28 May 2010

27 May 2010

I Dream My Dream

A friend posted her latest blog post about how she perceived life. She also shared how happy she is at this moment with her new job.

Quoted from her post, she said “A first job should be something you love doing, something that represents your ideals and values. So, when you are still at the point of having the freedom and possibilities to choose, choose well. Before responsibilities, peer pressure and world demands steer you away from your dreams.”.

This quote has struck me for me a moment.

I was quite for a while.

I will not complain about how I don’t like my current job, because, seriously, I do! It is the best unexpected thing that could happen in my life. How often would you get called by your thesis supervisor and get a job offer?

However, lately, I was thinking about my dream and about the life I am living in.

Adventure and social work are my passion. I would go to Timbuktu if there was a natural disaster and the people needed help; or I’d go to North Pole if the children were illiterate and in need of education. I don’t mind living in a rural area without mall or food court, without the most organised public transport, or well connected high-way.

So, what am I doing now?
What am I doing behind this desk, working as a communication assistant?

My favourite author, Paulo Coelho, once tweeted “fight for your dream, and your dream will fight for you"

I don’t fight for my dream, I guess - at least not hard enough. Although social work is the thing I would love to do, I keep saying “maybe I will do that when I am older and financially more stable.”

What I am doing right now is called establishing security. Having a family background that suffered from financial instability, I realised that at this moment, I need to sacrifice my dream in order to gain something more stable and safer.

Do I love my current job? Yes, I do.

I don’t say this because I know that my blog would eventually be read by one of my current colleagues, but because I really do. During my master education, I always dream to have this kind of job; actually kinda expected to work in a more modest company, because who dare to dream working in such a multinational company?

But is it my dream? Unfortunately it is not.

How-e-ver, I believe this job will help me to reach my destination. Social work needs money, right? You either have bunch of supporters or donators, or you have bunch of money.

If you are a social worker for, let’s say, UNICEF or UNHCR, you might get lots of people (or even brands) behind you. But if you just want to open a local school for the illiterate children or to have a free, public library for kids in your surroundings, it might get a little bit tough. Thus, you need money, toch?

To help more people, you need more facilities and resources, thus, you need more money. Also, it is good to have more people who will support you and believe in you.

And that’s exactly what I am doing right now.

So, what I am doing right now is to dream my dream: to prepare and to hope that one day I will fulfil my dream.

23 May 2010

New Experience in Fashion

Yes, I love fashion, like any other women
But no, I am not a fashion-holic, although I will certainly not refuse if I were given lots of money to spend on clothes, bags, and especially shoes and accessories.


I cannot really explain what my fashion style is. I kinda like something "normal" yet vintage at the same time. Since I like mix-and-match, I like fashion items that can be mix-and-match. Thus, there are plenty plain fashion in my wardrobe.

Just discovered a very nice, new experience of shopping at House of Dotes

Cute, ey?

They haven't got plent stuffs yet, tho

Another fashion site I like is Mod Vintage

If I should relate to one particular person regarding fashion, I'd go for this lady

Zooey Deschanel

20 May 2010

New Job = Excited + Exhausted

Last Monday, I started my new job at this car refinishes company, quite well-known in Europe, and some other parts of the world (better not to mention the name of the company, toch?)

This is a short-term project - 4 months - which hopefully will turn out to be a longer one. Some of my responsibilities are to take care of the digital (internal and external) communication. The focus is more on their intranet.

It is fun, but what is even more fun, is the task that was just given to me this afternoon.

"wow, wow, wow!" so I wrote on my Twitter.

I cannot really say yet what it is, but it involves viral marketing strategy for a major automotive company :) yay!

Wish me luck! Really need to cross my fingers here.

God, please help me *praying*

17 May 2010

Will You Love My Naked Heart?

Some weeks ago, at church, the speaker shared this song and talked about having pure and honest heart. It is really good to be true to ourselves, and to someone close to use, like our partner.

The song goes like this:

So I wrap up this part that doesn't look good; I make it look lovely, like I think it should,
But if you only know who I pretend to be I'll never know if you could really love me.

If you find out who I really am...
If I show you what I keep in the dark...
Stripped of my defences, can your love really clothe my naked heart?

I think it is really sad and true, at the same time.

It is sad because there are people that wrap up their heart, or even themselves to be like they are expected to be - but it ain't themselves.

And it is true because it is happening. There are people doing so, even me.

The speaker at that church said that we should come clean. He shared that when he did that to his wife, his wife and he both wept. He wept because of confessing the dark side of him. His wife wept because of discovering his dark side. But, in the end his wife said (this is the most important bit for me):

"I rather have the pain knowing it than not knowing you at all."

He concluded that it is amazing to be fully known and still be loved anyway.

Did I do that? No, at least not yet.
Do I dare to do that? Um,.. I don't know.

Do you?

16 May 2010

Between you and him*

Ku akui ku sangat sangat menginginkanmu
Namun kusadari ku diantara kalian
Aku tak mengerti ini semua harus terjadi

Ku akui ku sangat sangat mengharapkanmu
Tapi kini ku sadar ku tak akan bisa
Aku tak mengerti ini semua harus terjadi

Lupakan aku kembali padanya
Aku bukan siapa siapa untukmu

*)This is not the original version of this song. This song is actually sung by D'Masiv. But, unfortunately, I love this version - Barry Likumahuwa Project - better. Although, I couldn't find the proper video :)

15 May 2010

Ulang Tahun

Kemarin (tgl 14), si drummer ultah.

Setelah bergumul, berpikir antara mengucapkan selamat dan tidak mengucapkan selamat, akhirnya aku memutuskan mengucapkan selamat. Ucapan selamat yang sangat standard, "Happy birthday ya, God bless".



Baguslah, at least we are now on the same page.

It hurts actually to know that someone is ignoring you, especially someone that you don't really wish to do so. But, alas, it is better off this way.

11 May 2010

I Don't Want to Change the World

In the past, I remember saying to myself, and to some people (especially during job interview :P) that I dream to make this world a better place, especially in regards to access to education and increasing the standard of life in Indonesia.

Yet, I realise, that I sometime focus more on the big picture to make the world a better place rather than to make my little world, my surrounding a better place.

I tend to forget to be kind to my colleagues, to greet my neighbours, or just to forgive some people that unintentionally hurted me.

This song by Alain Clark (anyway, he is Dutch) has moved my heart, especially this following lyric in this song:

I don't wanna change the world
I just wanna make a difference
Something like being good to the man next door even if he's different
And I don't have to be a leader
I just wanna lead a life
That one of these days I can look back on and say I did alright

So, now I hope I can start changing the world by first changing myself :)

10 May 2010

Pretty Women

Don't you sometimes wonder why some pretty girls could end up with some rich men? Is it their beauty that attract those men? or is it, like our parents or the wise men always advice us, their inner beauty, personality that could win those men's heart?

This article is very inspiring and, somehow, very true: Wanita Cantik Bisa Mendapatkan Segalanya?

Quoting from my current favorite film - Cin(t)a - beauty is often reversed to intelligence. Although this is a typical stereotype, I don't agree; and I believe we, women, can break this stereotype. What we should do is to work on something that is more everlasting and don't only rely on what Daddy and Mommy give us (Quoted from Tyra Banks - ANTM): our pretty face.

We should work on something that lies inside use: the inner traits. These includes our intelligence, our knowledge, character, skills, and personality.

This definitely will make worth much more than 500000$/year (haven't read the article? you should, then you will figure out what I am talking about)

8 May 2010

Writing (Again)

Maybe I have mentioned earlier that I wanted to write a book (or did I even tell that I was actually writing one?), it is now the time to wish me luck. Because it's getting serious now.

I know the storyline.
I have started the first four chapters.
So, yes, I hope to get it done like soon :P

Next week we have two more days off in Holland. I really hope I can get some more done next week.

Wish me luck, and please do not hesitate to drop some comments to wish me luck :P

p.s. this mission to write a book is because of my dearest friend Ega who just started his self-publishing business: nulisbuku.com

7 May 2010

News: Anak Douwes Dekker

Got this news from my yahoo group. I feel sorry for him. I mean, seriously, if your dad was a national hero, wouldn't you get at least a proper treatment?

Ah, it is only my humble opinion.

Maybe my nation has some other issues to tackle, like corruption, pornography, Century case, or Julia Perez being a governmental staff?

Anak Douwes Dekker Terlunta-lunta
Metro Siang / Sosbud / Jumat, 2 April 2010

Bangsa yang besar adalah bangsa yang tahu bagaimana menghargai jasa para pahlawannya. Namun, tampaknya pepatah itu tidak berlaku di Indonesia. Para pejuang, janda hingga anak mereka justru terpinggirkan. Salah satunya adalah putra dari Douwes Dekker.

Lelaki 65 tahun yang terbaring lemah di ICU Rumah Sakit Cipto Mangun Kusumo, Jakarta Pusat, ini bernama Koesworo Setiabudi. Dia anak terakhir Douwes Dekker atau yang lebih dikenal dengan nama Dokter Setiabudi. Pria tua ini terbaring lemah setelah menjalani operasi kanker usus yang telah lama dideritanya. Kini kondisinya terus stabil. Rencananya, ia akan dipindahkan ke ruang perawatan.

Yang menyedihkan, Koesworo terpaksa mengajukan surat keterangan miskin karena keterbatasan biaya. Lelaki yang fasih berbahasa Jawa dan Sunda ini mengaku, meski sang ayah adalah salah satu dari tiga serangkai, namun tak pernah sekalipun pemerintah mengapresiasi jasa sang ayah. Hanya seonggok surat dan piagam yang menyatakan bahwa nama sang ayah termasuk dalam daftar perintis kemerdekaan serta Bintang Mahaputra.

Sejak tahun 1950 atau sejak meninggalnya sang ayah, tidak ada tunjangan ataupun bentuk penghargaan lain sebagai ganti perjuangan sang ayah memajukan dunia pendidikan di Indonesia.

Semua perawatan telah diterima oleh Koesworo. Namun, ia tidak tahu bagaimana cara membayar tagihan rumah sakit. Koesworo mengaku tidak pernah menerima royalti atas buku-buku ayahnya yang diterbitkan kembali.

Ini adalah potret kecil sebuah bangsa yang hanya menghargai nilai, bukan warisannya. Jika para pahlawan ini tahu di masa depan, anak cucu mereka akan ditelantarkan pemerintah apakah mereka akan tetap berjuang demi Tanah Air ini.(DOR).

Source: Metro TV News

3 May 2010

Pizza Maffia

It is the title of a Dutch movie that will be coming in February 2011.

If you have ever lived or are living in Holland, you could kinda guess what this movie is about and who will play in this movie. If you have guessed, you might be sure that this movie will not be my cuppa tea.

But,... it happened that I had lunch in an Indonesian restaurant that was located in front of the shooting location. So, my colleagues and I watched the shooting, the stuntmen; we may also have seen the actors and directors.

It was fun!

You can watch some footages from the shooting here

And my compliment to their marketing activities. They showed some footages, and provide update from their shooting and the making of the movie. Kinda cool!

2 May 2010

Single Vs Married

It occurs to me that marriage life ain't that fun! Don't you agree?

(LOL, please continue reading this if you find my first statement a bit annoying or offensive for some. )

I was quite reluctant to get married a few months ago, just because I'd seen so many marriages that just didn't work, for many different reasons. I just didn't want to bury myself, neither I want to fall into the same hole.

But now I am (more) open to the idea of marriage, but it occurs to me that people that already got married (that I know or hear about) don't enjoy the fun as much as we, the singles.

Agree, disagree?

Here, let me share some stories I heard about marriage couples I know or met:
  1. "Sally, I can't sleep over at your place anymore. I am married now. It's different now. My husband wouldn't like it."
  2. "Do you want to help at this event? It is one week event. You can earn extra money." "No, I am married now. It's different."
  3. "Hey, where is James? You are quite close to him, right? I haven't seen him for agess!" "Yeah, I hardly see him now. Hm, you know, I'm married. I don't think it's not right to have a male friend when you are married."
  4. "Hey, let's have a cuppa tea next week." "Next week? I guess I have to ask my husband whether I am allowed to have a cuppa tea next week." "Do you have any plans with him?" "No, just I need to ask his permission."

And some more similar statements that I think it is very peculiar, or rather very boring.

I hope I can still have male friends and go out with them when I am married. I hope I can go out with my girl friends, can sleep over at their places once in a while, or join some fun activities.

In Indonesia, we have a saying "nanti orang bilang apa?" which means "what people would say about it." Going out with male friends, I guess it is a quite sensitive issue. Thus, I guess some of my Indonesian girl friends are dealing with this issue. However, imho, if you are open with your husband about it, you can just ignore about what people are saying about it, toch?

Anywaayyy, since I am not yet married, I don't think I am the right person to tell you what to do.

I am just sharing my thoughts here :D