big. She needed to make ends meet! I always wondered why the emotionally unavailable old fart was even an option in her love life. Then I saw his apartment, his limos, and his general “I’m going to pay you to have sex with me” attitude and immediately understood. My favorite episode of the series is when they acknowledge that Carrie is terrible with money and none of her friends want to lend her money. It was a rare moment of honesty for the show, a real unusual dose of reality for the otherwise fantasy-obsessed plot. Of course, her debt and impending doom was quickly fixed by a band-aid and a blowjob to Mr. Big but whatever.

But I guess I'd still look forward to the 3rd SATC movie or the possible comeback of the SATC series (the seventh season), or even the possible making of prequel of SATC starring Blake Lively. It is the kind of show that will make you laugh, cry, be amazed (by those beautiful dresses and shoes) and mock (for the stupid facts or lies) almost at the same time. But that's entertainment, right? :)

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23 August 2011

The future according to films

Alas, Inception concept might never happen, even in the future. And I hope I still live in the year 2805 to get to meet WALL-E.

I guess what I need to do is to survive till 2035 and sign up for the time-travel experiment. I can do this! :)

18 August 2011

the 66th independence day of Indonesia

If you didn't know, last week was the 66th independence day of Indonesia. Merdeka!

Being abroad, I didn't celebrate it at all, really, but I was really involved in many different tweets around this topic. I was trying to find the best outfit to show that it was my independence day celebratory attempt, but alas, I couldn't find any red top to go with my white jeans (and no, I am against red trousers).

Thus yes, I wasn't very nasionalist, but,.. having said that, my interest of Indonesia, specifically Indonesian politics has grown stronger every day.

It all started in 2009, when the recession struck almost every nation, and Indonesian seemed to be doing just fine. Sri Mulyani was the woman behind the new, tough tax regulation. Being the minister of finance at that time, she did a quite serious reformation in the ministry of finance.

I adored her effort and her vision to make Indonesian citizens to have trust in their government again. This is what was, and still is lacking. Are you familiar with a saying that went "if you want to make a difference start from you"? She really walked this saying; she walks the talk.

I have no respect to politicians, or basically anyone, who couldn't walk the talk, or who have big mouth, yet with no action. I prefer to see someone, who maybe starts from a little steps, but these little steps could make a big impact. And I guess that's what Sri Mulyani did. She made a small adjustment in her ministry, yet it made a huge impact to Indonesia, to the world, in fact.

And this has made even bigger impact to some mafia in Indonesia, who were not happy at all, and who could successfully made SBY (read: Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono) letting Sri Mulyani go - as the after effect of the Century case. What a pity! This scenario really made her perceived as the culprit.

To be honest, my respect to Sri Mulyani grew even stronger after seeing her being slaughtered during the Century meeting. Her bravery, courage and patience really made her appeared as the intellegence among the lost ones. I think I would break into pieces when I would be in her stead.

Luckily, some people, who have heart and integrity, knew what was exactly going on. And luckily, I met these people and they have become my close friends ever since - both online and offline ;)

Most of these "good guy" people are now getting ready for the next election in 2014. They believe fully in Sri Mulyani, as much as I do, and they are sure that Sri Mulyani can contribute more to Indonesia, by being the next president.

There are people, who currently doubt that she would be picked in 2014 (or some even doubt whether she is willing to be a president). But the choice is yours. You have a saying in this. Do you think she is capable or not? Why mind other people's business?

So, merdeka! Let us be free to make choices, and to contribute to better Indonesia. I am sure Sri Mulyani is not the only good person in Indonesia. I know for sure there are numerous Indonesian people who are good and who can make a difference. Support them, or even better, be one of them. Believe in them, or even better, believe in yourself.

Believe, that Indoensia, one day, will be better.

9 August 2011

3 stupid stages of life

isn't our life a bit sad?
I wonder maybe I should just be a stay at home mom and enjoy my life more? And write books for sure! :)

Still feel guilty that I haven't had the chance to finish my first book I promised to Ega to be published in his self-publishing site. I am sorry, my inspiration is no longer my inspiration, unfortunately (#nomention)

So, the morale of this blog post, I guess, is to try to enjoy your life more? or for me, it'd be to live as healthy as possible so that when I am old, I will still be active and have energy like those old, dutch people, who still travel from Timbuktu to North Pole! :)

Home is

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1 August 2011

Without You = Online Dating?

It's been almost one month.

And long distance relationship has never been so difficult.

I remember when I first signed up for this challenge in the year of 2002, the first time I left Stefy to go to the Netherlands. As far as I could remember it, it wasn't this hard!

I guess what makes this time so different is our commitment. In the past, we were still in a dating-for-fun kinda commitment. Yet, we are now more certain about our future plan. And also we've been together in the same city for these past 3 years. That's why it is so much harder now.

That's why the appearance of this link to an article on my Facebook Wall this morning was very appealing. Not that it eased the difficulty of my long distance relationship, but this article could have been an answer for my loneliness, if I chose to :P

The most niche (and bizarre) sites for finding love on the Internet

Apart from my several attempts to find an online boyfriend through mIRC when I was still in junior high - which was never a success - I never tried any online dating sites. So, this link somehow has struck me and made me read the article.

And to my surprise, like there are lots of magazines for different niche markets, there are indeed also a lot of online dating sites for different, desperate , niche single people in the world.

If I ever had signed up for any of these online dating sites, my first choice would have been for Brainiac Dating or Seek a Geek. Who knew I would have come across someone like Leonard or Sheldon :P

But if I would have been braver, I would have signed in at Savage Heart. But the intro text does sound a bit kinky, doesn't it?

But no, I won't replace Stefy with any online freak I would have met via online dating site. I don't say that all online dating sites are no good. It's just not for me, I guess.

For you who have met your soulmate via online dating site, lucky you!