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When God doesn’t make sense?

Out of grief, I am writing this.

Don’t you ever wonder why certain things happen? Do they really happen for a reason? Or do they happen because they just,… happen?

I am crying for a friend of mine, who is maybe crying and screaming even more that I do now. I raise this question again and again, “why, God?”

Once I read a saying that goes like this “don’t say “why, God?” but “why not?”” And to be honest, I find that really harsh.

I do believe that our God is loving, but at this point, I just don’t see Him as loving and caring.

God, You just don’t make sense to me right now, but I pray so that you will be with my friend, who needs you even more than I do now.

The day we say yes!

Finally, after all the wait, all the questions on when (read in bahasa indonesia: pertanyaan kapan kawin!), stefy and I finally have set the date for our wedding :)

(do I hear a Hallelujah?)


So, to celebrate this, I will put all my thoughts on this wedding on a new platform. Please welcome our first tumblr:

I will try to be quite routine with updating this platform I will update you any related news, gossips, thoughts, hopes, ideas, pretty much anything related to our wedding.

Wish us luck ;)


I saw a tweet from @FollowFashionNL about a painter, Yvon van Bergen, who looked for a model for her 365 days painting project. So I sent my picture, and voila, here is my portrait!

You should check her blog, she has some nice portraits, and if you maybe are interested to be her model, just send her an e-mail.

I found myself to be interested in painting and arts more and more, especially after my trip to the Vatican city. I was so amazed with the Vatican museum. Love it!

Housemate or Best Friend?

Haven't been blog-walking for a while, and I went to Nez' blog this morning (Hallo, Nez, pa kabar? gimana irsyad? :) )

She wrote a post about friendship and I can't help but reposting this following quote from Friends the series:

“I like you as a person, Monica, and I wanna stay friends with you. But if we’re being roommates I cannot see that coming… and I don’t want that.”

(Phoebe said to Monica)

Having had several housemates, I couldn't agree more! I regret my decision to be housemates with a very good friend. Yes, unlike Phoebe and Monica, we have become strangers now. We never talk anymore, we never say hi. Well, it hurts, but well I have moved on.

I reckon the older we are, the more complex we have become, and the less flexible we have become. In the past, noisy housemate wouldn't be a problem, now you feel like you want to strangle him. In the past, you may tolerate dirty dishes or dirty clothes laying around the house (you just didn't give a damn!), but now…

Happy new year!

Forgive this lazy blogger, but I of course wouldn't miss the chance to wish everybody a very happy new year!

I wish you all a very healthy and exciting 2012. Let's be up for some adventures that might be beyond our expectation.

At least, that's what I see to come on my plate.

Once again, happy new year 2012!