28 April 2010

Can't Go Back Now

I found the very soundtrack for my current situation in my life. Very interesting song, with very beautiful lyric: Can't Go Back Now - The Weepies

Yesterday, when you were young,
Everything you needed done was done for you.
Now you do it on your own
But you find you're all alone,
What can you do?

You and me walk on
Cause you can't go back now.

You know there will be days when you're so tired that you can't take another step,
The night will have no stars and you'll think you've gone as far as you will ever get

But you and me walk on
Cause you can't go back now
And yeah, yeah, go where you want to go
Be what you want to be,
If you ever turn around, you'll see me.

I can't really say why everybody wishes they were somewhere else
But in the end, the only steps that matter are the ones you take all by yourself

via Seriocomic

27 April 2010

Hair Mask for a Tea-lover

I often walked pass Lush store in the city centre. The smell is so good, so sweet and so yummy. But never did I dare to try those products. My mom used to say that good (cosmetic) products are those without any parfume.

But last Sunday, Stefy and I went to Lush store in the Hague, the very store we often just walked pass by. I was actually hunting for Hair Mask product, because my hair has become so frizzy and dry. Creambath is not an option in this everything-is-so-friggin'-expensive country. Thus, Hair mask it is!

And this shop assistant was such a help for me. She explained to me about Lush products, especially the hair mask products. She helped me to pick the one I needed. I just couldn't resist this Jasmine Hair Mask. It smells sooooo nice. As a tea-lover, the smell (like the name: Jasmine) reminds me of Indonesian tea I drink everyday.

So, there I was, spending 20 Euro for a small tin of hair mask -.-" but IT IS WORTH IT!!

Just tried it this evening. And I just cannot stop smelling and touching my hair :D

Thanks, Lush! I guess I'll see you around (thinking to buy face mask :P)

26 April 2010

The truth is

I really don't know what I exactly want

Now I am confused.

Just when I decided that I would like to go home, apply for a job at NGO (to be specific, at one of UN organisations) or to help Stefy to run his business and live happily with him and with my famiily; some nice offers come up and tempt me.

make me really confused about what I really want, in life? or in my near future.

Ah well, it's me again complaining :P
I mentioned before that I'd like to keep my life exciting, wanting unexpected/interesting things happen in my life.

So I guess here it is, here is God's answer to my wish.

19 April 2010

I wanna to spend my life with you

This statement is kinda romantic, but it can be very cute, too. Look at this picture posted at OMG-Facts website.

It reminds me of a very touching scene from 'Wedding Singer' film.

Aaawww, very romanticcc.

This last video is the one that has made me cry the most: The Notebook.

Oh no, oh no, why am I so melancholic tonight?

I think it is time for me to go to bed. Nite2 people :)

13 April 2010

Very Cute

Simple melody, cute video.

I was wondering whether it would be a good idea to learn to play ukulele. Or should I take piano lesson again?


Via Digital Examples

10 April 2010

Sex and the City 2 - Coming Soon!!

I am not a big fan of girly stuff, but I definitely cannot miss Sex and the City 2!!! The glamour, the fashion, the make up, drama, romance,... aaawww, everything is so entertaining :)

I wish my girly friends are around to watch this movie together, but yeah,... they are somewhere in Asia.

9 April 2010

What would you do if you could live another life

What would you do if you could live another life just for one day?

This line is quoted from "Last Chance Harvey". I have watched this film twice and still feel so touched everytime I watch it. Kate Walker, the main character in this film, uttered this question to Harvey Shine. In this story, both of them lived a life that is not very happy-chappy. Kate lived in a pathetic, boring life; Harvey in a screwed one. When Kate asked this question, both of them seem to ponder: what if I could live a different life, just for one day, just to try out.

This question makes me ponder, too: what would I do if I was given a chance to live any kind of life I want, just for one day? Where would I be? What would I do? Who would I be?

Lately I have been thinking about the life I am living right now. Everything is so well-planned. I graduated from high school, went abroad to study, came back home to work, went abroad again to do my master, working in a reasonably good organisation, and going home soon to work and get married to the man I have been dating for 9 years (and live happily ever after). Who doesn't want a life so well-planned and beautiful like mine? I am sure more than half of my readers want to be in my stead.

But why do I sometimes feel that I want to exchange my life with something else - something more adventurous, something that involves total freedom?

I have to recall what my classmate's boyfriend once told me. He shared that when he graduated from the university, he went on travelling - no planning, no goal, just travelling. He happened to arrive in Mexico. At the airport, he stood and thought: should I go to the right or left. He went to the left - and his life started off from there! Now, he, and his girlfriend are in Holland. I wouldn't even dare to ask how come he ended up in Holland (swim? :P).

Don't you think that is marvellous! So adventurous and daring! I envy him. I envy people with so much guts, who dare to do and be the unexpected.

Yes, that's it! My life is so expected.

So, what would I do if I could live another life just for one day, just to try out? I would like to live the unexpected life. Go to Exeter to have high tea for breakfast, go to Madagascar, have lunch in Rio, go surfing in Hawaii, go diving in Raja Ampat (Papua), sipping margaritha in Mexico, have dinner in Italy, and going out to the best club in Manhattan. Take me anywhere! I want to meet anyone!

Ega said it is maybe why I often fall for musician or artist, because they possess this free soul that I do not have.

I hope when I am going home for good this September, an adventurous, unexpected experience will kick in and turn my life upside down.

8 April 2010

All Men Are Liar!

It was the first thing that went through my mind when I witnessed my colleague going out with another girl that was definitely not his girlfriend (because the girlfriend I know is currently abroad until July). It is really hard to witness that, not because I am close to any of them; yet it is so hard to think of my own relationship.

This couple is the meant-to-be-together kind of couple that has been going on for more than three years, yet now, the guy went out with another girl when his girlfriend is out of town.

Another friend has confessed to me that he has hurt a girl once. He was having this special relationship with his colleague when he was actually at the stage of getting married (and also when he just got married). He ended up hurting this girl so bad that this girl didn't want any kind of contact with him. I can fully understand.

Both of them stated similar thing "it's just for fun!"

Oh yeah, give me a break!

It is so hard to think of this real stories that happened really close to my life. I cannot help to think of my own relationship. I cannot help to be suspicious.

Some years a go, a good friend of mine mentioned similar thing "all men are like that. Even your boyfriend is most likely now going out with someone else while you are here!" It was his reaction when I said that I was sure that my long distance relationship had been very well, and I was sure that my boyfriend was faithful.

Do you think that all men are cheaters?

Do you think that all men wanna always have some fun?

To be honest I am still holding on to my opinion. I don't think all men are cheaters or liars. Yes, they are all tempted, just like all the women are. All men face similar battles, but I am sure every man has different approach to fight (or give in to) the battle.

Some men might see the battle as an "opportunity" to escape and have fun. Some might see the battle as a challenge that has to be fought and tackled. Some might see the battle as very normal and giving in. Some might see the battle as the villain that they have to destroy.

Thus, do not always think that all men are cheaters, but if you happen to meet one that are a cheater or a liar, just make sure never get involved with him.

I really need to thank this film called Jane Austen Book Club, which has shown me a hope. When I have pondered why men are such cheaters, and whether they were always like that, and whether my man is like that; this film showed that there are men that are really faithful, who would fight for his love. There are also men who might slipped away, but realised his mistake, apologised, and came back. They are also some men who are so clueless, but because of love, he was fighting for his relationship.

Hence this writing.

I hope this writing also gives hope to you.