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Camera Japan

I went to Camera Japan - a film festival held in Rotterdam (last week) and Amsterdam (this week) - last week in Lantaren Venster (Rotterdam).

It is such an experience that I would not forger. It really reminded me of my childhood.

In the beginning, when we entered the venue, we were really surprised. We thought that the venue would be much bigger. Yet it was just a small, cozy theater. When we entered, we saw lots of Nintendo devices - old and new - being displayed.

Amazingly, there was thing giant nintendo controller. Wow!!

With that controller, we could play THE old Mario Bros Nintendo. Still remember that? Mushrooms, ducks, poing,.. poing,... :P

After playing the nintendo, we ran to the Sushi counter, as soon as it opened. I tell you the truth, it was the best ever!

Next to the sushi counter, there was a Sake counter, where numerous types of Sake were being displayed. We could taste the Sake: first we had to choose from the list, which Sake we would like to tast, and then we paid 2 Euro …

Welcoming my new addiction

1. Project Runway
2. America's Next Top Model Cycle 13
3. Benelux Next Top Model
4. So You Think You Can Dance - Benelux
5. Gossip Girl Season 3
6. One Tree Hill Season 7
7. (Coming Soon) How I Met Your Mother Season 5
8. MELROSE PLACE (welcome back to my life :P)

Wow, at least these would keep me occupied in the evening for the next few months. I guess, American Idol is also coming soon. Can't wait to see Posh Spice and Ellen DeGeneres sitting on the judging panel.

My other addictions:
1. Coffee (as always)
2. Decorating my (not-so-new-anymore) house
3. Italian bread shop in front of my office (really gooood for lunch)
4. Celestial Tea
5. Indonesian books (I have Perahu Kertas and Negeri van Oranje that are waiting to be read)
6. Twitter

I reallly enjoy my days now. Bye bye school, I see you soon, I guess? :P

My Master Graduation Speech

I am so blessed that I was chosen to represent the MICM class of 2008 to give a speech on the graduation ceremony, on the 15th of September 2009.

Here it is:

Ladies and Gentlemen, Distinguished Guests, Friends, Family and members of the Faculty, Good Afternoon.

This morning when I was going through my speech, my boyfriend said that I should read my speech like Obama. I don't think I can, because it is my first time to give a speech in front on this big audience.

It was actually a couple of weeks ago that Ms Maggie O'Neill asked me to represent the MICM Students class of 2008 to say a few words about our experience of studying here at the Hague University. Without a moment's hesitation I said yes straightaway. Even though at that time I had not yet found out the result of my communication advice report; neither had I done my presentation.

Interestingly, Maggie didn't accept my answer; she wanted me to think about it for another day or two. Maybe, it was another way of tell…


I have graduated!!!

So, let me introduce the new me: Nathania Limanto BComm, MComm

Thanks God

The Road to Cologne

It was my second visit to Cologne. If the first was to visit the Christmas market, this time to visit a friend.

If I should give a title to this trip, I would write this: a relaxing and adventurous trip that gave me some lessons to learn.

I remember what JD said in the Seasone Finale of Scrubs: "Things rarely go exactly the way you want them to. I always build them up so much in my head they can’t possibly live up to my expectations, and I just end up disappointed."

And that was what I learned.

I learned that everything does not always turn out the way you expected them to be. Sometimes things fail or unexpected things happen. And we have to stay positive and try to be happy with it.

We have to be flexible. If things turn out differently, we need to adjust and respond accordingly. Not get mad and all stressed out.

Despite a little unexpected thing that happened during the weekend, we had fun. We did a little bit of culinary experience, took lots of pictures, and relaxed. Herdian a…

My Sister's Keeper

Berkat anjuran ibu Dita, Oma malam ini akan nonton Sister's Keeper. Semoga bagus, soalnya Oma honestly kurang suka ma Cameron Diaz. Tapi, tenang, dit, I have prepared some tissues, in case I would be crying :D

After my attempt untuk 'nyindir' orang dengan posting Stalker 2.0, nampaknya orang itu belum juga minta maaf. ya udah lah, capek :P seharusnya bisa langsung face-to-face, tapi pernah ngga sih kita sebel ama orang tapi kita males banget untuk arguing ama orang itu?

Yes, I'm now in that exact position.

Speaking of which, I need to counsel a few things with you. Have you ever been in a position where you hate your good friend's girlfriend, and also you hate your boyfriend's good friend. With the first case, would you no longer acknowledge him as your good friend just because his girlfriend is so freaking annoying? or would you just befriend with him and avoiding his girlfriend (or even worse, pretending the she does not exist)? If you throw a party, would you o…

Happy Face

This picture was taken by mbak Rahma Saiyed, a journalist from ANTARA, who is also a student in the Hague university. It was taken while I was waiting for the grade.

A curious-yet-very-happy-and-relieved face

and a proud fiancee standing next to me :)

Stalker 2.0

If you have ever asked me about my thesis (or other school-related report), or if you have read my other blog, you would know what Web 2.0 mean or things that are followed with "2.0" mean.

If you don't, I will tell you very quickly. It is the interactivity that is now enabled in several websites. The example of this technology is Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

In the beginning of my study, I was so excited to learn and discover things about this issue. I joined a lot of social network sites just to experiment how things work. Yet, I now feel that it is getting very annoying.

For instance on Facebook, you will see a lot of unnecessary updates that are none of your business, nor funny, nor interesting. Like shairng that you have just farted, or asking people opiníon's about which food to eat, which activity he should do first. Gosh, it is beyond my expectation.

The comments are sometimes funny. I like when I post something and people leave nice, interesting, and humouro…


In less than 1 year, I have finished my master education in the Hague university. It's not been very easy. There were tears and laughters; happiness and disappointment. Yet, I am very happy that I am now standing towards the end of the journey.

The final assignment to produce such communication advice report, I thought it would be easy. Yet, it turned out to be another challenge that I had to go through. And I have finished this challenge. Thank God!

I would not be writing this post right now if I didn't have such an amazing boyfriend, friends, housemates, and families that have stood behind me and supported me. I thank you all for that.

For the final task to present the result of my communication advice report, I was taught a very remarkable lesson that I will not forget; in fact, I will share with you all.

You have to believe in yourself. During the preparation week of my presentation, I was scared to death - so scared that I might lose my appetite (which was a good thing actual…


Tuesday it is
I am trying my best to produce such a good presentation that would impress the panel, especially my supervisor - the beloved Amanda Coady

Wish me luck, peepz

If anyone has tips for doing presentation, please comment on this post