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English High Tea in the Netherlands

Last Sunday, I finally enjoyed a High Tea again, after 6 years!!

The last time I went for high tea was when I was still living in Exeter, United Kingdom. There was this one Tea House called Roger's Tea House. The high tea there was amazing!

But this time, my choice went fro a British Lunchroom in the Hague, called Scallywags Lunchroom.

A good friend of mine has recommended this lunchroom. I actually has walked past this lunchroom quite often, but I never had the guts to try (some Dutch restaurants or café are not that special! They serve 'standard' Dutch food, like toasted sandwich (tosti), sandwich, panini, salad, (dutch apple) cakes, and coffee). But because of recommendation, and because of good ratings in , I decided to choose this place to meet up with my friends.

According to, you have to reserve some days in advance if you want to have lunch/high tea in this place. So I did! And I am sooo glad I did reserve. because when we entered, there was no seat lef…

Falling apart

I am probably too tired, or just not in the right mood, but I really see the world falling apart - in the sense of honesty, friendship, and especially relationship.

I have seen many couples being in a not-so-honest relationship - either the male is fooling around or the female got married because of no-choice reason or because of 'the situation'.

I have seen many couple falling apart in the course of the years, because of so many (probably man-made) reasons, like 'we are no longer clicked', work, career, other lovers, and many more.

I have seen friends stabbed their friends in the back, not being honest to them, and befriending because of situation and condition. If that condition doesn't suit him anymore, he will stop the friendship and say 'enough is enough'.

I have seen a lot, many things recently!

And I really wish I hadn't seen, heard, or experienced any of the above. But I have, I did.

and I now doubt the essence of relationship, friendship, human l…

Dining with the Stars: Seinpost (the Hague)

My hesitation to update this blog has finally come to an end. We have to thank that has organised this event called Dining with the Stars.

Dining with the Stars is a week event that is going on in the whole Netherlands. This event offers an 'affordable' price to eat out at any michelin star restaurants in the Netherlands.
For Dinner = 50 Euro (5-course meal)

For Lunch = 40 Euro (4-course meal)

Without further discussion, my housemate, my boyfriend and I signed up for this event. We reserved the seat 3 days in advance. And guess what, it was almost fully-booked in all restaurants in the province of south-holland! We actually wanted to eat out on the weekend, or at least thursday evening, but no hope! Thank the gods of delicious food, we could score 3 seats on Monday evening in Seinpost, the Hague.

We arrived on time at the restaurant, nicely dressed, because we thought, you wouldn't be allowed to enter if you weare jeans and t-shirt. So, there we were, handsome and pre…