1 February 2013

The Bright Side

Always look at the bright side of life - Monty Phyton

This song has been sung during the Olympics closing ceremony last year; and this has been my cheer up song ever since.

Thus, referring to my earlier blog about how I was not happy with the way we got married, well, I tried to look back and to see the bright side of that circumstance.
So if I could share a few things, which might be helpful to you, who are in the middle of preparing a wedding, here they are:
1. Wedding dress
I was really happy with my wedding dress. I love the designer, Fifi Firianty, which was very helpful and very professional, and of course her work is stunning. From the first time I met her, I knew there was a click. So, if you look for a designer, who has a European style, please do consider her. 
But just some tips, make sure you ask to have you dress fitted one day before the wedding. I had it measure 3 days before the wedding, but in the last 3 days, I ate almost nothing. So this dress was a little bit loose in the end. 

2. Make up
This is another pleasant surprise. It was very hard to find the right makeup artist. I think it was like finding a husband last minute before a wedding ceremony. Seriously, it had to be a person that you are comfortable with (not too chatty, not too “girly”, not too quiet either), but most importantly, the makeup has to fit with your face, with your dress, with your personality.
I am more into a simple make up, and I tell you, it was like finding a needle among a stack of hay. Almost all makeup artists in Surabaya area like to really put their mark on your face, meaning over the top makeup. 

But Jippy, a not so well-known in a wedding business, but a friend recommended him. I did a makeup trial, I was happy with the result. But still, a trial is a trial, not the real thing. On the wedding day, I was still crossing my fingers, hoping for the best. And it was indeed amazing work of his!

3. Invitation and souvenirs
Stefy and I are so happy with the outcome of Queenie, however we had a period when we were stressed out that both the invitation and souvenirs were not finished on time. But well, in the end, nothing to be worried about, the result was really nice. 

4. Got to meet a lot of (old) friends
This was the most exciting part! I invited many friends – I know I didn't invite some of you, i truly am sorry, but please don’t blame us, blame our parents for having so many friends, families and colleagues to invite – and it was a chance to meet them.
If I could have done 1 thing differently, I would not listen to our event organizer, who told us to wait for 1 hour to enter the room. I would storm in and greet and chat with all friends and other guests. We came in quite late, but it was advised by the event organizer. Thus, we had to rush to shake hands and greet our guests. I dislike this part!

5. Wedding car
This is our wedding car :P

Nothing to add about why we were so happy!

6. Husband
Well, the man I was marrying, was most importantly the highlight of the day. No explanation needed. 

7. Money
Last but certainly not least, and no one would not deny it -  yes, we loved counting the money we got! Haha. 

So, from the bottom of my heart, I would advise you all, if you don’t like to, don’t throw a big wedding party. This party will happen just in a blink of an eye, and before you notice it’s all gone and done. Organize something that is close to your heart, more personal.

If you must throw a big party, like us, try to think of moments that you would like best in your wedding. Pick some moments, such as a wedding vow, wedding kiss, the wedding entrance, etc. that would be special, at least for you and your spouse. And try to do the other things without being grumpy – like I was – and try to enjoy the day. 


elvin priyadi said...

Husband came in fifth only? xD

Oma Nia said...

:P haha, you noticed. i too asked myself after writing this :p