29 April 2013

Plastic surgery

I bet you have heard or read about the Miss Korea contestants look alike issue?

If you haven't, click here to read it

Agreeing to the Geek in Heels' post, I too have nothing against plastic surgery - if you have the need and/or the money. Many people who have undergone a plastic surgery either needed it or wanted it. The prior is often caused by accident or some parts of the body that becomes of disturbance as one gets older. The latter is caused by trend and public opinion. Whether you need it or want it, a strong financial support will be required.

I agree to the prior reason and despise the latter. I just cannot understand why someone needs to look like JLo or Angelina Jolie or even Barbie.

And the ugly truth is, you can't hide your plastic surgery forever. Ever heard the case about a woman being sued by her (ex)husband because she didn't mention about her plastic surgery and in result, their kids look really....oh well no kids are ugly, but in this case, they don't look like their parents?

We used to have a joke that goes like this "beauty is relative, but ugliness is absolute."

As much as I believe that no one is ugly, we have weaknesses that we see in our reflection in the mirror everyday. The challenge is to live with it, hide it with make up, or attempt to hide it forever with plastic surgery.

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