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Our lifestyle is (not) defined by other people's opinion

I follow and read this particular personal blog, owned by Leony. I don't know her in person, and I don't even remember how I came to this blog.

But I really like her writing: honest and light.

A couple of days ago, I stumbled upon one of her posts that talked about Asian lifestyle. She shared this:

An average middle-class CAUCASIAN will purchase: $20 basic white dinner plate from Crate & Barrel$39.90 bedroom slippers from Marks & Spencer$20 whisk from Franc Franc$40 cushion cover from Tangs$39 garlic press from WMF$29 chef's knife from Ikea$25 weekday work lunch at Din Tai Fung$170 shoes from Steve Madden$150 handbag from Zara (on sale from $199.90)
An average middle-class ASIAN will purchase: $2 basic white dinner plate from Daiso$2 bedroom slippers from Daiso$2 whisk from Daiso$2 cushion cover from Daiso$0 garlic press (no need for a garlic press, using a knife would suffice)$2 chef's knife from Daiso$4.50 weekday work lunch (yong tau foo)$29 shoes from Charle…

Being married, being nosy and being pregnant

After more than 3 months of being a wife, I would say there are ups and downs. I would say, I enjoy it most of the time, but there are times when I really feel like strangling someone – this has to do with the second and third parts of the titles (I will come to that later).
Well, being married means spending the rest of your life just with one person – and that starts at home. Living in home just with the two of us – thank God for this! – we spend most of our time watching DVD or cooking at home. I don’t know whether this is a post honey moon period, or is this something that we enjoy. But the point is we love spending time at home.
Mr. S (well, let’s call him that from now on, as calling him Bang Tepy wouldn’t do him any justice anymore) is working more than 8 hours a day. And he is mostly mobile. So, when it is time to come home, he savors every minute of it – watch TV (especially football highlights or any random football programs, which I hate so much – well I come to that in m…