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The unexpected wedding

Almost every girl has ever dreamt of her wedding day – what she would wear, who would come, who the prince charming is. I would say, every girl must have a certain expectation and standard when it comes to a wedding: it could be grand, small celebration, family only, destination wedding – you name it.
My dream wedding happens to me a small, close friends and family only wedding. If you grew up in the 90s, you would know a boy band called 98 degree. They had a song titled ‘I do’. If you search on YouTube, you will find the video clip, which shows a beautiful wedding ceremony. That’s my dream wedding! My whole life, I was picturing that.
Twelve years ago, I started dating this guy, who is now my husband. His family background is very different than mine. Among other things – which we thankfully have tolerated and worked on – the way to throw a wedding party is totally different. His dream wedding party is ‘tell the world I am getting married’-kind of party. Yes, he wanted grand, big, …

Indonesia, married, new house, and more

Well, when was the last time I wrote something in my blog.
*see the blog post below and be amazed!*
One and only excuse would be because I just went through such a hectic period of my life. Okay, let me went through it quickly and hope you enjoy the ride.
September 2012 I left Holland, the country that has given me so much love and experience and moved back to Indonesia, the country to which I belong. It was quite an easy transition. I'd always longed to go back to my home town. Living in with my parents again was not that difficult (having been living myself for 9 years, I was expecting drama !), I reckon it's because I didn't really see them that often, due to my busy schedule. 
October 2012 Whilst I was extremely busy and feeling dramatic preparing our wedding, I was blessed (or may be not so blessed) with a new job. The job was offered when I was still in Holland. My manager shared my homecoming to his fellow managers in Asia. It appeared that one Marketing Communicati…