9 January 2013

Indonesia, married, new house, and more

Well, when was the last time I wrote something in my blog.

*see the blog post below and be amazed!*

One and only excuse would be because I just went through such a hectic period of my life. Okay, let me went through it quickly and hope you enjoy the ride.

September 2012
I left Holland, the country that has given me so much love and experience and moved back to Indonesia, the country to which I belong. It was quite an easy transition. I'd always longed to go back to my home town. Living in with my parents again was not that difficult (having been living myself for 9 years, I was expecting drama !), I reckon it's because I didn't really see them that often, due to my busy schedule. 

October 2012
Whilst I was extremely busy and feeling dramatic preparing our wedding, I was blessed (or may be not so blessed) with a new job. The job was offered when I was still in Holland. My manager shared my homecoming to his fellow managers in Asia. It appeared that one Marketing Communication staff was going on maternity leave and needed a replacement. So, here I was, being Asian and having the knowledge about the company and department, a perfect fit for the vacancy. 

The arrangement was even more a blessing. I was allowed to work from home and stay connected to the rest of Asia Pacific merely through internet (God bless the internet inventors!) So, since then, I have been working from home. It was such a beneficial arrangement, because I could combine work and wedding organizing.

November 2012
Was probably the most stressful month of 2012. Invitations had to be ready, other little things have to be finalized, yet I also had some work deadlines to meet. Oh, I almost forgot to mention about the new house, which was at this time still in the finalizing process (like 20-30% to go). So wedding, new house, and new job were the perfect combination to have nervous breakdown. A little secret from me, I already thought to cancel the whole wedding once, or maybe twice. 

December 2012
Well, we passed the darkest month, and Stefy and I got married! To be quite frankly, it wasn't the dream wedding I've always wanted, but what the hell, I married the man I've always wanted. We moved into our new home 1 week after the wedding (and in this 1 week, we stayed in a hotel close to the new home). We didn't have honeymoon, in fact we both went back to work 2 days after the wedding (Stefy had to work the evening after the wedding party :( ). We had our first Christmas as husband and wife. 

January 2013
New year, new home, new challenge, new everything! There will be many new things happening and many new things to be bought for the new home. You'd be surprised to see how empty our new home is. 

Let me get back to you with some more updates!

I think I'll write about my wedding in my next post(s).

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